Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We made it!!......kinda

Yay!!! We finally made it! Well...we actually made it friday afternoon....oh and what a trip it has been! I will spare you all and make it short.

First off...the plane ride.

The 1st leg of the trip (from Hawaii to LA) was alright. We left at 9:40 at the kids slept for the most part. PLUS we were lucky enough to have economy plus seating! For those that dont know what it is..United offers plus seating with 5 inches more of leg room. Doesnt sound like much does it! WELL LET ME TELL YOU IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE!! Especially when you have kids!! Sammy was uncomfortable..but he slept most of the way..and McKayla was just her happy ol' self. Didn't make a PEEP! Well we landed in LA THANK GOD ..ONE flight to go.

The 2nd and last part we flew from LA to Dulles. LONG flight! *sigh* and regular seating. Which means your knees up to your chest. Sammy didn't sleep much on this flight....and was very unhappy since he was soo tired (my poor bug) McKayla....same as the 1st leg. And daddy actually had to hold her a lot since Sammy was being a mommy's boy. We FINALLY land.

THEN THE FUN BEGAN>>>Ohhhhhhhhh boy!

Everything was going great! I got to meet my new niece and nephew (hi to Mason and Alexis) and my brother's fiance and future sister in law (hugs to Trovena). What a GREAT family! Josh seems to be VERY happy...and boy has he changed! He is sooooo family oriented now. I LOVE seeing him like that! (Tee....if you can bottle that and sell it (whatever you did to my brother) you would make millions) Her kids were so AWESOME!!! She raised them SOO well. I hope my kids are even HALF as respectful and good as hers are!

Now comes the fun part...........

I wake up Sat morning about 1 or 2. SICK as a dog. I was throwing up, and I felt SOOOOO bad! Well...thinking it was nothing and would pass, I just kept going back to bed after I threw up. Well about 6 am and 15 trips to the bathroom later.....I can no longer get up.

I seriously could not move. All I could do was shake.

I thought I was going to meet my maker! LOL

No really.....I was ready to call 911...but I didnt want to freak everyone out. So I crawled (just barely I was so bad) to wake Brad up. I told him how I felt. Well....he was still half asleep so he didnt take me any kind of seriously. My brother woke up...saw me...and DID.
He called my mom...who said to go to the ER. I was like "no" I called kaiser (well Josh called kaiser...I could barely move or talk at this point..NO EXAGERATION.) Urgent care said to come right in. So...we went.

The doctor saw me....took one look at me..and said...get an IV in her STAT...wide open open as it will go without popping a vein....this girl is going to need 5 or 6 bags at least....her eyes are sunk way back in her head. She won't be leaving here till at least 2 or 3 this afternoon. Well we had brought McKayla and I REALLY didnt want her in there. There were to many sick people around.

My biggest worry? She wasnt taking a bottle or formula! And I was in NO shape to be able to feed her.

Well to make a long story short....6 bags and a few narcotic shots later...(developed a BAD migraine on top of everything else)...I was feeling pretty slap happy! (wow those drugs are CRAZY!) I finally had to pee at about 4 that afternoon. (the sign they were waiting for) He said I had gotten so dehydrated because I couldnt keep up with the demands of nursing, and my body. I drank and drank on the plane...but it wasnt enough..and the fact that I had been up for almost 48 hours didnt help matters. Then when I started throwing up (possibly from a bug) There was nothing I could do. It was a vicious cycle. Brad came back with McKayla at about 3 that afternoon, and said she wouldnt eat...and hadnt eaten sice like 5 that morning. I was freaking out. So they called the dr....and I got the ok to feed her (he said she would be loopy and tired as well from the drugs, but that it was o.k). My poor baby was STARVING!

Needless to say.....

