Friday, April 29, 2016

Much needed update


So it's been a while eh?

Guess I should let you in on some big news in the Brenneman household....

A.  We moved to Florida
B.   Brad works for Universal Studios now
C.   Sam is 13!!!
D.  McKayla is 10!!
F.  It's is little girl!
G.  Her name will be LilyAnn
H.  She is due July 10th.
I.   Her sister is beyond excited
J.  Her brother not so much.   Sigh.
K.  My brother is getting married for the 3rd time.
L.  I am in the wedding as a bridesmaid
M.  I feel like I swallowed a basketball
N.  Mom and Cody are well
O.  Darla and Tony are well
P.  Popo and Papa are well
Q.  Bought a 2016 Chevy equinox
R.  Her name is blue velvet :)
S.  LilyAnn just kicked me really hard   lol
T.  God is good

Much love to all!!!