Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sammy's New Game

Ohhhh's some game alright.

It's called "Where did Kayla's toys go?"
It consists of McKayla sitting on the floor and playing or talking to her toys....
and me leaving the room to do....well anything....

Well in the 5.2 seconds I am gone..
Sammy will manage to pull away ALL her toys and place them carefully out of her reach (usually on the couch or under her playpen) thus gaining his goal and sucessfully frustrating his sister. Then in a "I told you not to mess with me" attitude and tone he says sternly " No toys kay kay....Sammy said no...thats kaka"

Then he will precede to play with the one she happened to be enjoying at the time just out of her reach!

Next comes the wail.

*shakes her head* How have I figured this bug's game out?


I have hidden many a times now to see what he would do if I left the room..and this new (and seemingly favorite) game has been on going for about a week now. *sigh*
And ya wanna know the best news of all?

Everyone keeps sayin...

it only gets worse.

ha .... ha ..... ha

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Daddy's Day's a comin'....

Yupper, it is. This Sunday! Already! :) I ordered Brad a shirt that said "Daddy's pit crew" and it has my name, Mckayla's, and Sammy's along with smiley faces. :) It really is cute. I am also getting Brad and my dad a deep sea fishing trip that they can take together! *they have both mentioned wanting to go many times before*
I still haven't thought of where to go for dinner yet! Brad wants to go to Todias...which is a yummy japanese type buffet....but we'll see. I would LOVE to go, but with 2 kids...I don't get to eat much! :) LOL

My step dad Cody is all the way in VA. I am lucky...I have 2 dads. And Cody is as much my father as my real dad is. We have all been a family since I was 12. (am I really THAT old *sigh*) Wish i could spend it with him as well. We sent a card from the kids...and then one from us.

I got my brother the funniest card EVER! It said...

Brother, Who would have ever thought you were going to have kids and be a dad!

then you open it and it says...

Hell, I still can't believe you found someone to have sex with you!

I laughed so hard I almost peed! :) I hope he gets a tickle out of it like I did! Anyway...not much going on this week. Brad is off working...and we are preparing for Sammy's school! (*clothes, supplies etc..)

I'll try to hop on soon with some pic's we took the other day.


Monday, June 05, 2006


Well....we had quite the weekend!! First and jane's room got flooded so they got to stay at a hotel for the weekend. Which one did they choose??

The hilton hawaiian!

All I can say is......*sigh*

We pretended to be tourists and really lived it up! We went out to Benihana's Japanese Steak house for dinner, and took a few family pictures! Enjoy!

First off we have Sammy.....and then Daddy and mckayla..

lol at the pool.....what is Sammy doing? He kept saying "All aboard"

2 of McKayla!! What a ham indeed!

the princess and the bug!~~~ :)

What a weekend indeed!

Da Family Pic's :) I love my family! How blessed am I?

There are of course a ton more....but these were a few of my fav's! Hope your weekend was as eventful as mine! :) :) :)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Blah.... blah .....blah!

Here is McKayla....on our way to Popo's work to pick her up (she works right across the street) She saw this flower and was so fascinated by it. My dad (thankfully) brought the camera and snapped this shot of her. I have to go print it out. I think it is my new favorite~~

This one has a story behind it. You see...pretty often at about 4:30 we walk over to Jane's (popo's) work. They have a HUGE salt water ....pond I guess you would call it. The concert hall crazily enough FLOATS on this pond. (I will have to get a picture so you understand) ANYWAY..
We started bringing bread over for the fish there (so Sammy can feed them) Well this bird (featured above) has discovered that he/she can have quite the buffet when we show up...and has now decided to wait for us everyday at that time! I can't watch it eat (breaks my heart for the fish...ol' sap that I am) but I am DARN good at my aim to get the fish close to it. :) Anway.....

Gotta time is up. Kids are awake. The day starts.

until next time!~