I was released around 4:30 with instructions to drink, drink, drink...and stay on the BRAT diet for 2 days. How TOTALLY embarrassing to go through all that (and put everyone else through it as well) JUST FOR DEHYDRATION. *hides her head and blushes*


Thursday, March 23, 2006


Today is the BIG day!! Sammy has been waiting for this day FOREVER! He is SOOOO excited to go see his cousin Matthew, and his grandma and grandpa, and Nana! Oh my! We have been running around like chickens with their heads cut off *excuse the expression* We bought a portable DVD player for Sammy on the plane..and then some shoes and pants for Brad. Not to mention all the gifts we are bringing back! *a whole darn suitcase just for that!* We surprised Sammy with a spiderman rolling backback...and filled it with little things from wal-mart ***ex: coloring books, playdough, cars...etc...oh and his leap-pad** He was SOOO excited to see it. but he knows he ca't open it till we get on theplane! Can you believe we dont even fly out till 9:40 tonight??? We already went and checked the car seats, and all we have to do it go through security screen. *sigh* At least the kids will sleep most of the way! It's from LA-dulles I worry about! LOL....well guys..thanks for the well wishes!! I'll keep you updated on our trip!!! take care and God bless!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fare thee well to 'Flat Stanley' is time for us to say goodbye to 'flat Stanley'...his visit here brought much joy to our hearts! *thanks Alaina for letting him visit*

For those of you who havent met is his story...

Stanley was once a little boy who loved to travel....however one sad day, ...something heavy fell on Stanley and flattened him. Well...since he was so loved by the children..and they knew how much he loved to travel, they mail him all over the world to fullfill his dreams. The idea is to show the kids pictures of Stanley doing things while visiting your state/country. And include a short story on his travels!

Here is flat stanley and sammy standing in front of the honolulu zoo entrance:

Cheeeeese Sammy and Stanley!

And with his buddy:

Big thanks to Mr Lifegaurd for helping us out! *shaka bra*

Here we are at the beach on the 1 nice day we had!! LOL
*bad McKayla for ripping stanleys head....don't worry we fixed him..and he is 100% recovered*

This is where you can climb up a "mountain" to see the whole island! (can u see stanley??)

There are better pictures... but lazy, lazy me...I haven't downloaded them yet! I will though, so you can see our fine HPD in action! LOL

So...sadly..his adventures here in Hawaii are over...and he is back off to the 1st grade class in Virginia! *thanks guys for trusting stanley with me!* *hugs Alaina!*

We had soooo much fun with him!

* I think I am STILL blushing from trying to take pictures with this little guy...and the stares I got LOL*

Ah well!!! Thanks Stanley! You take care now! Ya hear!
Happy Birthday to Mom/Grandma!!!!

Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to youuuu,
Happy birthday dearrrrr mommmmmm/graaaaandmaaaa,
Happy Birthday to you!

How old are you again? 29? ar ar

No, wait... I'M 29! LOL.....
no, wait.... I'm supposed to say I'm 18 right...cause there is NO way you would have a daughter THAT old....that would make you...........



No, really....wish I were there to celebrate mom is actually off TDY...she gets back thurs...just in time for us to get there! (well, we dont get there till friday afternoon...time change and all) So we will have to celebrate it a little late!

I tried to post some pictures....but for some reason BLOGGER isn't working..I'm almost afraid to publish since I lost my last "flat stanley" post! grrrrr *long story*

Ah we go...let's give it a whirl'

**gotta go pack....I'm SOOO lazy today...more rain, rain rain!**

Friday, March 17, 2006

Do I rule or what?

Hi! My name is McKayla and I rule all. If I am are happy....If I am sad...guess who else is sad? And if I am miserable...well....everyone better run for cover. I love to eat, eat ,eat you have probably noticed by my double chin, AND the fact that I get up every 2-3 hours to eat. I love rattles right now..or anything that I can get into my mouth. (Thats IF I can find my mouth....I swear it moves around).
My most favorite thing to do is have brother talk to me...or pay me ANY kind of attention. I could sit and be happy watching him play and laugh! It makes me smile all the time. Brother gets a kick out of having me smile at him I save my biggest grins for him. **shhhh don't tell mom, we wouldnt wanna hurt her feelings*
I am almost to big for my swing...since I like to try and sit forward all the time. (I should have the best abs in a few months with all the "crunches" I do) Same with the bouncer and bumbo (what? already??)
My teeth have been bothering me lately, so mom has had to give me a few doses of infants tylenol. mmmmm grape seems to be my favorite! Please keep your hands and shoulders away! I warn you ...I bite! But I dont meant to hurt just feels so good on my gums!
I also love my baths! mommy takes them with me most of the time..and I love to kick off her and "swim" on my back. After my bath though, I get sleepy! So I enjoy a "top off" and wella it's time to play with all my friends in la-la land. Speaking of sleep *yaaaaawwwnnn* I'm due for a feeding.....Where IS my mom....hold on..I'll get her..................

