Thursday, February 28, 2008


We have lots to be thankful for.

Bug is better.

Drama Mama has started her potty training.

Brad is....well, Brad.

And I am thinking of starting a doggy biscuit buisiness. But I'll tell you more on that another day. are a few "smiles" I wanted to share.....

Drama Mama after a bath....

Bug IN his bath....he is in a "pirate" stage...can't you tell? And notice the popsicle? This is right after we got out of the hospital.

Please excuse the mess in this next video. As you can was a "daddy" day...and well you can see what I come home to on those days! :) He claims he can't watch BOTH the kids AND keep the house picked up.


I guess I have little elves that help me! :) Anyway....I found this video on my camera and thought is was cute. And again, please excuse the mess... *rolls her eyes*

Here is bug dancing to the ipod. Can you guess what he is listening to?

And my pirate eating his "piratey dinner".... sticks, french fries, grapes and carrot sticks.


This video cracks me up.....she is so funny...

I ALSO have pictures of us all out on the boat last weekend....before bug got sick. It was a decent day, and we took full advantage of it! :)

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :P

Gotta be safe...right daddy?

I can fish too....

The boys~

Grandma and Grandpa...

Our lake....

Grandpa...can I drive?

Catch anything Sammmmm----eeeeee?

One of my FAVORITE pictures....Grandma (my mom), and the Drama Queen...

Love this picture too, she has a thing with flowers and will pop the "head" off and carry it around smelling it for HOURS!
A video of us on the lake:

So, I hope things are well in your household. I better go help Drama Mama....
she's stuck..
again! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Bug is doing MUCH better.. and I would honestly back to his old self.

Though we were under orders to keep him "low-key" for the next 4 days.....


Not only had he been cooped up and laid low for 4 days already.....but his sister hadn't seen or played with him either....

so THAT combination....

didn't work.

Yesterday, he was impossible to keep in one spot, and had to be reminded every 10 minutes that he was supposed to be resting on the couch.

yeah right.

:) :)

You won't hear ME complaining though. I would take this over the way he was last week ANY day!!

Anyway.....he is still doing treatments from a nebulizer every 4 hours, and is on antibiotics. (omnicef)...

He got to go to school for a half a day today. I think he had mixed feelings. He certainly was excited to go and see all his friends, and tell them about his "adventure"....

but he also wanted to stay home and continue to recieve all the attention he was getting!~ :)

I love this child~ :)

Anyway...things are settling back down, and we are SO grateful for that.

Hope all is well in YOUR household. May it be filled with plenty of love and blessings.~


I have had emails and a few calls asking how my cousin Katie and her husband Randy are doing. So far, things are going well. They have already done the transplant of stem cells and what-not from his brother, and though he is running a slight fever....he continues to be a trooper. We are so PROUD of him and Katie for the way they have handled this situation.
They are hero's in my eyes.
I don't think I have heard them complain ONCE about the trials they face....
and it can be SO easy to play the blame game and wallow in self pity....
They inspire.
If you want the details or want to follow more closely what they are is the link to their blog....leave a comment if you can...I'm sure they would be thrilled knowing there are others praying and caring!
Ya'all ROCK!~


Sabrina asked this on her blog, and here are my answers....


Pay bills and balance the checkbook? As they come...and I don't ( i know, I know)

Exercise? Is chasing after a 2 year old considered excercise? If not, NEVER.

Buy Milk? 2 half gallons of Organic, once a week

Go grocery shopping? Every two weeks for major stuff, once a week for stuff I forgot :)

Clean the Fridge? When something spills, or it gets over crowded

Recycle? All the time!!!!

laundry? every other day (mon-sheets, wed-kids clothes, fri-our clothes, sat/sun-towels)

Iron? No ironing. Isnt that what the dryer is for? LOL

Clean the bathroom(s)? weekends

Vaccuum the carpets? Every day...

Sweep the floors? every other day

Mop the floors? weekends

Wipe down countertops? After Every meal.

Cook a meal from scratch? 3-4 times a week

Eat Out? Wed nights before church, and maybe on fri too.

