Monday, June 30, 2008

1st Full Day Pic's

O.k Here are a few of the pictures we took the 1st day!

1st off I can't tell you how darn excited I was to meet my cousins wife Becca. We have emailed back and forth so often and check each others blog, that I really felt like I had already met her and we had been friends forever!

How freaking cool is that?

Now that I have said that, I hope she doesn't mind that I am plastering her face all over my blog! *ya know I love ya Becca! :) * we cheesballs!

Becca and Mom...

Becca, Mom and I....

Josh, Mom and I...

One of my FAVORITE pictures of the trip....My brother reading to the Drama Mama..

Then it was off to the aquarium (Ocean City, NJ)... (love the colors of all the fish in this one)

Cuz Jimmy Lee , Becca, and the cutest kid ever...Drewbug...

Awwww.....time for hugs....( I won't share WHY they were hugging....let's just say Drama Mama has earned her name!)

Arrrrggghhh.... The pirate got Becca and Drewbug...

HOLY MOLY...I touched a stingray!!!.....

Hannah was never far from our thoughts as usual!...The little bugger even smiled for the camera!...

Drewbug....LOVIN the lizards.....

This child had NO fear....and the thing was...the stingrays and sharks LOVED her.....I kid you not!

The Becca clan watching the 'rays...

Getting some "coloring/rubbing" time in....

They even busted out a FERRET!....

It's the touch tank....she touched everything...AND tried to take it out of the water to hug it... *sigh*....thats my girl!....

Cuz Todd....LOVE this was so great to catch back up!...

The next 2 are for Bug (who decided NOT to join us at the aquarium since his older cousins opted not to go) .... BOY did he miss out!.. It's Dorie and Nemo!..o.k just Dorie...the nemo one won't upload for some reason!...check back later!

She loved EVERYTHING there....

NO fear I tell ya!


Mom scoring a massage from Cuz Jimmy...lucky bugger!...

Lexi and Drewbug hangin' out!...she was SUCH a help with the young'uns...

THERE were SOOOOO many more, and these were just of our 1st day!!!!! So, I'll be back with the rest and have to break them down!

Here's just some of the gang...

Th- th- th -th - th-th- that's all folks!

For now! tee hee.

P.S If you are bored one day and want to check out a funny site my cousins put together...I highly recommend it. But be warned....a sense of humor is a must!'s not for everyone~


Sunday, June 29, 2008

We'reeeeee Baaaack!!!!

I have so much to share....but have so much to do unpacking-wise. *blah!*

I will be back later with LOTS of pictures,video's, and stories about our trip to Ocean City, NJ! :)

Bug lost his 2nd tooth biting into his waffle while we were at the beach!! Boy was he EXCITED!

More on that later!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Going to the beach...

and we're gonnaa have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu--uuuuuun!!

*think: going to the chapel tune for above...just to give it some effect! :) *

Well, actually we are headed for Virginia first for a 2 day pitstop at my mother's.

And then on Saturday it's off to the beach for a wonderful 8 day MUCH NEEDED vacation! *deep breath in...and release*


that feels great! :P LOL

We are SUPER excited, and almost done packing. woot woot

Consider yourself warned for those of you in the Virginia and N.J beach area!! :P :P :P


P.S Does anyone else have Mario Kart on the W*ii??
We like to play on the WFC and are formally issuing...nay... DEMANDING a challenge. :) If you think you can handle it. :P LOL

P.P.S Katie- I will give you a call when we get back, and help with your blog template! :) I HAVE emailed you letting you know this (3 times)...but I guess you never got them! LOL Grrrr to hotmail. Love you guys and miss you tons! Hugs to those ADORABLE boys of yours!

We are OUT!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Birthday Party Fun!

Happy Birthday Connor, and thank you for inviting us to your fun pool party.

After all Bug had been through (being sick) I was SO hesitant to let him go...however this was the one thing he looked forward to for the last 2 weeks and would talk about (and have me make up stories to before bed) that he had. So.......

He had a BLAST.

We only stayed SOME of the time and I only allowed him to swim in increments and in an hour and a half period.

He seemed satisfied with that...though he asked if he could go back tomorrow! :) LOL

Brad has been very sick the last 4 days or so, and today he felt a little he bucked up, and joined us for the short visit. (plus I needed help with the kids...I was not about to handle both of them in the water with all the other kids around!) THANK YOU BRAD!! I know how terrible you felt and I appreciate that you came and helped! Of course he is in bed as I type....but still! :)

Here are the pic's!

Sam enjoying the water...

There goes drama mama...

Break time for my ruggies....

and he's off again....

She is such a piggy!...

Sittin' with me...

When I saw this video I was SHOCKED at how HUGE Bug's bites were....WHAT A PIG...I couldn't tell that he was scarfing it down like that....*blushes*...YES they NORMALLY ARE fed....*sigh


Last one is a video I shot last night....Drama Mama has FINALLY felt better and is back to her little od rascal self....Here is her after she snatched my ice cream cone....

ONLY 7 more days till we leave for the BEACH!! Looking forward to seeing you Becca!!!

TTFN! :)

Note to self...“Build a bridge and get over it.”

Thursday, June 12, 2008

part I

This has certainly been a non-stop... trying.... mentally and physically exhausting... what day is it?...kind of couple of weeks.

But it certainly makes you thankful for your good days!

God is still good.