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Beware: Biting puppy! ...I

It's true. I have a baby that thinks she is a puppy!

First thing..

... she whimpers.....


Like a lonely pup

all alone in the world.

The first time I heard her.... I SWEAR I thought it was a puppy.
Now she does this every time that she wants my attention. *it was cute at just laugh and have to shake my head*


She bites..... And then....

LAUGHS at my reaction....*I try So hard NOT to give her a response....but God bless HURTS!

Then.. let me know she is done nursing she starts to gnaw on me...YES I said gnaw! ohhhhhhhhhh the fun of that!

And...did I mention the drooling???? *rolls her eyes* The child is like a freaking St. bernard!...and she flings it everywhere after she sticks her fist in her mouth!

ya know if i WANTED a dog...don't ya think I would have one! LOL
I really WOULD have one..
if I didnt live on the 8th floor and have to take an elevator to walk it 3-4-5 times a day! hehehe **LAZY AWARD OF THE YEAR HERE**


I really do wish I had a dog

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hair do? .....or ....Hair don't!! :)

Well, I posted about the hair cut and "do" I got on sat. I actually like it....though I am still adjusting. It is a DRASTIC change for me. (Those who know me...know I fear the "unknown" LOL) And this is someting I've never had done.

I highlighted my hair with these blondish red streaks......

all over!

DO?? or Don't???

Remember that friends don't fib!

And then we have Sammy's! LOL He cried most of the way through it.

Can't tell by this cheesball shot though! tee hee

Next we have McKayla..and one of her favorite things to do (must take after her brother) lookin' at herself in the mirror. This child is SOOOOO Vain already!

Last but not and jane got a new chair.....they went to this products show...and my dad had to have it. Jane goes to massages all the time so they figured it would be paid off in about...oh 10 years! LOL I can't believe how much they spent...BUT it was money WELL worth it. This thing goes to zero gravity, and does all kinds of different massages. *my fav is the shiatsu* It even does your legs! Here is me...enjoying the hell out of it! have to pry me off after about 12 min! :) lucky lucky jane! :)

Did you see the space control it takes a rocket scientist to figure the darn thing out! heheheheh

Anyway, training went well today....I trained about 64 kindergarteners to become "Earth protection Agents" They were so cute. It is funny how they can take the most insignifigant thing out of your lecture, and run! We were talking about pollution and how we shouldn't do it. And then 1 kids mentions smoking and butts on the ground..and we took off...for about 10 min...talking about how their friends, or fathers, or aunties smoke...and how they throw the butts on the ground. I was teaching them, that it is called non-point source pollution...and those butts go somewhere. They go into a storm drain when it rains, and straight into the ocean. Killing marine life, and harming their enviroment. You wouldnt believe how many kids know someone who smokes! LOL It was fun though! And ......

I GOT LAID!! hehehe

Well, they made me a lei, and one of the kids gave it to me. heheheheh had you going didn't I??

Well gotta feed the kids! And my man! hehehe Bye all!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Can't be's to early!

Well, McKayla had her 4 mos check up today......and guess what the pediatrician said?!?!? She is teething...2 teeth coming in already!!! She went to check her mouth and throat, and McKayla wasn't having she pried it with the popsicle stick, and she exclaimed "Oh you see those bumps?" I lean closer to get a better look. Sure enough...2 swollen bumps on her gums. "She is teething already" She stated matter of factly. I just looked at Dh with a "I told you so" look! After all I NURSE the child! LOL...but everyone kept telling me "yeah right Kristi...she's too young" or "it's too early" but I KNEW it! :) LOL Anyway..she is 14 and a half pounds...and 25 inches long. She is perfect. They checked her all over, and laid her on her belly. said she looked like she was doing what she should be! *whew* So after all come the shots. ....

