Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WAYYY overdue update!

SO..WOW..where to begin!

First off we have moved into the new house and are VERY happily settled! It is in Midland, VA...and far enough out in the country that we dont have to deal with the daily life mixing bowl traffic. Brad has about a 50 minute commute each way to work in Burke. He says its totally worth it to be where we are! The house is beautiful and we love the yard and porch. I think Brad and I have spent more time talking on that porch since we've been here that its been a blessing of reconnecting again! As far as the kids go:

Sam has begun 2nd grade which he loves so far. His teachers ame is Mrs Taylor and she seems really nice~ I ask him every day if he has made a friend and he always says "mom..it's too early yet"...not sure what that means~ He is growing like a weed and I just cant get over what a little man he is turning into. His favorite thing to do right now is play frisbee, he will be outside for an hour trying to throw it and making up games for himself to play! He loves trying to do karate, and I am thinking about enrolling him in a class. I really think he would enjoy it and it would teach discipline. His favorite food is STILL pizza, but he has moved on to new things like steak..grilled chicken..and has even taken to eating a few veggies. His bedtime is still between 730 and 800...and he has begun the process of negotiating. I say 730 he says 830..i say now he says please..and say now...he says 730 then.

As far as Kayla goes she is also growing like a weed and is the funniest, most exsasperating, sweetest little devil you could ever meet~ She truly is a joy to be around and can melt your heart with one of her looks! :) Her favorite thing to do is be read to or taught...she loves doing worksheets. She just got her first umbrella and now insists it goes where we go...rain or shine. We have also gotten a kitten Missy...and she is now Kaylas new best friend...I thinkits a love/hate relationship! LOL We had Popo and Papa come and visit in August and Kayla REALLY took to Popo....so much so I am STILL convinced to this day that if actually gave her the choice she would have left to go back to Hawaii with them. nice right? lol She is really into tinkerbelle, and is quite the mix between tomboy and princess. SHe is my Tomcess. :) lol

Brad and I are doing great! Hard to believe our 8 year anniversary in coming up! We have been together 11...but it feels like yesterday...and at the same time I cant even REMEMBER what it was like without him! :)

Thats all I have time to post...Ill try to get pictures posted soon...dial up is a PIA!!!