Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A lulluby.....

Found this (thanks to a friends blog), and laughed my butt off!~ I wonder if you'll find it as amusing as I did.
This guy is hilarious. His name is Stephen Lynch. If you like this....go to YouTube, and he has a lot more FUNNY ones!

I also like his "superhero" song.

Enjoy!~~ TTFN~

Glad we can come back and edit....I ran across this (in all my free time...right Amber? lol)...and wondered why I hadn't heard of it before. This guy is going to change his name to whatever the highest bidder decides. It is already up to like $31,000.

Hmmmm...this gives me and idea....

:o) :o) ;o)

Update: Had to change the song version since I guess whoever downloaded it to YouTube did a copyright infringment, Here is the song anyway, minus the great faces he makes!~ I still enjoy it!

Monday, January 29, 2007



I love how she waves and blows kisses to EVERYONE she meets. She charms even the grumpiest of people. I love how she pats my back when I pick her up, as she lays her head on my shoulder. I love how she gives "high fives" whenever she realizes she has done something good. (she has learned to carry her diaper to the trash and throw it away...of course this comes with finding toys, appliances, and book in there as well! LOL)
I love how when Sammy gets into trouble and has to put his nose on the wall, he will be crying and she will walk up behind him and kiss his back. And then stand beside her brother and put her little nose on the wall, in her innocence not realizing he is in trouble. Just wanting to make him feel better. (and 1/2 the time it is for taking her toys). I hope she continues to be so compassionate. I love how she will be sleeping SOUNDLY in the car, but as soon as you turn the engine off she pops up like "what did I miss...let's go!" EVERYTIME! I love how she shakes her head "yes" and "no" to questions....she looks sooooo cute.


I love how he watches out for her EVERY day as we walk to the car....trying to grab her hand, and telling her firmly she has to wait for him. He is so protective of her, I hope he never loses this. I love how he asks for a specific number of kisses each night. "Mommy...lets do 6 kisses...ready.." and then tries to count as his lips smash against mine however many times he chose that time. He is such an affectionate little boy. I pray he never gets too embarrassed to give his o'l mom a hug or kiss. I love how he tells me he has to stay home with daddy "cause he's sick, and doesn't feel good" while I go shopping. (something he would NEVER usually miss) I love how when McKayla wakes up from a nap and is grumpy, Sammy will do whatever he can..including trying to hand her whatever he was playing with at the time....just to make her happy. He hates to see her sad. or anyone for that matter. I pray he always thinks of others.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

If you have pearls....

I HIGHLY recommend putting them on while you do your housework! *grins*''

no, I'm not drinking (as a matter of fact I am not a drinker AT all! lol)

I have just decided, that since I don't get many occasions to wear them, Why not?

They are just hanging in my bathroom....begging to be let off the "hook" ...(get it? I have them on a hook ....ha ha ha...*shakes her head*)

And honestly

McKayla has worn them more times than I have.

She thinks they are hers.

As a matter of fact....

as soon as I put them on (necklace and bracelet)...

she started grunting and pointing giving me the "stink eye"..

when she realized I wasnt parting with them (hey...I felt "pretty"....*laughs out loud*)

She shook her fist at me (yes, she actually does this! where she got it??....I have NO clue!) and stomped off to get her "baby" (a cabbage patch doll)

Well...I continued to clean.

I'm telling you.

It put a "hop" in my "skip" or a "jump" in my "step.....

oh however that saying goes. *rolls her eyes*

Everytime I bent down to get a dish out of the dishwasher to put away, my pearls would brush up against me, and I would just feel "pretty" all over again!

It didnt even feel like I was cleaning!

goofy I know!~


if YOU have anything that you dont get to wear often that makes you feel good....

I HIGHLY recommend doing your housework in them! (maybe not the dirty, dirty stuff....but the simple picking up and light dusting.)

You may be surprised!~

Note to self: Wear pearls more often!! (Thanks Cody!~)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

One small step for most....~

One GIANT miracle for Mommy!!~~ (right Becca? ...oh wait...read on..you'll see what I mean, and I'm sure after all the emails back and forth and what not, you may agree!)


