Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I think I can...I think i can......

If I try hard enough....I just might make it...

See me? I can hold on to my toy and walk!!

Staedy now...steady!

I'm doing it...I'm doing it!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh. I am so embarrassed!......teehee


Elsewhere in the Brenneman household.........

Sammy and his first batch of brownies he helped mommy make! Such a goober my little guy!


Oh yeah: side note: Brad left for the Big Island this morning at 4! I am soooo lonely! He found out yesterday at 3 that they wanted him to go. So we talked...and he will be gone for 2 whole weeks and then back for a weekend and gone again until the job is done! The first few days are SOOOOO hard! :( I miss my honey bunches of oats! grrrrrrrr.... *wipes tears and nose*

Guess I'm blessed to love him SO much that I miss him SO MUCH already!

chin up...chin up I say!

Monday, July 24, 2006

A weekend at Bellows Beach cabins......

Wow!! What a great weekend.

We decided to go to Bellows beach and rent a cabin for the weekend. (Well Dad and Jane got it since they were military and we shared it (they got it fri night we got it sat) we all had such a blast! And it actually FELT like a vacation! woot woot

Took lots of pic's and wanted to share a few....

Here is Brad pulling up on friday (my dad and I and the kids left early...Brad and Jane came after work)

Here is our cabin...

Outside our cabin are the steps to the beach....

Here is a shot of the inside.....kinda

Ahhhh.. enjoying a lovely day at the beach!...*sigh*

Wanna boogie board anyone?? Here I am trying to teach my son all I learned growing up here!.....too cool!

He's got it! Goooo SAMMY! *so proud*

Go Daddy Go * to the tune of go diego go*

All in all it was a weekend that ended WAYYYY to short. We did have one incident where our friends came to visit and ended up locking their keys in the car. Well...having had to much to drink (them not me), and contemplating what to do till 10:30 that night...they finally broke the back window (well 2 back windows *sigh*) and got the keys!

*jimmy, jimmy, jimmy*

Ah well....we can't have a perfect weekend...then we wouldnt have left! :) LOL!

I have more pics to post...but my daughter just woke up from her ON THE DOT 20 minute nap.

She has an internal alarm clock (as I like to call it) like me! :)

STILL can't sleep past 6! No matter how hard I try!

Anyway...hugs to all! TTFN!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Honeyyyyy.....we have monsters!!!!

O.k so the only REAL monster I have, seems to grin impishly at me at 1:30 in the morning...standing 2 feet from my bed...

"mommy....there's a monster in my room"

*cracks an eye open* "huh?"

"there's a monster in my room mom" as he tries to climb over me into my bed.

Kayla stirs.....

O.k ....I 'm fully awake now...

"Sweetie there are no monsters in your room...mommy will go check with you"

...there's that grin again.... "o.k mom"

I make a show of checking for monsters....(still only seeing the one named "Sammy" standing beside me)

Then I see what must be the "monster".

Sammy's dinosaur hot wheel race's head glowing in the moonlight....fangs bared. (yeah that might scare me too)

I turn on the light....

"oh's only a dinosaur! *giggles*"

I move it into the crib McKayla SHOULD be using.

He crawls back into bed....

"thanks mom"

*shakes her head*.....Whew we are safe once again

...for at least another day.

Side note: darn Charlie and Lola on Disney.....this is the second night we have had monster sightings!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tagged.....(and doing much better thanks!)

First of all....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK Rhonda and Sheri for caring enough to call and check in on me last night! (you both must have ESP since Sheri called while i was gabbin with Rhonda! lol ...had to call her back and I think I woke little Adam up *grimaces* Sorry Sheri) It was so nice to vent a bit so thanks! You girls ROCK! I am doing so much better now that McKayla is doing much better lol

Funny how that works! :) tee hee

Onto being tagged..
Sabrina tagged me a while back.(on the 7th) .and I guess I was too caught up to see. Thanks for thinking of me Sabrina! So here I go...

5 things in my refrigerator are:

whole milk
string cheese
macadamia nut chocolates
fresh strawberries
pickles (claussen baby!)

5 things in my closet are:

box of important papers
box of pictures
clothes from pre-McKayla (haven't quite squeezed back into)
Protect the Planet boxes/papers on shelf

5 things in my purse:

lip gloss
cell phone
crumbs (lol)

5 things in my car:

stroller (2 of 'em) why?
beach mats and towels
Brads tools

Hehehhe...I like those games! Thanks again Sabrina!

I tag
Amber, Malia, Sheri, Lindsay, and anyone else who has not done it yet!

Well...I better get Sammys field trip pictures downloaded so I can post them! And I have a ton of groceries to put away.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

One HELL of a night... (thurs)

leads into one HELL of a day! (fri)

I was nearing my breaking point yesterday. Haven't been that close in a LONG time.