Clean the windows? when I need to

Dust the furniture? weekends

Organize closets or other areas? Whenever I can find the time, when there is NO kay-kay

Want to strangle your kids? ummm...i plead the fifth. LOL

That was fun....go ahead and answer on your blog too. It's great to learn new things about each other!
Have a great day!~

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Trials and Tribulations...

Wow....what a trial that was~

I think I speak the truth when I say there is almost nothing worse than having a child sick, and the Dr's not being able to diagnose it.

All kinds of crazy things go through your head...

Here's what happened, and how it all started...

A few weeks ago right before I was set to head to Virginia to see Papa and Popo (grandparents visiting from Hawaii) and my brother and his kids....Bug got sick.

He was coughing and running a high temp of 103 to 104.

I (and worse mom of the year award goes to.....) thought it was the bug that was going around and after his fever went we went.

He SEEMED recovered. Now in retrospect I think Bug was just tooo excited to let his illness slow him down...he LOVES his Popo and Papa, and couldn't WAIT to see them.

Anyway...we went and had a BLAST visiting. Meanwhile Bug had the cough the whole time. (the cough seemed to be in his chest only, and he wasnt coughing hard enough to cough anything UP) we went swimming...played games....etc...

Fast forward 2 weeks later.

He is STILL coughing....and I am giving him a "cough suppresent" thinking this will help knock it out!!

He wakes up Tuesday night (19th) and is SCREAMING for me. I go flying into his room (literally), and he is crying saying his stomach hurts and he is going to throw up. I swoop him up and carry him to the bathroom, where he dry heaves and bawls his little eyes out.

I take his temp...

it's 104.9.

I give him childrens tylenol and some water.

He falls right back to sleep.....waking periodically to ask for water because his skin is on fire.

Not one to panic..... and trying not to run to the doctors for every sniffle.....

I figure his fever will break by the next day.

Wed comes......

he wakes up and is still running a fever, and doesn't even want to get out of bed (THIS should have been my FIRST clue to bring him in) I dose him again, and let him rest.

About 1 o'clock in the afternoon, I went in to take his temp for the 100th time, and it was up to 105.3

I woke him up (which was hard to do) and he asked for i handed it to him I noticed he could BARELY hold the cup...his hands were shaking so bad....then I thought I heard a dog....and since I know we dont have one I looked was Bug panting. seriously. Picture a dog after it has run to chase a ball for about a half an hour in the summer. THAT'S what it sounded like.


it was time to freak.

We havent established a pediatrician in the area my first insinct was Urgent Care. But he seemed pretty I called there to see if maybe the E.R wasn't a better idea.

They said it was.

Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to drive the SPEED limit to the ER???????


Anyway.....I called Brad. He got off work to meet me at the E.R so he could take kay-kay ( I did NOT want her around all those other sick people...not to mention it seriously would have been HELL to try and contain her in the waiting room) and in we went.


2 hour wait to see the triage nurse.

1 more hour wait to get room in E.R.

1 and a half MORE before we even see a D.R.

He pokes and prods....asks questions....and does his thang (yes I typed that on purpose its how his twang was)


Time for blood work and X-Rays....

time to call for back-up.

I KNOW my son.....and I KNOW how scared he is of needles.

I forewarn the nurse.

She doesn't listen....and as she goes to stick it in (I am trying to hold him down KNOWING this isn't going to be good) well.....

Bug REARS back, pulls his other arm out from under me...

and proceeds to YANK the needle out of his arm..scraping/scratching it down his arm as he is pulling.


and SCREAMING bloody murder.

The nurse jumps back and is like "oh my"...and all I wanted to do was yell...."I TOLD you!!!!" He is ALREADY been through so much and is sooo sick...but no, I DIDN'T yell.

Now he has to go through it again.

she calls in 2 other reinforcements...

UGH.....this boy has a SET of lungs on him!

Anyway....they get the blood results and the E.R doctor rushes in.

"His white blood count is a 48,000" he says "and a normal range would be 9-10,000"

"That's great I say" blissful in my ignorance.

"'s not." he replies looking at me strangely.

"But I thought white blood cells were GOOD, and helped fight things off" ( I am so confused)

"Yes, they are the normal range....but when they are THIS's pretty means his body is really trying to fight something off, and it doesn't seem to be winning the battle......."

He starts poking Bugs belly. His right side is tender.