**does the cabbage patch, and the happy dance running man**

Can you tell how excited I am??

I am literally grinning from ear to ear .

My chest is puffed out (in the proud mommy way, of course lol)

I just keep shaking my head wondering why it took me so darn long.

Are you curious yet?


wait no longer...


McKayla slept in her crib!!!!!!!

I know...I know *shakes her head*

It is something that is LONG overdue...her being 14 months and all.

And most would say I am a "horrible" mommy for even getting her into the habit of sleeping with me to begin with. Poo to you! lol I don't regret AT ALL all the wonderful snuggles I got for the past year from her, the small sighs, her hand on my neck, or as she pats my back as she likes me to do for her. Those memories I'll cherish!

I WON'T miss the kicks in the stomach waking me up suddenly, or the whimper every 2 hours so she could nurse. ah well.

the good with the bad they say!~


We bought a bunkbed, and once we get her used to the crib we will move her to the bottom bunk (sammy has the top claimed already lol)

but whoa whoa whoa... hold up...I'm getting WAY ahead of myself here.

After all it has only been 2 days.

The night before last I was exhausted from my hospital trip and needing some time to just be.

So I nursed her, and then put her in the crib to fall asleep on her own!

She cried for about 5 minutes....

and then



blessed silence.

Brad must have asked me a million times if I wanted to go check on her.....and I told him...if he was SO concerned to get his butt up and check on her himself! *rolls her eyes*

Of course he didn't.

So after about 15 minutes of silence I got up and peeked in the room.


***insert harps playing and angels singing****

A true miracle in the making. (hey, this is from a girl that used to require me and my boob for about 45 min EACH night to put her to sleep...and then she would wake up an hour later to nurse BACK to sleep again (in my bed)...and then 2 hours later...and so on....so...honey...miracle it IS!)

Plus the crib was used for storage (laundry etc...hehehehe)

So I would FINALLY have some space AND be able to sleep in some other position, other than on my side (OUCH) with my boob stuck in her mouth. (sorry men for that.. :^O )

Well......kinda...now daddy could move back in. (hahahaha)...

of course HE doesnt think it's funny.

He has been complaining about having to sleep out in the living room. (we move a full size mattress in and out every morning and night so he can sleep in peace since McKayla USED to get up every 2 hours to nurse.) And I don't blame him!

*fingers crossed*

Hopefully.... we have started a pattern.

Tonight I stuck her in there after her bath and telling her it was time for "night-night" and singing "Twinkle twinkle little star" I firmly put her in the crib, said I love you and walked out shutting the door.

She cried for about 10 minutes this time. But the results were the same.


she seems to sleep longer by herself, and NOT waking up to nurse. (amen!)

So....my friends.

the time to wean has come upon us.

I think it is harder on me. My little girl is growing up SO fast!

*sniffle sniffle*



How do you put your little ones to sleep at night? singing? just putting them in there? reading? Any advice would be appreciated!!~~~


Update: We are on day 3...and I again put her in the crib after a bath and a song. She cried for about 10 min again and was out. She did get up a few times, but put herself back to sleep!!!!!!! Around 3 she really wanted to nurse so I went ahead and got her out, did it and we both fell asleep before I could move her back. But PROGRESS is being made and DARN it feels good!~

Friday, January 19, 2007

When it rains.....it pours!~

Isn't that how the saying goes? hehehe.

Well...I just got out of the hospital yesterday after having to go in for difficulty breathing, sore throat, chest pains, neck and back pains, and sinus trouble...(I'm a mess I know!)

Turns out I had walking pneumonia.


Sammy is STILL coughing.

McKayla was up all night with this croupy cough and hacking.

and poor, poor Brad.

he tried to sleep.

really he did.

We even moved a bed out into the living room so he could be out of the "germs" of the kids and I.





No really...

After about 2:30 in the morning things settled down and we ALL got some much needed rest.

