Saturday, December 25, 2010


Ho hO hO... Look who came....!?!? SANTA!~

The kids were up by 6 AM SHARP! And ready to run down the steps. However, having been warned beforehand that we had guests and we would have hot chocolate and wake up a bit before we hit the presents, they were VERY good about waiting. Here they are Christmas morning! My sweeties!~

We did the stockings first...(and as they were too heavy they had to be laid on the fireplace instead of hung! :) lol Bug LOVED his calender...he likes anything that makes him feel "older".. (though I think he fights with that and remaining a kid)... the kid winning out more than not! (thank goodness)..Sam in his Snuggie...

The zumbuddies were the biggest hit....

Then we sent the kids in to wake Nana and was TIME! :)

Here are a few shots of presents being opened

Yay Steeler sheets!~ (good thing they are full size or they would be on MY bed lol)...

Opening pillow pets...(he got a penguin, she got a unicorn)

Hot DOG!~ A kinect!! Thanks Popo and Papa!! JUST what he wanted...

Ooohh what did Pappy get?? Plane ticket?!? Open ended?!? Sweet!

I think his second favorite was the NASCAR race track Uncle Bryan got him! The boys played this for HOURS (and still do)....I don't have a shot of it but it is HUGE (no he isn't opening it here! lol)

Then came daddy's...he was a VERY good boy this year..look what Santa brought him!

After about 3 hours..and 3 GUYS later.....we called Geek Squad. They will be here Thursday to set it up! :) LOL.. He is NOT happy! lol

Another cute shot of Uncle Bryan and his niece!~

Mommy was also good...look what Santa brought her!!! :)

A GREAT shot of Nana and KK....

Pappy FINALLY got his sandwich! lol... (this is for me! It was tooo cute)

In addition to the wonderful presents Uncle Bryan got us NASCAR tickets to Richmond in April!! WOOT WOOT!! Say what? did you read that??



hehehehe!~ (;P)


Until next year ya'all...

GO KENSETH!! I cant wait!~ :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

What a wonderful Christmas Eve it was too! :)

We went to Josh's house to celebrate since Grandma (my mom) and Grandpa came up from N.C. They stayed with us the first half of the week, and then with him until Christmas. Nana (Brad's mom) and Pappy also came over from PA...they joined us for dinner at Josh's and then stayed with us for Christmas. It was sooo much fun and we are so thankful they came! :)

We had a wonderful dinner of Ham AND Turkey (made on the grill!!)...and as usual Trovena went out of her way to make sure we were all fat and happy when we left! :) HUGE thanks Tee! :)

We played our annual chinese fire drill...the prize fought over this year was a 6 pack of Coke bottles....AND of course the thing KK wanted (a huge Hershey Kiss)... she got it and cried if anyone tried to take it. She hasnt quite gotten the hang of the game add a little tired to the mix and it calls for an interesting time! :)

She did end up with it inthe end though so all was well! (thank goodness! lol)

Tomorrow is Christmas....and I'm sure I'll have TONS of pictures to share.,..

for now here are a few I took while Grandma and Grandpa were here along with some from Josh's....

he only people missing were Popo and Papa...but they were DEF there in spirit!! We thought of them the entire time!

We are going to bake a cake for Jesus's birthday (as we do every year)....after all it is the reason for the season...right? KK is so excited and says Jesus has the best birthday ever. She REALLY loves singing to him! :)

Well, I am super excited to see what Santa brought Brad! :) *winks* far my super idea of hiding it right out in the open has is so huge...and he hasn't even seen it!! :P lol not that it says much for his observation skills! lol

anyway, until tomorrow.... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!!

enjoy the pics!~

Grandma and grandkids... (we had Matt overnight)

Grandpa and the Drama Mama..

Nana and the turkey's...

Josh..being....well,.......Josh! :)

Reindeer Food...we sprinkled this on the lawn when we got home...

Chinese Fire Drill....

Favorite Cousins!...

The mean cousins...