They get the X-Ray results....nothing they could see.

His temp (sorry bug) rectally was 106.

The E.R doctor says...."I think we need to admit him, until we can figure out what this is."

My heart stops....I am in disbelief. "Admit him? as in...stay overnight?"

He is moved upstairs to Pediatrics. make an already long story short..... they had to call in a specialist THAT night instead of the tomorrow time frame we were given....the nurses were concerned.

His fever wouldn't break.

She comes in at 10:30 from home, and looks him over. Then orders an unltrasound to see if he has appendicitis.

Results: normal.

His temp starts to go down with a dose of Motrin on top of tylenol. Many breathing treatments (here is him doing one on thurs), and LOTS of fluid.

Thurs comes....he is doing a bit better.

Blood work ordered, and another X-ray. As well as breathing treatments every 4 hrs.

White cell count 35,000
X-Ray: Bronchial, Bacterial, Pnemonia

Dr. says stipulations for going home are:
1.) Cell count well below 18,000 at least

2.) No fever for 8-12 hours

3.) eats and drinks on his own

That means ANOTHER night in the hospital....

BUT....Bug is perking up, and actually smiling by nightfall....especially when he got this frog and balloons from Popo and Papa, and when his sister visited...

He had even perked up enough to have some pizza...(NOTE he refused to move his arms since he had his I.V in one, and his blood work done in the other)

"pizza" she says....(she is saving some by her eye...for later :) )

So, Brad stays with him (by request...the traitor) so I get to go home...EXHAUSTED.

Meanwhile McKayla has been staying with a friend (during the day) from the church, Mimi, and OMG let me TELL you what a GODsend she was~!!!!!!!! She is our hero. Here's a pic of her visiting...

Here is his room...

Friday comes.....

He looks SOOOO much better....after the I.V antibiotics, and steroids....he is getting back to his old self. His temp had broke, and remained normal for 8 hrs. We wait in anticipation of the bloodwork....

The Dr. says not to get my hopes up, BUT there is a good possibility of us going home by noon! :)

Yeah right......

Good news: His count went all the way down to 10,000 on friday, which he said doesn't normally happen that quickly ( I chalk it up to all the wonderful people that took the time out of THEIR pray for my family....I thank you from the bottom of my heart)

Bad news: We didn't get out of there until 8 o'clock at night. But thats a WHOLE 'nother story.

Hey, at least he was better...and we were HOME!!!!!!!

He is to remain inactive, and continue to take omnicef, breathing treatments, and be monitored.

Any sign of fever, even slight...its back to the hospital. However...I think the worst has passed. :)

So we are home....

SOOO exhausted.

But SOOOOO very thankful.

To the doctors and nurses to cared for him,
to Mimi who was an angel from heaven and took on the Drama Mama,
to the prayers from family and friends,
to the visits from church family,
to the calls from concerned friends and family,
I really cant even begin to name you OR thank you all or are all blessings.

I am off to get some much needed "down time"

Hug someone you love even tighter today!

I know I did.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I just wanted to hop on real quick and ask you to please pray for my bug.

He was admitted to the hospital tonight (we were in the ER all day) and they cant figure out what is wrong.

His white cells are 42,000 and a normal range is 9-10, 000.....they have ruled out just about everything (taken chest x-rays..done urine dip, and extensive blood work) and now have called in a pediatric specialist to see him tonight instead of tomorrow as planned. He has continued to run a high fever of 104.2 and it won't go down.

We are worried out of our minds, it is so hard to see him like that....Brad is with him now, while I slipped away. I am soooo exhausted. I cant see straight.

Just asking for one thing:


for bug, for the doctors that are looking at him, and for us....

many thanks.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I am adding security to this blog since I have so much personal information on it about my family...


if you would like to continue reading it, you will need to leave me a comment below with your email address....or send it to me in an email at

I HATE doing this....but after speaking with a friend of the family, and hearing a few stories...we have decided that this was at least SOMETHING we could do to protect ourselves and the children.

Sad that we have to worry about things like this.

Oh well...anyway...