And things are looking better today.

I was So blessed to have Popo and Papa here to watch the kids while I was out of commision...and they have been a blessing by taking time off of work to be there.


Anyway...I better get off, as the kids require my attention. Sammy wants me to watch him do a somersault off the couch onto this seseme street couch that the kids have.

do I sense another ER visit in the making?


Love and Blessings to all! xoxo

Monday, January 15, 2007


That was McKayla's temperature yesterday!

I thought you died at that temp.

Apparently not...thank God!

It started friday night with a slight fever of 101.5. She had been pretty cranky all day, so I knew she was either teething or coming down with something.

Then Sat, we went to the commissary to do our shopping (spent $220...holy moly!) Made homemade beef stew in the crock pot and homemade bread in the bread maker! (both turned out SOOO yummy!) Spent the day around the house...laying low so the kids could get better (Sammy has been battling a cough from before Christmas).

On Sun (yest) we decided to do pretty much the same thing. Low key day. But as I went to lay with McKayla for our afternoon nap, she was ON FIRE.

Brad got her thermometer and I took her temp. Sure enough it ws 104.6 . I waited about a half hour, to see if the tylenol helped or if it went up.

It went up.

It was now 105.2

*enter slight panic mode here*

I called Kaiser Advice line. They told me to take her in to Urgent Care. She was soooo hot, and she was panting, like she couldn't get a breath in.

Brad started running around (almost like when I went into labor) and getting all worried and worked up.

We arrived at Urgent care. I knew that there would be nothing really they could do for her....which is one of the reasons I waited to take her in.


They tortured her.

1st with an oxegyn reading machine (they tape this tab thingy to your toe and it monitors your heart rate and oxegyn level) which she HATED. But the nurse got a kick out of her answering her back. She was so tickled. She asked Kayla...you dont like this? and Kayla would shake her head "no". Then she would ask her if she wanted it off her toe. Kayla would shake her head "yes". She said "you dont like it do you?" and Kayla again shook her head "no". All while screaming and trying to shake it off.

Next they put us in the room. The dr comes in, wants her undressed.......hello? It is SOOO cold in there and she is burning up.....how smart is that?

But I had to do it. SO they weighed her. 21 Lbs.

Check her ears...can't see anything. Too much crud, and too small ear drums.

The Dr. is concerned since all she has is a HIGH fever, and no other symptoms. He orders chest x-rays.

Have I mentioned how much I HATE these things. You would think in this day and age they would have a better way for doing these. For those of you LUCKY enough to have avoided the experience....let me enlighten you. They have the baby put their legs through this saddle looking thing. Then you have to stand there and pin their arms up against their head so the nurse/dr can wrap these 2 plastic sides around her middle...locking her into place. Then you have to stand there (holding their hands up) while the dr/nurse takes their time getting the slide ready ...and then taking the picture. **Meanwhile your child is screaming bloody murder and looking at you with such despair in their eyes wondering why you are standing there allowing this. (talk about pure torture for ME) **

Well, when they couldn't get a good side shot and wanted to put her in it again...I had had enough. I went and got Brad. Totally thinking I could sneak out and take a 5 minute breather (she had been screaming for about 45 min at this point).


Brad wouldn't let me leave. When I mentioned stepping out...he looked all panicked and said "but baby you cant leave her...she needs to see you".


So 20 minutes later and a VERY upset McKayla, Mommy, and Daddy...we got them done right.

only to show nothing.

Then the Dr. decided he wants to clean her ears.


This child has been through enough.

So I pin her down while they squirt water into her ears to rinse them out. (and rule out an ear infection)

McKayla is still screaming at this point. She is PISSED.

The dr says thats better than lethargic.

yeah right.....I wanted to punch him.

Next they did a mouth swab...to rull out flu.

Nope. not the flu.

Well, he says, we can run a catheter to get a urine sample to see if she has a bladder or urinary tract infection. But that normally has other symptoms like vomiting or less urine in the diaper. None of which she has had up to this point.