Even though

* I spent most of yesterday in the Emergency Room with Bug (who had to get 2 IV's, an ultrasound, and a catscan)
* Drama Mama was so sick for so long (with her rectal and throat strep and tummy virus)
* Brad is now sick with the virus and bed-ridden
* Brad has just been laid off very unexpectedly (after already having to take last week off due to his boss having to attend a funeral)
* I have a beach vacation coming up that I know I can't afford to go to
* Our savings is 100% depleted
* I haven't slept in 2 weeks (other than an hour here or there...seriously)
* Gas is now $4 a gallon

He is still good.

After all....

* I didn't get sick, and was able to take care of my family. :) Thank GOD!
* Brad was able to be home with Drama Mama while I was in the E.R. with Bug..Thank God!~!!
* Bug DIDN'T have appendicitis *whew*
* We are so blessed that we are surrounded by such wonderful family members who know JUST the right thing to say and care SO much about us. THANK YOU!
* We have health insurance on the kids so the E.R visit won't cost us an arm and a leg..AMEN!
* Maybe the door that we have been waiting for to open (so to speak) since we have moved here will finally OPEN (can I get an amen!?)
and lastly:
* check out who came hopping up to my door to visit....JUST when I needed it!..a baby "Hannah" frog/toad! She must have known! Thanks Hannah!

See how tiny he is?


****There is NOTHING like a good o'l Southern Thunderstorm (though I HATE thunder) to clean the slate!*****

Well folks, that about does it for me.

Stick a fork in me ya'all

cause I'm DONE!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Lots O' Stuff....

This week has been CRAZY!

First know drama mama has been ill. Well, I had to take her BACK in to the ped. on fri because she was *still* running a temp of 103.8 and had things coming out both ends (sorry for the mental)...

He was obvious she was not digesting any of the amoxocillian since she was still running a temp, (for 4 days now) and still throwing up. So he checked her over....said she had strep throat now ( in addition to the rectal)...and a stomach virus all rolled into one little "nasty ball of sickness".

So in short...he switched up her meds to omnicef..a stronger antibiotic that is gentler on the stomach....but she got sick again on Sunday Morning (as I was heading out the door with Bug to church...she was staying home with daddy) fun...

but this morning seems to be a lot more perkier. yay! :)

***side note- as I was going to publish this...Bug's school called...he is doubled over in pain and I'm off to get his poor little butt. *sighs*


It was such a crazy week that when I called the ped on fri, i thought it had only been 2 days that she had been running the fever and been sick. As I was talking to the advice nurse to find out if I should bring her in, she asks me how long it has been going on. I tell her since tues or wed. She says she needs to know, so I check her medicine bottle since it was filled the day I brought her in the first time. I check it and it said 6/2/08..which was she had been running this temp for 4 days (they recommend you bring them in if they run a temp longer than 48 hrs) days had blurred together...I didn't know which end was up. I felt terrible. But honestly....I was running on about 2 hrs sleep a night at that point since drama mama was up throwing up or needing a diaper change and BATH every 2 hours or less. So I felt like a complete sh*t when I told her the date and she says "oh my....since she was seen monday and its friday , it's been over 48 hrs....I would highly recommend you bring her in"

*prays the floor would open up and swallow her*

Well, THAT'S why I called....I was pretty much going to bring her in anyway.....but thanks for the added bonus of feeling like crap on top of the exhaustion.

nice. sat morning *embarrasing moment here* I was/had reverted back to being 5.

I was so exhausted that my body just wouldn't wouldn't listen to my mind (which was pretty much in *i need to sleep mode* ) and move.....well.....if you are a mom... THAT DOESN'T MATTER.

kids still need things.

Brad was out with Cody laying the last of the grass in the back, and kayla needed to go potty (for like the 12th time already with 11 false alarms)..bug wanted cereal and chocolate milk...

mommy wanted

S l e e p.

I threw a tantrum.

an honest to goodness...all out...throw yourself down...kick....bury my head in my arms and wail....kind.

The kids looked on in horror.

I look up....tears smudged down my face....

and bug is sitting next to me patting my back.

"you o.k mom" he asked me

TOTALLY embarrassed and ashamed, I look at him...

"yes bug...mommy is just sooo tired"

I move my tantrum (seriously!) into my bedroom so I can have my pity party in peace.

FINALLY brad comes in and I get some sleep (o.k I'll admit this was AFTER i had stomped outside 3-4 times..hands on hips..only to stand there and GLARE daggers at him) is ONLY then (after the nap) I realize how foolish I acted.

*blushes*...why doesn't that floor open up? Any time now please!

On to good news...

we got our grass in!!

BEFORE'S (if you go back to sept will see it was all rock)


Bug had his last award ceremony for kindergarten on wed (6/4) here on some pictures/video from that!..

His certificate....

Waiting to be called up....

Bug and his best buddy Nicholas...

So proud!!

Drama Mama enjoying being at Bug's school...

Next we have my van....I spent most of Sunday morning (after church) cleaning it out...washing it..and FINALLY putting my decals on it that I bought a LONG time ago! :) I LOVE IT!

And LASTLY...the garden update..





Lots O' Beans!....


Drama Mama and I relaxing....

Bug enjoying the HOT weather...

Bug and Brad having fun off the boat....

This is for Popo....I thought she wuld get such a kick out of her...I hope it downloaded the whole thing...grrr to blogger.

And th-th-th-th-th-THAT's ALL FOLKS!~