I am locking the blog beginning on fri feb 22, so that it will give everyone enough time to let me know your email address. Once I get that I can add you to my "permissions" list, and you will have access as you did before! :)

Thanks again! Hope to hear from you soon!~

Friday, February 15, 2008


These are the moments I cherish....

need I say more?!?! :)

P.S If you guessed Brad on the snoring were WRONG!!! :) It was BUG!! He IS just like his father! :)

Have a great weekend!~

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Funny Little Story

The other day we were all sitting down to dinner to eat. It was a wonderful meal of steak, baked potato, broccoli and rice and corn.....when Drama Mama got off her chair to hand Brad a piece of rice to "share".

She does this quite often offering you bites of her food.

So Brad grabs her hand and eats the "rice" off her finger.
He moves it around in his mouth a bit...
gets a funny look on his face
and spits it back onto his finger.

All of a sudden (I kid you not) he REARS back and starts spitting everywhere. I look at him in disbelief and ask "honey whats WRONG?!?!?!"

once he could speak and stop spitting he gagged out....

"your daughter just fed me a booger."

:) :) :) :)

I was tagged by Sabrina to answer a few questions....:)

So here I go...

7 (more) weird or random facts about me....

1.) I do NOT like to drink straight out of glasses/cups. I MUCH prefer to have a straw, and actually have them at home for my water, or whatever I choose. Dh knows to get one if he is getting me anything to drink. This includes bottled (which I try never to buy) water.

2.) I like to drive (BAD, BAD girl) with my left foot propped up...or if I am a passenger....I prop my feet up on the dash. It kills me to sit straight up.

3.) I am TERRIFIED of tornadoes. I have never been in one. (nor do I plan to be)...but I always have dreams where a torando is coming and I feel this sense of whatever it is I hold dear gets sucked out of my arms. (therapy anyone? lol)

4.) I have become addicted to sweet tea. Since moving to N.C, and realizing they had sweet tea as an option at EVERY drive thru, and restraunt.....I have become a true "addict". I LOVE the stuff. As a matter of fact...if I could get an I.V with a sweet tea drip.....I would be the first in line! LOL No, really...but I DO LOVE the stuff! How did I live so long without it. As a matter of fact it KILLS me to visit VA...cause they DONT have it (at least not like we do)...and I have long left the soda train. soda? what's that?

5.) My most favorite thing in the WORLD is to have a conversation with my kids or just watch them. Bug is getting to the age where he is such a treat and says the most off the wall things. (not always used as they should be used) He likes to sing (shoot me now) "Girlfriend" by Avril. Yes.....thats MY fault. And drama mama.....she is ADORABLE with her words now. "Geh up daddy"..etc..*sigh* I think only a mom can TRULY appreciate what I mean.

6.) I still feel 15. no really. where did I get kids? who let me have a car?....let alone DRIVE one. LOL I still dance around my living room, singing at the top of my lungs to songs that I KNOW I am too old for. (sexyback..piece of me...girlfriend...shall I go on?) Can we say denial? I wouldn't trade my life for the world....but where did the time go? Cause I seemed to have missed the last 15 years! :)


7.) I have been called (and this is embarrassing)....a "chipmunk eater". I like to take a bite of food.... *blushes*.... and put it in my cheek (or cheeks)...and then eat it slowly...taking little bites from it at a time. (ducks her head)...I never noticed this until it was pointed out to me by my appears Cody and I share this same trait. I have tried, though, to change this....but when you eat do you really think about HOW you are eating?? No...I enjoy the food too much !:)

So anyway....there are the 7 random facts about me.

Now I have to tag some peeps....

Here are the rules:
*Link to the person that tagged you.
*Post the rules on your blog.
*Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
*Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
*Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Looking forward to learning more about everyone! :)


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Family Pictures '08

While we were in VA visiting Papa, Popo, my brother Josh and the cousins....Papa and Popo wanted to get some much needed family pictures done, and since they live all the way in Hawaii.....we figured now would be the time! :)

So here they are in no particular order. (and yes we can post them since we bought the c.d and own the pictures)

Josh and his ruggies...

Me and my ruggies...

The whole gang (minus Josh's wife Tee, and my husband Brad)

Grandparents and grandkids! :)

Papa, Popo, Josh and I...

Popo and Papa....

Th-th-th-th-that's all folks! :) xoxo

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wonderful Weekend!!!