And out goes mommy!

*blushes* I let Brad do it this time. I stayed out in the waiting room with Sammy..looking at milk trucks and watching airplanes. *so much better than having to hold her* Then out they come, and of course she wants the comfort of nursing. *moooo* Then we all walk back. *well ...Mckayla rides back in her stroller*

Now..Brad is finishing tiling the bathroom floor (it looks GREAT)..and I have to go make spaghetti (easy dinner tonight) some choppin' to do! Tomorrow I have to post some pics of my new hair do.....or maybe a hair don't! Hope I have the time with a training session of 62 kids! *ahhhh* hehehe fun fun !!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Rain, Rain, ....go away!!!!

*sigh* rain, rain, and more rain! At least we had a bit of a reprieve last night, as you can see above. But of course this morning it was back to the oh so wonderful, whats another day, bring it on, flood advisory... RAIN. ha....ha. LOL Anyway...they say this weekend it should clear up! Oh I hope so. We would like to hit the beach. Poor Sammy is having withdrawals! I can't even take him to our pool, since it is outdoors. He just rides his bike up and down the hall, talking about going swimming. Brad made the mistake last night of saying the word "swimming"....(we were discussing our "hopes" for this weekend)...and boy oh boy...he was ready for bed so he could wake up and go. (we always tell him he has to go nite-nite first...normally a nap or bedtime) He insisted on going to bed at 7:20. (hmmmmm.....a nice trick to use in the future? lol) Of course he just laid in there and played. Brad laid with him, and told him stories. He was out by 8:30. McKayla is actually going to bed at a decent hour as well. She was going to bed at around 10:30, now she is ready at about 8. *yay for me* granted she is still up every 2-3 hours to nurse.
Oh yeah, and before i forget...we got Kayla an excersaucer last night. She was fascinated by it. :) Of course Sammy thinks it is both of theirs (which doesnt bother me, as I remember Matthew climbing into Sammy's when he was a wee one) So, here is a pic of us...

And here is also a picture of McKayla going to town on her oatmeal! She is SOOO ready for it at dinner. She only gets a little bit at around 7 pm. After a week or so, I will increase the amount, and try some green beans or carrots. *sigh* She is growing SOOO fast! :)

Well....I better play with bug. We are going to do some arts and crafts today. Hope everyone is well....peace out!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oh Oh Oh Bumbo!

Yay!! Kayla got her bumbo!! We waited, and waited, and waited, and it's here! Of course now...Sammy sits in it more than she does. He has adopted it as his own! LOL The Monster! Here is one of the rare moments when Kayla is actually getting to enjoy her seat. She will sit for about 20 min before she gets tired. Then sammy is more than happy to tell me she is done. LOL... I also posted a couple more that were cute....enjoy!


Hey Kayla...let me make sure that's rated "g"

Turn Sammy turn!!! Oh No!!!

As you can see....Sammy really gets a kick out of Nintendo Game Cube's Mario kart. This kid is AMAZING! I have a hard time beating him, and he is 3 and a half! As for Kayla....looks like I need to watch her....she is already a romantic! LOL
Well today we went to the playground again. It was too wet to play, so we went to McDonalds for breakfast! *yummy* It's been raining off and on all day, so it is one of those days where you just want to sleep..or curl up with a good book. NEITHER of which I can do! LOL Oh well! ....... Well, my TLC's "A Baby Story" is about to start, and I have to switch the laundry! Love to all!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mirror, mirror on the wall......

Hope this year I have a ball!!!! has come and gone! Another birthday celebrated! We had a blast. Brad was such a sweetheart on Sunday! He really helped out with the kids! (and I think realized how much work 2 can be LoL :) ) We went shopping in the morning, and then went out to dinner at a sushi buffet type restraunt (a mini version of Todais) called Hanaki:

Come on! Lets Eat!

So much to choose from!

Sammy's plate first! :)

Yummy, yummy, for my tummy!