I decline

Hasnt the child been through enough?

Well, he says again, there is nothing more we can do.

They give her a tylenol suppository **poor thing**, and tell me I can go home but to come back if it isnt better by tommorow (today).

I am livid.

I KNOW it's not his fault, and in all fairness he DID try and find out what was wrong...but,,,,,


I KNEW this would happen and I could have prevented 3 hours of stress on her AND on us.

But like Brad pointed out....isnt it better that they DIDNT find anything wrong?

well, yes.....but geesh!~

Anyway...she is doing better today. Still running a fever. (though its only gotten as high as 102 today)...Still cranky. But at least she seems to be o.k

SO......anyway....all mommies out there....DON'T Panic if you get a temp that high.....but DO take them in. They said anything over 105 needs to be evaluated. Better safe than sorry.


I always thought you would be dead...or at the very least in a coma.

Learn something new every day!~


Update: McKayla developed some kind of splotches all over her neck and part of the way up her face. So I called Kaiser and spoke with Dr. Meyers (a.k.a Ben Stein)...because her temp had also gone up at this point to 103.8. I explained everything to him (about the Urgent care visit and what the dr. there had said) ...and then I explained what she had developed since then. He immedietly said it may be a common childhood illness called rosolio (not sure if thats the rigth spelling). He went on to explain that ALL children get it before they are 2, and it is most noticable (but not always) by a high unexplained fever,and splotches on face and neck. HELLO! Thats EXACTLY what it seemed she had! *whew* He said it wasn't serious at all, and it would go away on it's own. However if she changed any of her 3 A's (appetite, attitude, and awareness) then I should bring her in to the Urgent care. He would be working there tonight. SO....hopefully it is all she has and it will go away soon. I'll keep you updated.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Here is a pic of my "bad" mama!!

*thanks Nana for the Steeler tattoo's!*

What a ham...what a ham indeed. This is just one of the poser pictures she did for me. I'll be back on to post them soon!

Hope everyone had a GREAT NEW YEAR....and PLEASE keep in touch!

Leave a comment if you can...I often wonder who jumps on to check in on us!~ You can leave a comment under anonymous, and then put your name at the bottom. Of course if you haven't the time..I understand! Peace, Love, and Happiness all!~~


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Just some video's of the kids!

1st we have a father and son duet. *sigh*...giggle ..giggle..snort. It really is great blackmail material!

Then we have miss McKayla...haming it up FOR SURE! I love this girl!~

Hope ya'all had a great weekend! We went to the waterpark to use our passes for the 1st time. butit was quite cloudy and a little too cold, so we were only there for about an hour and 20 min. It was A LOT of fun though! Popo and Papa were kind enough to watch Kayla so I got to ride the rides! fun fun!

Other than that it was a mellow weekend! I like those! :O)

Saturday, January 06, 2007


It is amazing how much toys you can collect. We have everything. And if that breaks...don't worry we probably have double. LOL

I have filled 3 massive black bags full of them.

.....Tumble time Tigger, computer games, remote control cars, books, baby toys.....

the list goes on. I wish there was an orphanage or somewhere I could take them that would REALLY like them.

I mean Goodwill is fine and all, and I HAVE taken lots of stuff there before...but I think they charge too much for what people give them, for other people that may need them. (was that confusing?)

I have taken all my maternity stuff to a catholic charity that I knew housed homeless pregnant woman, and it had them do chores and good deeds to earn coupons to "buy" stuff people donated. I thought that was really neat. Though these are mostly toys and a few shirts and shorts Sammy has outgrown. I want to give them to kids that don't have toys. Any idea's?

Well, I better get back to the chore....I can't believe how long it is taking me! Of course having 2 MONSTERS ooohing and aaaahing over toys they had NEVER paid attention to before and mixing my piles up was no help!~ LOL Though it was fun! And Sammy got a kick out of trying to give away all his toys (seriously!) to the kids that are "sad cause they dont have any." He wanted to leave and go drop them off as soon as we packed the 1st bag. And he hasnt stopped asking me to leave ever since!! He keeps saying "Come on mom, can we go give these toys to the kids now...they are sad.. hurry" or "Is it time yet to go mom? The kids are waiting for us" It is nice to know he is so worried about other people! I love seeing these traits come out in him!