We headed to Virginia this past weekend to see Popo and Papa, who flew all the way from Hawaii, and to celebrate my nephews 7th birthday!

What a BLAST!

The boy cousins started the weekend off with a few "nerf gun" battles.

Bug loves the opportunity to hang with the boys.....he doesn't get to play like this he relishes it while he can.

Side Note: I have a thing with guns. I don't like them. period. And I don't allow them in or near my it a water gun..a nerf gun...or a BB gun. But that's a debate for a whole 'nother time, and I would need a whole day to post! LOL.


Here are some pictures from the party at Funland in Fredricksburg. WHAT A PLACE!! It had everything!!! Lasertag, go karts, mini golf, games, rides, food, and more. The kids had So much fun......

The gang....!

Everyone there?

Where do we start???


Popo and the tuckered out munchkin!

and a video of Drama Mama on the horsey...

We did the cake at the house....we were there for 4 hours as it is the birthday boy himself.....


Random Pictures... :)

The girls!~

Also....I got to have a "girls night" with my niece.....we did our hands and toes...and even came up with a silly business we could do.....
think....... nail polish... dog hair...and warding off criminals.
My brother has this adorable dog that sheds like there is no tomorrow.
So as we were painting our nails...we had to keep pulling out these little hairs...
we came up with a totally silly idea ....that we could market this.....
in a special nail polish that you got with a side of dog hair...
and what made it SOOO special...
bear with me now.....she IS 9......
is that after you painted your nails and applied the dog hair to them.....if you ever got "attacked" by a could pretend to be shocked and put your hands up to your mouth...meanwhile sneakily pulling a dog hair out of your nails, and then BLOWING it right in the guys eyes..... :) ...we even came up with a whisker to include to the 1st 100 callers that you could use to poke the guy till the cops came. LOLOLOLOLOLOLO.
Needless to say....WE found it funny!
Sunday we went and got family shots done. Well, as family as you can get with Brad and Tee missing. I want to post those soon. They turned out well I think.
Well...better run.....I'm STARVING!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl XLII


I am actually SHOCKED that the Giants have made it this far! But kudos to them!

I STILL think the Patriots will win.....but we'll see maybe Manning will pull one out of his you-know-where......'s a quick little piece of fun to get your Superbowl started...


A man had 50 yard line tickets for the Super Bowl.
As he sits down, a mancomes down and asks if anyone is sitting in the seat next to him.
'No,' he says. 'The seat is empty.
'This is incredible,' said the man. 'Who in their right mind would have a seat like this for the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in the world,and not use it?'
The first man says, 'Well, actually, the seat belongs to me.I was supposed to come with my wife, but she passed away. This is the firstSuper Bowl we haven't been to together since we got married .
''Oh .. I'm sorry to hear that. That's terrible. But couldn't you findsomeone else, like a friend or relative, or even a neighbor to take the seat?'
The man shakes his head.
'No. They're all at the funeral.'


Have fun and be SAFE!


Goooooooooooooooooooo Patriots! (only 'cause the Steelers aren't in it LOL)

:) :)

UPDATE: Giants pulled it out of their rear....with 2 minutes to go. It was actually a great game! Congrats to the Giants!~

Friday, February 01, 2008

We made it!

We had an uneventful 5 hour drive down/up (whatever!) to Virginia.

darn is it cold here.

too cold.

I'm going home!

LOL j/k

Anyway...Bug is doing better..recovering from a 103.8 temp, and a terrible cold. To include chest congestion. *yuck* He got better in time to make the trip yesterday. *whew*

So we have been enjoying spending time with family and catching up. Bug is in HEAVEN! I swear that kid would trade me in a heartbeat if he could.

Now, I am sitting here waiting for my Dad's plane to arrive. He was delayed in Chicago due to the weather, and his flight has been cancelled 2 times already. I just checked and it looks like 3rd times the charm. He is "in air".

The kids are SO excited to see their grandparents. Popo and Papa have a great relationship with them, and it has been FAR too long since they have seen each other.

Since we left Hawaii in August as a matter of fact.

Anyway, I have a few pictures to post...I'll try to get to that soon.

Other than that....

well wishes to ALL!~