We ate, and ate, and ate!! It was sooo good~ Then Sammy spent the night at Popo and Papa's house. And Brad and I watched a movie! We watched "The Man" with Samuel L. Jackson, and Eugene Levy. Which I give 2 thumbs ....down! It was mildly entertaining at best! Ah well, ya can't win 'em all.
Yesterday Brad had the day off, and we decided to go to the playground where Sammy could play and swing! (his new fav thing to do) Not to mention he LOVES playing with Daddy! Then we came back and Brad started renovations on the guest (Sammy's) bathroom. He tore up the floor, and took out the sink and vanity. I can't wait to see it after he is finished! Gotta run and feed Kayla her oatmeal....the chub-o-la is hungry! LOL :)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Mommy.....who, what, when , where, why?????? name is Mommy in...Mommy,WHAT are you doing?...Mommy, WHAT is that?...Mommy, WHAT color is that?..Mommy, WHAT's that noise?....Mommy, WHAT is he/she doing?....etc.etc.etc......Then I become Mommy in.... Mommy, WHERE are you going?....Mommy, WHERE are they going?....Mommy, WHERE is my blue car?.....Mommy, WHERE are you?...and so on! LOL...*tries to cover the spots on her head, where she is pulling her hair out! LOL* I could go on to the who's, and the when's and of course my favorite..WHY! But I'll spare you!
Yes ladies, and gentlemen...Sammy has hit his ???'s stage. *shakes her head*... I love that he is learning and discovering.....but seriously HOW MANY QUESTIONS CAN YOU ASK IN 1 HOUR? Sammy can ask 64. I kid you not! I counted!....oh wait..make that 65....and we still have 12 min to go!...........Is it naptime yet? LOL

What a difference 3 years can make!

*BIG sigh*....I just can't believe how fast the years are going by! The 1st picture was taken in Nov of 2002..and the second one was in Jan of 2005. Sammy has grown like a weed. His cousin Matthew is too cute! They are both soooo excited to see each other! I know they are going to have sooo much fun! We mark an "X" on the calender every Sammy can see we are getting closer to the big "Airplane day". 19 days to goooo........

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

22 days and counting.....

till we leave for Virginia! *wooot wooot* It will be a busy trip since we are going not only to Virginia, but to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and New York. We have to go to PA to get all of our things out of storage (and see Nana, grandpa Tony, Uncle Bryan, and Auntie Carla) take them (our stuff) to NC in a UHAUL, drop them off at my parents 2nd house to store, visit there for a few days. Then Brad comes back to Hawaii, while I travel on to New York (on the 11th) to see MY Nana, and Papa, and bunches of family! I am sooo looking forward to meeting my cousins daughter "Ava"...she turned 1 the month McKayla was born. She is also the one expecting her 3rd. (kaleb is about 6 now..maybe 7) I am also looking forward to introducing my daughter to everyone up there. From there..I fly back on the 18th with the kids..and Popo and Papa (who are also visiting NY) There are so many people I cant wait to see! I hope Amy (in Pa) is available to have a few paydates with while we are there. Sammy and Braden used to have one every day when we lived there. And also Amy in Sammy and Josh can play...since they are 6 weeks apart, and used to be baby buddies in the church nursery. I am ALSO looking foward to meeting my brothers new fiance "Tee" and my new niece and nephew...Mason, and Lexi. Sammy will be so thrilled to have so many kids to play with! mom and I are going to have a "girls day" for our birthdays! Hers is on the 22nd, and mine is on the we will wait and celebrate them together! (I tried to tell her I wasn't celebrating it this year.....but no one will Papa and Popo both asked me this morning what i wanted to do. i can't believe I will be so old! LOL...This sunday is approaching fast! One of the coolest things that on dad is going to show me video's he has of my brother and I when we were wee ones growing up here. (We lived in Hawaii until I was 12) he has TONS of video....and we were SUCH cheesballs! (granted it IS in beta)...*oh you an idea of just HOW old I am!* LMBO~ *shakes her head* Ah well....I am thankful for another year that the Lord has let me be here! So I can see my 2 beautiful kids grow up! So everyday I am here.....I am SOOOOOOOOO blessed....

Birthdays???? Hell, bring em' on! LOL Take care all! and God bless!