I am the luckiest mom in the world! (though I am SURE a bunch of you beg to differ! LOL :o))

P.S. I am doing much better since the previous post. Nothing has changed but I have had my cry, and it's a new day. :o) So thank you ALL for your touching emails and comments letting me know I am not the only one in this world that feels like this!~

Woe is me...as my mom used to say! The pity party is OVER! :o) haha (for now)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Of all the things I miss.....

I miss my mind the most! ar ar

no, seriously.

I think I lost it right around the middle of Dec.

I need a break.


away from everything.

I am at that point where if I don't get some time to myself (and I mean MORE than 1 or 2 hours..which is normally spent cleaning.) I am going to lose it.

I clean.

it gets dirty 5 minutes later.

I cook.

then I have more to clean.

And when my dear husband is kind enough to give me that hour alone in the tub for a good soaking, and the luxury of reading a book (my fav PAST time)....

it is normally interuppted with the escape artist Sammy (who comes when dad's attention is otherwise diverted with his sister...*oh oh...do I sense a mini-me in progress?* I am in trouble! ) who comes knocking (as loud as he can, scaring the beegees out of me and causing me to almost drop my book)

"MOM.....MOM....Can I come in?" (followed by another insistent rapping) *rolls her eyes*

"No Sammy...Mommy is busy"

"Whatcha doing mom? Can I come in?"

"No sammy...please leave mommy alone, I'll be out soon and we'll play"

*his bat ears pick up the sound of water*

"Are you taking a bath mom? huh? Can I take a bath with you pleeeeeeeaaassee" *knob jingles frantically*

*enter brad...who realizes Sammy is missing*

Brad: "sammy leave mommy alone,,,come out here and play"

Sammy: "nooooo. I wanna take a bath with mommy...MOMMYYYYYY..PLEASE can I take a bath with youuuu?"

*enter struggle between father and son...and then a bunch of bribing*

"wanna some crackers Sam?"


"want to go to the park?"


"want a cookie?"


"want to watch mickey mouse clubhouse?"

"can I have a popsicle too?"


*voice trails off* " I want a moon one...and can i watch the one with goofy sick? it makes........"


Oh...it doesn't end there. But I'll spare you the baby crying, and Brad throwing his hands up in the air saying "I guess they just want you babe...what do you want me to do?"


Sorry I got off on a tangent there......

no, but seriously....

I wish I had someone that understood.

DH doesn't.

My dad (papa) just laughs and says i should have 4 more.

Jane (popo) bless her heart, DOES take them for me (like last night..she was even kind enough to make them dinner...so Brad and I had 45 min to ourselves) but I know she is tired after a long day and doesnt want to try and manage 2 kids...and like i said I spent that MAKING us dinner...so there really was no "time".

I KNOW I chose to be a stay at home mom. I wouldn't CHANGE a thing....even if I COULD be driving a mercedes (as my dad likes to point out) We have to make sacrifices, and are happy to do so.

It's a full time job.

no sick leave...let alone a sick DAY

no vacation

No breaks

No one telling you what a good job you are doing (.....or not, for that matter......no wait...i have my dad for that)

I am just tired.

physically. mentally.

But who hasnt been there that has kids right?


stick a fork in me ya'all

cause I'm DONE!~~

Monday, January 01, 2007

Goodbye 2006....Hello 2007!!

*clink clink*

To a wonderful year full of love, laughter, family, friends, blessings, trials and growth! To 2 wonderful kids that show me the meaning of UNCONDITIONAL love every single day. To 3 set's of parents, that even though we may not be as close as we would like...you are in our hearts always! To the friends that have been there for all the ups and downs! To many more years full of LIFE!

*clink clink*