Wednesday, September 19, 2007

One Proud Mom


thats me.

Well, let me explain.

We were at the playground over the weekend and I was playing around with them when all of a sudden I heard Bug saying this...


I mean I knew he was learning stuff at school....but I had NO idea how fast he would pick stuff up.

He can also sing some of the songs that we used to sing "Oh beautiful"....and such.



I am so darn PROUD of him. :)

Maybe our next president? ha ha never know!~

Now Onto drama Mama.

She was cracking me up the other day with this q-tip she found. (thank goodness it wasnt a crayon! LOL) Of course she stopped as I got the camera rolling (the bugger) but here is the video anyway...

And then lastly....

We got a dock put in over the weekend (since we have talked about getting a pontoon boat) and my husband has already broken it in.

*without much luck I might add* ar ar


Sammy is VERY excited to go swimming, and has been BEGGING us for a water trampoline, (it seems most of the families around here have one) I told him he should go and make friends! LOL

In other news:

I have been planning Bugs birthday party. We have decided to have in up in Virginia ( I would say "down in Virginia" cause thats the way I say it...but I KNOW I would hear about it. LOL) since all his cousins and friends from church are there.

My brother was kind enough to let me have it at his house where he has a HUGE fenced in backyard with a we are going to turn the sprinklers on as well! :)

It should be a blast!!!

I sent out the "Lightning McQueen" invites yesterday.

I still can't believe my "baby" is going to be 5.


Its been such a WONDERFUL 5 years with him. I couldnt even BEGIN to tell you!

He is SOOOO excited to be 5...and he keeps reminding me..."then after 5...I'm gonna be 6 right mommy?..then I can watch spongebob like Matthew right mom?"

Yeah right.

Keep dreaming son!

Oh and one more bit of news:

My VERY VERY good friend (She was my roomie in high school, and she was my matron of honor at my wedding) has had her TWINS!!!!


She had 2 ADORABLE healthy boys!!


And congrats to their brothers and sister....Taelen, Zhaylen, Setta, and Mehdi!

I am looking forward to going to visit, and helping her out! :) I just LOVE babies! :)

She is SOOO blessed...and what a GREAT mom!


Monday, September 10, 2007

Misc RANDOM thoughts

....and other stuff....



.....and we begin....

first I have to say a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY (now belated, due to this taking me 3 days to post lol) to my honey!
We can add another year to the wonderful ones the Lord has blessed him with! :)


I was SOOOO glad to have my aunt visit!!!

She is so much fun....and she shares EVERYTHING!!.... just ask her....(inside joke)

Here is a shot of my mother and aunt..Aren't the goooor-geous!?!

Next Brad CAME HOME this past Thurs!!!

Can I get a wooooot wooooot.?!?!

ar ar'

Here are the kids waiting patiently for him... (note the drama mama pouring rocks on bugs

Misc shot....bug after a good day at school, thus the red "hug me" sticker in his hands... (he brings these home on a daily basis when he has a good day at school and listens)

Here'a a video of us getting ready to go outside for some yard work...

Dirt? what dirt? I dont see any dirt? :p

"shhhhh....I'm sleeping" ( i fell asleep on the floor after helping mommy pull weeds)


Drama Mama and daddy snuggle-bugging! :) Love this pic!~ other news.. Bug has had a hard time figuring out what he wants to be this year for halloween.

We have gone from him wanting to be superman (again)..

to a lightning mcqueen.....

to his newest one....

Peter Pan. ( ?!? he even asked to get the movie ?!?)

Well, we were out shopping the other day and..

*insert harps playing and angels singing*

It suddenly became clear....

*rolls her eyes*

and he couldnt leave the store without it.

Ladies and gentlemen...may I introduce...

SPIDERMAN....aka... bug


I didn't think so. ;)

Now he is VERY excited for trick-or-treating to start.

We also were under attack!

HOLY was brutal.

I managed to catch some of it on video.

Just a warning though.....viewer discretion is advised.

:p :p :p :p :p

One last random thing...

Here is a video of idol? Eat your heart out Kelly Clarkson!! LOL


Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Need I say more?