Monday, September 26, 2005


A few pregnant shots! *yikes*

Here are a few pictures of my big ol' belly!!!

I am HUGE (or so it feels) with McKayla and she sits SOOOOO low!

BUT I still had to gross everyone out and make my way to the pool a couple times a week! ha ha! 6 weeks and 6 days to go until I get to meet my daughter face to face! I keep worrying about things going wrong, and I find I have to constantly remind myself that it is in the Lords hands. i will deal with whatever comes my way! I am so excited and so nervous at the same time! Had my doctor appt last friday, and unfortunetly Dr Miura had a case of food poisoning, and i had to see someone else. The good news is that it was the same doctor I saw when i had the viral menigitis (3 weeks ago)...She was GREAT!! I like the both of them so much! She said that McKayla was weighing in at 3 pounds, and that I was measuring perfect for my weeks, and size! *whew what a relief* Everyone keeps telling me how small i am and it gets me worried! LOL....All in all she said everything looked great and I was to come back in 2 weeks!

Man we are getting close!....

Popo threw me a surprise baby shower ( I was SHOCKED!!) We were supposed to be going to California Pizza Kitchen to eat lunch, and I went to get them to go, and walked into to a HUGE surprise!!..

Sammy's birthday is coming up here NEXT week!! i cant believe my "baby" will be 3!!! We are going to Chuck E Cheese's (per his request)...just me, dad, popo, and papa...since it falls on a wed. Then on Sat we are going to try to have a small pool party at the downstairs pool. Should be a blast! havent got his gift yet.....*sigh* so much to do! :)
Well....gotta run and take bug outta his high chair..he helped mommy make his first batch of chochlate pudding, and now he is enjoying eating it with his cute I tell ya! Love to all!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Well! Boy did I cut that short yesterday!! We had such a busy day.......where oh where do I begin? LOL
Wow..*sigh* WHAT a day!....Poor Dh calls me from work (around 11) and tells me he is on his way to the ER, but he is in to much pain to talk and tell me why. *startes freaking out at this point* You see in the 8 years I have know my DH he has NEVER gone to the dr!!...and he has had metal beams falls and slice open his back.....SO....when he said that and then couldn't tell me why....imagine! make a really long story short...I left Sammy with my father (on his birthday forcing him to cancel lunch plans he had with a friend)...and rushed to the hospital....what should have been a 20 min ride...turned into an hour and a half (got lost?!?!?WTF!?!?!)*the whole time I am freaking here*....FINALLY get there, and run into the ER to be told he is in XRay, and I hav to wait 1/2 hour. (HELLO, thats like eternity when you have no clue what is going on)...o.k to make the story MUCH shorter (minus all the ER drama) After numerous Cat scans and XRays, they said he had a kidney stone.....A KIDNEY STONE.. Say what?? Clean out my ears!?!? A @!$%#^&$ stone! .......O.k O.k O.k...the doctor DID say it was ALMOST (not quite) comparable to giving birth....and DH did look as miserable as I have ever seen him.....but come on! *sigh* So after 5 hrs there, we head home where I have to make arrangments to go back, get the other car, and take care of him and bug. ........Im gettin a massage this weekend darn it! LOL.....Needless to say, instead of going out for a nice dinner for my dad's bday, Brad stayed home in bed, and Jane, Dad, Sammy and I walked down to TGIFridays, and had a quick dinner there. Brad is doing MUCH better today! (Thank goodness) He is back at work, but we are unsure if he will make it through the day with all the pain he is feeling! Sammy's bday is coming up, which is another monkey on my back..*sigh* My boy is growing up SOOO fast! Well better run to my appt on the the other side of the island! (drive is more like it) LOL Peace out!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Well, it's Sept 20, 2005...Papa's birthday...and we are sitting in Hawaii, Brad is hard at work in kailua, and I am home with Samuel. Mckayla is still baking in the oven with 8 weeks or less to go.....sheis quite the mover. i swear I never felt someone kick so much, and roll. Even the tech at the sonogram said she had never seen a baby so quick and active. sammyis doing great. Trying to get him into preschool....just a matter of an opening! We want to get him in and adjusted before the baby comes , so he has a chance to get away for a bit.....we also want him to make some friends. He is very active and he loves to play with other kids! His talking is getting better, though he still has his own language. Especially when he gets excited! I sure feel blessed to have such a great family...and that extends to my family on the mainland as well. I sure miss them. I can't believe how blessed I am to be pregnant, and have such a wonderful son!! Anyway...hormones are starting to kick in and make me teary eyed, so I better stop before I cry all over the keyboard....besides I am hungry for some Corn pops and a yougurt! LOL!! Till next time TTFN!