Josh and Tee...

My nephew...:P Can you tell he is around Josh quite a bit? :)

My most favorite niece!!...

Best friends.. :P

I loved the way KK is sitting here...

Uncle Bryan and KK...

Grandpa and me... :) love him!

Grandma and KK...(boy does she love her pic taken)

Grandma and Bug...

The tree! So pretty!~

Well, it's off to bed...have to make sure I am fast asleep so Santa can come! :)

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!~

Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa replied!!

Wow, even though he is SOOOO busy this time of year, he still found the time to get back to the kids!

He is certainly up with the technology these days (as I'm sure he HAS to be)...and they each got a personalized video message from Santa HIMSELF!

And so very quickly too!! ...since we just mailed our letters out Monday!~ :)

Gotta love that reindeer mail! :) is KK's video email from Santa:


And Sam's...


I am SUPER excited to see their reactions when they wake up and see it!! I am even tempted to go wake their little butts up! :) lol I will post the video's below as soon as I can.


I'm off to go"peek"in on them! :) :P


Here are their reactions.... (:P)...and no, I didn't wake them up...o.k...maybe just KK...but Bug was already awake!

Anyway the video's are below.. (i think Sam's was toooo funny, I just love his face, even at 8!)

Here is KK as she watches her video....

And Bug's!~ :)

:P Such good memories they will make in 10 years! :)

Well, everyone...have a wonderful holiday! And remember the TRUE meaning behind CHRISTmas.

Love to all!~

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dear Santa..Oh, Christmas Tree..and GREAT NEWS TOO!

We did a bit of decorating, and finally got our tree up.

This year it is a real tree (yay!)
Since a family of little baby mice surprised us in our fake one. (no more storing stuff in the garage in cardboard!) LESSON LEARNED...(and let me save how THRILLED I was, when my DEAR husband decided to suck up, yes SUCK UP...the baby mice in my VACUUM..for another post. Yes, yes I'll do that :)...
Moving on shall we? :P are some great pics and video!~
FIRST OFF....let's start with some..


I have to say how PROUD I am of Samuel! He made the A/B honor roll in his third grade class! Even with all the "issues" with focus he has been having.

Calling his name to recieve his certificate and free happy meal ticket...

And on TOP of make the news even SWEETER (careful you'll get a toothache)..
I get these home from his teacher!~(all within a 2 week period!)


This was the last one! :) GO BUG!!
He is such a great child. Sometimes I think I musta done SOMETHING right! :)

(click on the picture to enlarge)
Here is KK's letter to SANTA (I wrote as fast as I could,this child can talk!!)

And Bug's!....(LOVE this boy~he cracks me up)

KK at Josh's....(she loves her chocolate as much as her momma :)

OH, Christmas Tree....

Drama Mama putting her first ornament up! :)

Bug and his....

The 2 "helpers" under the tree! :) (term used VERY loosely)

She loves her doggy (take a picture, she insisted) :)..

A boy and his best friend...

Me and the pooker...(I am trying to sort through the Christmas boxes)...

My sweetie's...

DROP it Biscuit!.....
I have to post a shot of the FINISHED result soon! :P Yes, we ARE done! :)

Bug had his FIRST EVER cub scout parade! And we were IN it! :P

Bug on the float..

And off we go...

Waving..(like the Drama QUEEN she is) :)

Helllloooo everyone....

I think we were #22 in a line of 41....

A video of them doing the Scout promise in front of the judges...(a funny little side note I'm adding for the vacuum incident dear! :) Ummm, if you will note at the beginning of the video...Brad (who is doing the videoography here)...cant even tell his son from another cub scout (though he figures it out) in blue! :)!

Uncle Josh letting KK karate chop fruit on his Ipad... (at thanksgiving)..

Biscuit in his sweater! :)
Well, folks....thats about it for now. I have to get my butt up and make some dinner (oh yeah..I cant spend all day on here)
LOVE TO ALL....and to all a good night! :)