Thursday, March 26, 2009


A friend of mine (the one Bug has a crush on) came over last night to let the kids play with the newest addition to her family....HANK the TANK.

And Kayla's turn...

Then it was time for bed, and I had to get this on normally lasts about 2 minutes longer with the Sam naming everyone in the world he can think of, and Kayla giggling. Here is the "short" version. Nana and Tony and Katie and Alek weren't mentioned this time (since I cut it short), but are included EVERY night as well.

LOVE to all!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


McKayla is now 100% potty trained. She is in her big girl panties at night, and I am SOOO proud of her! Granted she could have been trained sooner had mommy not offered water at bedtime every night.

Lesson learned! :)

I am SOOO proud of her.

But Sam asked me the other day when the baby was coming out of my belly.

Does he know something I don't? LOL...He has asked for a little brother about 15 times now. Only because his cousin just welcomed one and he wants EVERYTHING his cousin has.
Guess what Sam?
Not this time buddy....
at least not yet! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The BEST weekend EVER!

I had such a wonderful weekend thanks to a surprise visit from my husband. (he is normally NOT one for surprises so it made it that much more special!!) :)

I was walking through a store in town with the kids when I looked up to see this cute guy ducking behind some ladies cart.

I thought to myself as I caught his eye for a fraction of a second "Man that guys is cute...he looks like Brad" ...and then I had like a mini flashback in my head of his face and I did a double take....Well he pops up and says "surprise honey!"...

Sam is like "Dad?"..."what are you doing here?"...and McKayla is standing on the end of the cart, and she looks over at Brad and starts talking to him, as she is normally VERY friendly with everyone and considers herself somewhat of a celebrity that must greet and wave to everyone that passes by....until she realizes it was Daddy, and then she starts excitedly grabbing stuff OUT if the cart to show him...talking 55 miles an hour....she got so excited...she really DIDN'T know what to do with herself. It was the cutest thing!! Brad just ate it up. I can't even begin to tell you how hard it has been for him to be away from the kids. Away from his family. It's hard on me handling the kids myself 24/7....but I would take that ANY day over NOT seeing them.


THAT started my weekend off with the BIGGEST smile! :)

And it just got better. On Sat, Bug had his second soccer game (brrrr!!!) and Daddy FINALLY got to see one (he had come down a few weeks ago on what was supposed to be his first game but was rained out)..

Here is a video of my soccer playing son! I am SOOOO proud!~(it was so cold he kept his jacket on in the begininning)

And his 2nd game (after the practice)....1st kick in ever! :)...Go Bug!..

After the game we spent the afternoon outside "playing"...

And then after a GREAT dinner at Pik-n-Pig...Brad and I settled in to FINALLY watch Fireproof.

I HIGHLY recommend not only watching the movie...but also taking the dare presented in a book you can get. Both Brad and I are doing this. I had gotten a copy of the book at church last week, but really didnt think Brad would get involved (aside from watching the movie). Well....they were out of them this Sunday and Brad was kinda I gave him mine.

Now I have to find another copy. LOL....

Sunday we went to church and continues the "fireproof your marriage" series. It is so awesome to have a church that truly cares about the WELL being of its member. Have I told you lately how much i LOVE this church!?!? HERE are some sermons if you want to get a taste of what I am talking about and WHY I love it so much. This past Sunday's isnt on yet (but it was AWESOME!)...I DARE you to download one and listen. (:P) Anyway...after the service I had nursery so Brad took the kids home while I stayed and played in the toddler room~ :P LOVE it!...

Then sadly Brad had to head back around 4. It was a lot harder this time for him to least for me. I normally handle it pretty well...but this time it wsa hard to keep it together for the kids. They took it hard as well.

I have to remind myself that we will be together soon. It is looking like we are moving to VA in June sometime. And we are luckier than most at this time as Brad got a great job running a cabinet shop. I pray for those that continue to deal with the harshness of the economy. And for those that have a job to REMEMBER and GIVE to those in need.

My love to all~ God bless!!

P.S. Hugs to my cousin Kate...this past St. Patty's Day was REALLY hard on her..since it was the day she had met her husband. Please check in on her and offer words of support if you have the time! She would appreicate more than you could imagine!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fireproof.... we started this series at church a few weeks ago...and I have to say how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

I haven't seen the movie, since I am waiting for Brad and I to be in the same room/state so we can enjoy and relate to it together. But I HAVE seen clips of it here and there at church and I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to see it and start the 40 day "project me/us". I love that my church is also involved.

It isn't that I think my marriage is in trouble, and we need help...but I feel marriage IS a work in progress, and if there are things I can do, both for myself and my spouse, to IMPROVE and grow...then I am ALL for it.

I am about to begin the book, but have been waiting to read it until after I saw the movie (which, by the way, can be found at any Redbox, Netflix, or movie store)...
I'm just not so sure I can wait! :)

The book can be found at Amazon.

I will surely be writing more on this in the future. And if there is anyone who has read or seen the movie...or if you are interested in doing it as well, let me know....I would love to have someone (besides my hubby) to discuss it with!

Love to all!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bug's FIRST soccer game!!

Go Sam!

THIS one reminds me of my brother...who used to pick daisies while defending the goal! :).......

So proud!

He did so awesome!! I was surprised at how aggresive he was at chasing the ball! :) And I think I was the ONLY mom out there yelling! :0... *blushes*...I REALLY couldnt help it. I was proud! :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Oh, the memories we make.....

The first video is of Brad hiding under the covers to surprise the kids...he drove all the way down to see Sam's first soccer game (which was cancelled due to RAIN!)....But their reaction is priceless!....

Kayla, of course, was attached to him like GLUE!

And then last night, I wasn't feeling to swell, so Grandma and Grandpa offered to read the kids their bedtime story.... *sigh*
I just LOVE these video's and pictures! They truly ARE priceless!!!

It started off with Kayla "reading" to Grandma, and then Grandma to her...


And then of course Sam wanted to be involved, but instead chose to READ it TO Grandma...I truly lOVE this video on so many levels! :)

Not to be left out.....McKayla insisted on getting Grandpa involved...

She LOVES her grandpa!....

THANKS for the memories!

PRICELESS I tell ya....just priceless! :)