Thank God for prayers and my step father Cody!~~

I dont know what happened. Mckayla was acting kinda fussy and pullin at one of her I thought I would take her into Kaiser to see Dr Meyers cause it's better safe than sorry right?...........


It was like, that set off an avalanche of disaster.

When we got there...we waited. He came in about 10 minutes later and we talked about what was going on. He said he thought I may be right and would take a look. Well it turns out she is 1 in 10 kids that has "tiny eardrums"...Which meant that he did not have a scope small enough to see into her ear....her canal was SO SMALL. The only way they would be able to tell for sure is if they sent her to Moanaloa and they insert a pin scope.

Well...since she wasnt acting THAT bad...and i thought it may have to do with teething anyway...I decided NOT to go and have it done. (The drive and the stress for her wouldnt have been worth it.) So he says we are going to play it safe and writes her a script for an antibiotic and gives her ear drops and tells me to give her over the counter Motrin. Not Tylenol. He prefers Motrin. And not just infants Motrin but CHILDRENS...o.k

heres where I have my beef...she is used to infants tyenol. I give her that when her teeth seem to really be bothering her. She gets .8 ml of that per her weight. He Prescribes Childrens motrin....I double checked with the pharmicist (figuring I know they make and infants and she is only 8 months) and she agrees with him. I am also flabbergasted at the AMOUNT of Motrin they want me to give her. 4 ml.

4 ml???

Thats like 6 times the amount of tylenol i give her...and dont forget this is childrens not infants motrin. BUT....They are dr's so they must know what they are doing right?




We get home and I decide to follow dr's orders and give her the (holy moly) 4 ml. of Motrin.

Within 30 minutes she was screaming bloody murder. She was regurgitating and her tummy kept gurgling. She screamed...

and screamed

and screamed.

From 7 pm that night till ( I kid you not) 10:30. Screaming.

Poor baby...NOTHING was making her happy. She wouldn't nurse (and when she wont even do KNOW something isn't right)...didnt want to be held...screamed louder when you put her down....and no toy was going to distract her.

Brad was crying right along with her.

make that 2 babies.

He didn't know what to do..and he HATES that. He doesnt understand how I can just hold her and have her cry. (what else am I supposed to do?)

Well she FINALLY cries/screams herself to sleep. Waking every ..oh hour and a half to 2 hours.

skip forward to friday

get up (tired as anything)...make Sammys breakfast..get him ready for preschool...which up to this point he is LOVIN! It's water day so I grab his swim suit and towel.

Kayla wakes up....


Now when I say screaming I don't just mean crying loudly....I mean like she is in so much pain she cant stand it.

I dose her (1/2 the amount they tell me to give her)...and stick her in the stroller and off we go to Sammy's school. Kayla screaming the WHOLE way (about a 15 min walk) I go to drop Sammy off......

he starts screaming (Kayla is calm at this point distracted with all the kids)

"I don't like school Mommy...wanna go home with youuu"

So for 10 minutes I stand there trying to pry him off my leg so I can leave....No such luck

and do any of the teacher's on the playground come and help me..

uhhhhhhh No.

Another 10 moinutes go by....Kayla is starting to fuss and go into her high pitched whine ( I know I have about 3 minutes before a total meltdown) I look frantically for a teacher....
no one

Suddenly my hero...Ms Donnie.....Sammy's teacher... see's me in distress and grabs Sammy telling him they are going to go clean the pool and he is her special helper. He struggles crying at first.

I run.

It was run.
Or stay and cry right along with the kids! LOL


So...Kayla SCREAMS her way home till she finally falls into an exhausted sleep. I take the opportunity and catch a few winks myself....

Anyway make an ALREADY long story short...... she screamed ALL day (hello white hairs)

Popo and Papa were supposed to give me a relief period but that didnt happen....bug DID get to spend the night there. He was happy to have Jane all to himself.

It's Saturday now.....all I can do is shake my head and pray for the sanity I once had to come back.

If you happen to see it out there....let it know I'm searching for it!

Reward: priceless!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

8 months and CRAWLING!

Well...McKayla chose today.....

on the exact day she turns 8 months...

to start CRAWLING!

Yes I typed crawling....

wait..i wanna do it again...

McKayla is C-R-A-W-L-I-N-G! :) :) :) lol

Before she could get up on her hands and knees and kinda rock...then she started getting up on all fours and trying that...

And this morning...

right before we left to go on Sammy's field trip to the tidal pools...

she did it.

All the way across the room!

Go Kayla, go kayla. go go go kayla!

Brad was even home to catch it....

we were both beaming we were SOOOO proud! it on video too!!

Anyway....*still grinning foolishly*....I will be back later to post some pic's of the great time we had on SAMMYS 1st FIELD TRIP!

woot woot!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Carrots and peanut butter?


