Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh the FUN times...

And THIS is why I haven't been to a NASCAR race with him in 10 years...

I suppose it runs in the family...this need to torture me..

And yes, I had (and continue to) endure the 2 of them like

We got here to RICHMOND about 1 yesterday and set up camp.
Made some hot dogs...and played some console.

The 4 guys in the camper next to us have joined us a few times and even made my experience better by setting me up in a lawn chair right next to their firepit...and when I commented "now THIS is camping" (since I was toasty warm)...they walked over and said " holds out a thing of chocolate Oreos).....THIS is camping"
I have to admit. He was right. Lol.

We slept good last night and are on day #2 now....
Boys are still sleeping...
And I am super excited to see what the day brings..

Go Kenseth...
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

We had a quiet Easter this year since Brad was out of town for work and it was just the kids and I. But we had fun and made the most of it with an Easter egg hunt and a fun day outside!
The race is this weekend and I can't wait. Hope everyone is well...
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Sunday, April 03, 2011


We had been trying for a month now (we being Cody and I) plan a trip down to NC to surprise Mom. Originally we had planned for the weekend of her birthday..but if you know ANYTHING about my mom, it's that you literally have to call and SCHEDULE with her because she is ALWAYS off doing something. Lol. She says shes retired and thats what your supposed to do. But as busy as she stays...remind me NEVER to retire! Lol. Just kidding...she is awesome..even though i need to be penciled in at least 3 weeks beforehand.. :o)
Anyway, to make a ling story short..Cody finally had to pencil himself in (not kidding)..and clear the first weekend she had was a month later. But i got it!! She was ours to surprise!! And surprise her we did!!
Well she did try to throw us for a loop though, by not even being home when we got here! Lol (in all fairness we had left 4 hours earlier than we planned..and i couldnt call cody to let him know, as not to be obvious). Anyway the kids and i headed to the playground and 30 min later we got the call.
We walk right in her back door. Yelling 'SURPRISE' of course.
She screamed! Lol
It was awesome!!!
We had managed to pull it off.
It was a great weekend. Spending time with them...going to pik n pig...hearing KK argue with Grandma about marrying Grandpa.
Thank you God. For all my wonderful blessings....
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