Saturday, April 28, 2007

Misc Random Pictures..

This weekend we went to the blaisdelle and Bug got to meet none other than:


He was so darn excited he held his "web shooting" pose the WHOLE time! :) Here is the video:

Then at the same event they had bouncers. BOTH the kids loved those....Here is the little one and her George jumping! :)

A few from easter..

Bug got this chalk in his easter basket, and we went to the park across the street to draw. Both the kids LOVED it. As you can see...

Even Daddy got into the fun!...

Love this picture!

Last weekend POOL PIC'S

O.K...that slice is like the size of his face......

And can you believe the bugger ate it ALL!!!


Next we have daddy and monchichi with some serious snuggle time! I LOVE this picture!

"Cheeeeese" .....or as Brad was saying..."Rogaaaaaine" KIDDING...I'm kidding geesh

Monchichi's pool outfit.

Hmmmm....maybe piglet would be a better nickname....this child eats...

And eats.....

And eats.....

And eats.....

And eats...

Then there's my little man! :)

Alrighty then.....gotta run...McKayla has her head STUCK in the stroller again!~ No different then any other day. LOL

Monday, April 16, 2007

Picasso?? Michealangelo?? you ask...


it's just monchichi's wonderful works of art.

O.K why didn't someone warn me.

Bug NEVER did this...


Mind you...this is just a FEW shots of her "works in progress"

This would be our floor.

This would be the side of their bunkbed.

Next we have my dresser...

Our bathroom door...

Where was mommy while she was doodling her priceless works??

trying to figure out WHERE she got those darn crayons from...

I have tried to encourage her to use paper....

but she is like her mother.

Need I say more?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ice Palace

Well, Sammy had another 1st this weekend.

We went Ice skating!!!!

The cool thing?

It was at the same place my brother and I used to go to as kids to skate (the only place on the island really lol)

It was AWESOME to see him get excited.

awesome to see his face the 1st time his skates were on, and he realized he had to walk in "these things"

more awesome to see his face as he struggled to stay upright once we were out on the ice.

he was a trooper.

he tried

and tried

and tried.

and Daddy and I tried HARDER to stay upright with him while he went flailing about~

I'm sure we were all a sight to see! :)

We had a great time together....just mommy, sammy and daddy. (it was a "Sammy" day)

But someone should have told ME

I'm not as graceful as I used to be

let's leave it at that shall we?

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I love this stage! They really enjoyed pulling all the leaves off our tree, and bringing them INSIDE the house.



oh well...

it was worth this..

Sunday, April 08, 2007


What a fun easter since Sammy was right at that age...

you know...

where easter egg hunts are fun..

and the easter bunny is his new best friend! (it was santa just a few short months ago)

Brad and I had a blast doing everything the night before....

and Sammy took over an hour to fall asleep he was so excited.

Here are our Easter results:

the baskets he left behind *wink wink*

Can you see the 3 eggs he has hidden here?

Or here?? hehehehe

Or here?

Now, THIS would be sammy after he found out he would have to eat breakfast BEFORE he tried to eat any of the candy the easter bunny brought.

"Breakfast makes me STRONG" he says!

Then we have my monchichi eating her mac-n-cheese, and chicken nuggets. Mmmmmm

Drinking her flouride water (since there is none in the tap water here in hawaii)

All in all we had a great easter. The eggs the kids found were filled with jelly beans, poofies, cheerios, quarters, raisins, and a few smarties. The kids made out like FAT RATS! (Thanks Nana for the wonderful box full of goodies, the McDonalds gift cards, and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD) Thanks you Aunt Diane for the basket, sidewalk chalk (pics to come later) and oh -so- yummy cookies. Thank you Popo and Papa for the awesome swimshirt for bug, and the jammies for monchichi. Thanks to everyone for all the easter cards and happy easter wishes we recieved! we are so blessed!

Oh, let's not forget I made a REALLY good spiral ham dinner...complete with homemade mashed potatoes (hey, is there any other kind?), the most wonderful gravy, and corn. Popo and Papa joined us for dinner. MMM--mmm-mmmm!

But...We sure DID miss our family and friends back home though! Hope you had a great easter! Hope next year we are celebrating it together!


P.S More pictures to come!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Easter Bunny Pictures

We went and got them done yesterday. I think they turned out great!! I was so worried they were going to turn out like our other set of Christmas pictures (the ones I DIDNT post ar' ar') know...the ones where McKayla is screaming and lunging to get away from Santa and Sammy has this smile pasted on his face (for five minutes since he HAS to have that candy cane and was told "only if he smiled") and a nice black eye. LOL

*rolls her eyes*

Oh yeah.....

MUCH better!

Man, I love these kids! LOL

Side note: I am trying to teach Sammy the true meaning of easter as well as give him the fun of the "easter bunny" I am trying to figure out how to explain the difference. We go to church (not as often as we should I'll admit) and he goes to sunday school...but he is at that age that he asks questions about everything.... I'm not sure he would understand. Maybe I am under-estimating him. ..........Any idea's?