Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009..Hello 2010!!!~

2009 is finally at an end. And what an adventure it has been!!~ I won't go into all the nitty gritty but here are a "few" pictures from our Christmas holiday!~

The house with lights, and SNOW! :)

It snowed 22 INCHES!!!...and just in time! What a GREAT time we had!~

Our tree this year..since we will be in PA with the in-laws!

Can you find Kayla? ;p lol

Another shot of the snow off our front porch!~

Cousin Matthew and Bug being silly...

A good shot! :)

My Bug and Drama Mama...

Grandma and Grandpa....

Opening gifts...

LOVE this pic..(sorry mom)

Josh got hot chocolate..and got jipped..

Stockings at Josh's ...

More gift giving and unwrapping...

My FAVORITE shot of the night!~ :)

Lexi found the pickle AGAIN this year! :)

Tee and Lexi!~

My 2 goobers in PA on Christmas Eve...milk and cookies for Santa and oatmeal for the reindeer!

CHRISTMAS morning..he came!!!!!

Brads brother and wife dropped by...

My honey! :)


The loot...


Another shot I LOVE!!!!

Went to Pappy's Mom's house! :)

Opening her stocking...

Ready for his 1st present...

WHAT A THRILL he got opening this!! It was by far his favorite!~

AND a scooter..

Nana getting the drama mama ready to go see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie..

Nana playing with her grandson..

Uncle Bryan and the kids...

Kaylas FAVORITE present (aside from the stroller) was her dollhouse! :) She plays with it every day!

Goodbye 2009...hello 2010!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Well hello everyone!!

Long time no see eh? weel, I guess thats the price you pay for living in the country. We have no cable. Therefore we have dial up internet....
thats read DOES still exsist! I really didnt know that! lol
ANYWAY...we FINALLY upgraded to an aircard and I'mmmmm baaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkk!!!!

:) :) :)

So now I have to update for the last 6 MONTHS!!! I can't believe it is December all ready!! ANd that we are in a new a new house...with a new member of our family!

Thank you GOD! :) is the last 6 months in a Nuthshell! :)

We have moved from Whispering Pines, NC to Midland, VA. And though we were thrilled to be back as a family again...I feel it's ironic that I am moving (have moved) back to the ONE place I said I would NEVER go back to. (Good one God!....that's 3 "ill show you's")..

ANYWAY....Here is the house! We LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE X 10000000 it!!!! :P

Sam is now 7 and started 2nd grade at Grace Miller...and is struggling. He is used to doing things the way Sandhills did them, and having all the friends and buddies he used to have..and now he has gone to this school where the class sizes are MUCH bigger (instead of 18:2 its 25:1)... Academically he seems to struggle as well, as the teacher gives the lesson...and expects you to get it the FIRST time. I also see that his age plays a MAJOR role in his level of understanding things. He is an AWESOME reader!!...but is so focused on the words that he isnt taking in what he is reading and understanding it. I have a meeting with his reading teacher this week to see what we can do....I am REALLY debating home schooling him next year...but at the same time feels he needs this to LEARN to adjust to situations. I HATE these choices!~!!! Sam is into Mario, Sonic and a Penguins of Madagascar. He also enjoys Phineas and Pherb. He is still as sweet as ever and STILL a momma's boy! :)

Mckayla is STILL a monster. She is the SWEETEST girl, and says the funniest things...BUT she can also be such a MOUTHY little thing too!! I have no idea where she gets it..but she is as belligerent as they come! I swear its from her fathers side. He begs to differ! lol She is 4 now and starting preschool in a few days! SHe is SUPER excited and SOOOOO ready to be away from mom. She is really into dolls, and barbies, and stuffed animals. Her favorite changes from week to week, but she loves them ALL!!! She LOVES to be read to and LOVES LOVES LOVES crafts.

Brad is working his butt a matter of fact he is out of town AGAIN this week. He has been gone for most of Dec...running from install to install around VA..and even almost to Tennessee. We are SO thankful for the work though, so you'll hear no complaints from us!!!!

As for me...I am seriously thinking about going back to school for my nursing. I am looking into grants and what not to see what I can qualify and apply for! The kids are getting older and I am SO ready to be out in the world again! :)

BOTH the kids had their birthdays.....Sam's was a Penguin of Madagascar theme and we had it here at the house complete with a bouncer and cotton candy machine!! It was a HUGE hit..and I'll post pics soon!! Mckayla had a MUCH smaller scaled chuck e cheese's with just us and another friend. She had a BLAST though and didn't notice! :)

Then we had halloween 09 spent at Josh's since he lives in a neighborhood... Here are the kids!

Here a re a FEW pictures with captions to kinda show the past few months..there are way more I'll post..but these are good enough for now! :)

Visit from Kayla's birthday!~

Kayla opening one of her gifts!~

Brad hit deer with my car! :) RIGHT after he detailed it! ;0

Thanksgiving at moms! (Grandma's)

Thanksgiving game we played (pass the parcel)....

Prayer and thankful givings for this day....

Kayla and the snowperson Daddy and her built!..

We got SNOW!!!! 22 inches!!!!!!!! (dec 09)

Putting up the fake tree since we'll be in PA for Christmas this year!~

The new member Missy Misserson. lol

Dinner with OLD friends (Tom, Donovan, and Erin!) Nov 09

My cheesers.... LOVE these kids!~

MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Happy 8 year Anniversary

Holy moly macaroni.

Where have the lat 8 years gone??

We have moved, had children, went on wonderful vacations, and had trials and tribulations...

But through it all, there has NEVER been a doubt in my mind and honestly looking back...we not only weathered them, and weather them WELL...but we grew as a couple and as individuals. There is NO one in the world I would rather grow with than you babe!~

LOVE you...yesterday, today and always!~

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Wow, we have a lot to be thankful for this year. And every year frankly.

I just think it's so easy to lose sight of all the blessings we have and tend to focus on our "wants" and not "needs".

After there REALLY something out there you NEED at this moment that is imperitive to your survival (that you don't already posess?)

I didn't think so.

Anyway...this year we went to Mom's house in Woodbridge, VA to celebrate and give thanks. She was so awesome as she asked ALL the kids this year what their favorite food was and then in ADDITION to your traditional thanksgiving feast, we had...umm..SUSHI from Lex...STEAK from Matthew....MACARONI AND CHEESE..courtesy of Bug... and 2 other "oddball" things that Mason and KK chose. The kids LOVED it and it really made them feel special!


In addition to the dinner I was in charge of coming up with a few games to play after the meal.

So, I chose a game where you wrapped something that was small and enough for everyone to have...and you wrapped it and wrapped it and wrapped paperbags....

Then someone (me) sat there and played music as the package was passed around. If the music stopped while you had the package you had to tear off the 1st layer. And then Do what was written on there.

It was a we had people howling at the moon, singing songs and more! :)

I also had another game we played. But I cant think of the name.

Here are the pictures from that wonderful day!~

The spread....

Josh cutting up some turkey....

Mac...their new laberdoodle.... :)

Grandma putting the finishing touches on everything... :)

Giving thanks for so much!

Mom and Mac! :)

Playing the 1st game...passing the parcel..

Lexi howling.. lol....

The boys having to doe-si-doe...

What a fun thanksgiving it was. I love my family and am SO thankful that they are all here to celebrate!~