Thursday, January 27, 2011


Tonight only:


She delights me EVERY single day with something she says, does, or wears...

Here are all of the above....below.... ;o)

Video #1 (taken yesterday)

Video #2 (taken this morning)

yup, that's my daughter!!~ :o)

I do love her so. ;o)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Yeah baby!~ Going for #7.... though it will mean a license plate

Looking forward to taking the Packers on!~ :o)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Bug had his 1st Pinewood Derby event this year. He was given a kit about 3 weeks ago, and had to draw out a design for his car...and then a theme to paint on it.

This called for a DADDY/SON project!~

So Bug drew out the shape he wanted the car and said the only thing he HAD to have on it was FLAMES and it had to be blue like Sonic the Hedgehog. Easy enough right?

Yup!~ :) Brad cut out the shape he drew and then they went to the hobby shop and picked out the paint and weights (his car had to be as close to 5 oz as possible)...SO...

$6 later, and they were set.....and BOY WAS BUG EXCITED!

He worked on it.....

and worked on it....

AND VIOLA!~............

Finished Product (from the side)....

and from the top...he chose the numbers.

So proud of himself!~:)

A video of him telling me about the car...

The track...

Bug...waiting to weigh his....

A boy and his 1st car! :)

It is quite funny because the DAD's are all tweaking the cars, lubing them up and worrying about the race...while the boys run wild..and could care less... :)

Driver's start your engines.....

Love my Bug!~

Some of the cars, ready to race....

The rest of them (Bug's is the far right)

Rules explained...check.

In the 1st heat we have Bug ("the flame") racing against "victory"...

On your mark...get set...GO! (he won!)

They sit and hold a steering wheel when it is their car racing...

One of 3 races....

Another race...he JUST wins....

He lost one heat (out of 4)and made 4th....(really it was 3rd, but they judged wrong...I think it was harder for ME to not make a stink about the error than it was important to Bug...but in the end I held my tongue since the point is sportsmanship and FUN...and he had a great time! and i learned a lesson myself lol)

PROUD Daddy!~ :)

Very proud (but tired) mommy...

The racers...

Bug and his Cub master...Mr. Roger's...(:P)

He kept grinning after and shaking his head saying "My very 1st trophy mom! we have to build a case for it"...."I can't believe I got my very 1st trophy mom, and it's all MINE!" lol

It was a GREAT day of fun....and we look forward to coming back next year! :P

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Over due Post

This actually happened the 3rd week in Dec....

bad mom.


Bug earned his bobcat badge!!!!!!!!!!!

Granted it has to be pinned upside down until he does a good deed for someone..then I can sew it on.

I am SOOOOOO proud of him! :o)

I am seriously concerned about my sewing skills though.. :P

this should be interesting. lol

Before they get pinned they get painted in certain colors that represent elements or traits..

my favorite being the red stripe on his chin.... if I catch him in a lie I get to put it there, and he has to wear it so people ask him why he has it there.

He then has to explain and face the lie over and over for the day.

Bug being....well, bug. :P (with his buddy also named Sam)

Guess who made an appearance??

She had to wait for all the boys to go first...but when it was her turn she RAN up there and took up most of his time :)...the little turkey.

My poser (I swear this is one of about 6 poses she insisted we take of her...yes, everyone was quite amused)


He is currently working on his pinewood derby car. The race is this Sat at his school from 1-5, and he is SOOO excited. Brad and him went to a workshop last weekend and shaped it. They painted the first coat on Tues, and are finishing it up tonight. I can't WAIT to see how it turns out. The only thing he insisted it have is flames. lol

my boy!

Pictures to come...
and timely! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sprained ankle and the sickies...


KK is sick with a head cold...poor thing.

And me?

I decided to forget I was...umm well...older than I think sometimes...

and while at a party on Saturday.... I ran through an inflatable obstacle course to race the hubby..

and stepped wrong and rolled it. OUCH!

(at least I won)

right? right?

Can't put ANY pressure on it, (I think it hurts worse than it did when i fractured it playing soccer in HS)... but

I am woman hear me ROAR...

:) you didn't really think i was going to roar did you? lol

well I did...

and scared KK.

oops. :P

Saturday, January 01, 2011



Time for a fresh start.

This year I will BE a blessing...not just ask and thank God for them. (though I truly appreciate them)...

THAT is my resolution.


And hoping to reconnect with a good friend. me :).... please.

May 2011 be FULL of blessings..but most of all...may YOU be a blessing to many others.