Well....I guess we do what we have to do.

My son won't touch vegetables.

I mean that literally.

He won't eat them AND he refuses to even touch them.


Today..I decided to try something new.

He likes the wonder pets..and they eat celery.

He used to like celery and peanut butter .....but now for some reason won't touch it.

So along with his noodles and apples....I stuck 2 baby carrots smothered in peanut butter on his plate... ...

I just checked...

and they are GONE!!!!!!

He ate the carrots !!

( I made him get up thinking he shoved them under his rear end like he likes to do when he hides things) and they are truly

hmmmmmmmmmmmm....what else can peanut butter cover?........

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Welcome Gus! The newest member of the family!

Well.... ok

I did it....

The one thing I said I swore to myself I wouldn't do.

(because who gets to clean up after it? Not the 3 year old...or the 8 month old or even the 34 year old for that matter!)

I got Sammy a pet.

*smacks her head* rolls her eyes *Smacks her head again*

grins! :) :) :)

Ah well........ everyone I would like to introduce Gus!

He is a great little guinea pig.

Sammy loves to say..."Mommy..gus wants me"

He also loves cucumbers and carrots. I'm tellin you this guinea pig is livin' large!

o.k....HUGE note to self......

Guinea pigs have no bladder control and WILL pee at will.

I say this as my clothes are being washed for the 3rd time. YES the bugger got me 3 times already!

Oh yeah...and another note:

pets smell.

no matter the size.

So Gus has moved to our lanai and enjoys his days in the cool hawaiian breeze. (notice the black and gold hanging proudly in the background lol)

I think i can safely say Gus will be our last pet ......

then again...I say a lot of things! LOL

to be continued.......

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bug's 1st Day at KCAA Muriel Preschool....

Hi everyone...we are ready to go!

First thing first mom.....we gotta play and make a few friends!...

Hey this is like the beach....but where's the water?

O.k Everyone get's time to go inside!.....

We are shy inside at first..and play by ourself...but give me 5 minutes!

Lunch time! We had corn dogs, carrots and green beans, and mandarin oranges. We also got a cookie. I ate that 1st!

Hey look!....a bathroom made for ME! It's co-ed and JUST MY SIZE!

After lunch we headed home.....WHAT A DAY!


And now....Mommy has just dropped me off for my second day. She thought I would cry ( I think she wanted me to!) but I didn't. As soon as we got there...I was off and running with no more than a backward glance and a "bye mom".

I think mom was confused.

She was supposed to just drop me off...

but instead hung around for about 5 minutes. She looked so sad. I thought she wanted me to be a big boy?

I know she I am going to make her proud.

what mom?

a kiss?

in front of my friends?

awww man.........*shuffels over*...


"bye mom"

look a bike...come on friend..I'll race ya...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sammy's 1st Day of School!!

breathe mommy breathe!

in and out

in and out

I just can't believe it!~ My BABY!....this is my BABY..we are talking about.

o.k So McKayla really is the baby now....but he was my 1st baby.


I am totally thrilled that he is going and will get to meet new friends, and learn how to better interact with kids. But at the same time....

I am SOOOO not ready for this.

At least today I can spend most of the day WITH him there, since it is a half day for him. Tomorrow though..his half day is on his own..and friday is his first FULL day all by himself.

Is is so bad I'm crying?

Who's the baby again?


Anyway...we have 3 hours and counting till we go (he starts at 9 today)
I will be taking pictures, so I will post them as soon as I can.

Remember Kristi Ann to bring:

A.) His little sleeping futon
B.) A box of tissues (for school and one for me ....tee hee)
C.) 2 pictures of bug...1 for his cubby hole...and one for the school board.

I think that is it. time I will post i will be a mommy of a pre-schooler! :) Ahhhh! :) *sigh* I love my big boy!

O.k Now on to the 4 th of July..(which happened to be yesterday)

The morning was spent spring cleaning. And I mean CLEANING! I put Dh to work as soon as he cracked an eyelid open! I HATE it when the house is a mess...and the word "mess" doesnt even cut it. I will explain more as to WHY it was such a mess in my next post...but anyway...after that was done it was naptime. So we all took a short nap.
Then we headed off to Marvin's for a BBQ around 3.
Sammy had a blast!! They have a mini he played and played and played on that! They also had a slip-n-slide set up (for the kids darn it) and a swing set.
The adults?

We just ate

and ate

and ate.

I am STILL full!

As for fireworks.....we saw them right off our balcony over the ocean. It was SOOOOOO beautiful! And they went on for like 10 minutes. It was the longest show I had ever seen!

Dh and I were snuggled on the loveseat on the lanai. What a nice way to watch them! And we didnt have to fight all the traffic after it! :) I love this condo!