Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Funny little story

You know how Sammy has his "black/green/blue/purple" eye?

Well last night after his bubble bath, Brad was drying him off and accidently bonked his eye again


Sammy was SOOOOOO upset...

screaming and crying...

Brad felt terrible....I thought he was going to cry too ( I thought I saw a tear but he quickly turned away)....*rolls her eyes*


Sammy is wrapped up, butt naked in a towel (having just come out of his bath), and I am hugging him, telling him "it will be o.k".....

he slides down off my lap, and walks over to our window....(the curtains are drawn back)...

I hear this little laugh, and he turns around..

picture this..


in his birthday suit

tears STILL streaming down his face

turns to face me and says "Look mom...a star....that star makes me SO happy ....see?"

(we have a big building across town that puts a HUGE star on top of their building and it lights up at night....he has ALWAYS liked that star)

So there he is.....grinning like a monkey, black eye and all......naked as the day he was born...tears running down his cheeks...with this HUGE smile

"See mom....

that star made it all better. What a beautiful star huh mommy?"


If only everything were that easy to fix! :)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

"The Shiner"

I guess I really don't have to say anything more.....

1st day after it happened.... (Friday)

2nd day...... (Saturday)

3rd day......(Sunday)

4th day........(Monday)

5th day......(Tuesday)...and his "enough with the pictures " look

what's a mom to do?

Here's a little peek at what you mom's of boys have to look forward to.

all I can do is laugh....

or I'll cry! ha .. ha

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, our thanksgiving was a busy one! We decided to head over to Magic Island to let bug bike around and just enjoy the beautiful weather! It was around 81'.

Here is Daddy and Sammy watching the boats come in and out of the harbor...(diamond head is in the background)...

"Come on mom......let's get going already!"...

"I'm Off!"......

Here we are enjoying a walk......me and my daughter....


"Mom, aren't you going to help me up?".....

"Will someone get me a napkin.......what IS this?....Mooooooom"

Power walk anyone?....

Man that is some BRIGHT sun!~~

Too bad it's turkey day....crab anyone?? Just kidding.....my brother and I used to try and catch these for fun growing up! Seeing them brings back SO many memories!! There were a ton out this morning!


a quick basting before we pop it back in...

You can see what my *drips with sarcasm* DEAR DEAR husband did while we cooked...

O.K to be fair...he did help carve the turkey when it was FINALLY done!~

McKayla's 1st Thanksgiving feast.....she isn't too impressed at first but then GOES TO TOWN on the mashed potatoes and green bean casserole (she's sleeping with daddy tonight lol)...

Sammy can NOT wait to start eating....

Us again.....time to play!!....

Her new favorite thing to do is sit in this chair and have her brother spin her (while we are watching of course lol).....just watching her makes me sick...hehe


I hate being dirty...

Thats our thanksgiving in a nutshell....of course it couldnt end without a BANG....

Sammy tripped and gave himself a SHINER right after dinner.


Pictures are coming.

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


1. .My ex is still..in my thoughts occasionally

2. I am listening to...Barney and Baby Bop singing

3. Maybe I should...think about what we are having for dinner!

4. I love... being a mom

5. My bestfriend(s)...is my husband and my mom

6. I dont understand...why I am SOOO hungry

7. I lost my respect for...a friend of my husbands (long story)

9. The meaning of my screen name is...my email (chose back in 94)

10. Love is...helping even when you can't

11. Somewhere, someone is...praying hard

12. I will always...love my children

13. Forever seems...like its creeping up on me

14. I never ever want to lose...my kids

15. My mobile phone is...sitting right in front of me

16. When I wake up in the morning...I try to sneak in some "me" time

17. I get annoyed at...people who are ALWAYS around

18. Parties are...in the old days.... lol...*sigh*

19. My pet(s)...ummm..does a friendly gecko count?

20. Kisses are...for stolen moments and remebering all over again!

21. Today I...am watching Kai, and McKayla

22. I really want...my own home

23. I don't care...that I never wear makeup

24. I hate...being so far from family

25. My life...is better than I expected it to be

Thanks to my BBC friend's who posted it!~~

Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!!! eeeek!

My turkey is in the fridge thawing as I type! :)

I LOVE this day of thanks and reminders of just HOW BLESSED we are!~~

My love to all!

and save me some pumpkin pie!

Friday, November 17, 2006

McKayla's 1 year STATS:

Weight: 21.5 Lbs
Height: 30 inches
HC: 18"

Shots recieved: MMR, Chicken Pox, and Flu

Doctor said (and I quote) " She is PERFECT....just keep doing whatever it is your doing"


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Guess who I ran into today??...


Frankly I am surprised I haven't seen him before now. Actually I take that back....I DID see him one time in Waikiki (about 4 years ago) while he was filming a show BEFORE he was known...so all we saw was this crazy dude with camera's following him! LOL

We live close to the Police Dept where he drops his guys off...so I would think I would see him A LOT more...

Ah well.. anyway......I was on my way to the bank, and there he was.....(No, I didn't take that picture....I was too excited to even THINK about grabbing my camera..AND I was driving)

Anyway I slowed down, rolled down the window and shouted "what up dog?"


Cheesy I know...but hey, I was caught up in the moment! :)

He looked over and gave me the shaka sign!

Of course everyone was yelling "DOG!"

His wife was in their SUV (man that woman has SOME boobs!) and he was looking HOT!

I know, I know he is old enough to be my father....but the guy is sweet! and his smile! ......:) hehehe

So...there was my total excitement for the week! :) Of course when I called Brad to tell him, he didnt care...

after all he see's Matthew Fox from "Lost" almost everyday jogging or riding his bike in the neighborhood he works in.

Steal my thunder...

the bugger. :)


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday...

my SWEET, BEAUTIFUL daughter~

I love you SO much, and thank you for being part of my life!


Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you....Happy birthday to McKayla....Happy birthday to you!

Our cheeseball family! :) And I love it!~

You needed a little help from Sammy to blow out your candle....we sure didnt have to ask twice! ~:)~

You needed to test it out 1st.....just to make sure it was o.k for everyone else to eat.....

Oh yeah....... it's ALLLLLLL gooooooood!~

On your birthday we decided to take you and your brother to a waterpark called "Hawaiian Water Adventures"

You both had SO much fun.....we are buying passes. Here are a "few" of the 100's of pictures we took!~~

Here is Sammy and Kayla before we left that morning.

Kayla enjoying the water!

My NEW favorite picture...

Kayla....that's not to drink....it's to play in.

"Oh yeah...thanks mom..I forget sometimes"

"Found a leaf"

My 1st slide ride! By myself......


"That was fun mom.....let's do it again!"

"time for a quick snack...poofies (as mom calls them)... Notice my onsie? THANKS Auntie Amber for sending that to me!"

"whew....all that fun has worn me out....time for a quick snooze...."

Passed off to Papa....so Popo and Mommy can go play!

"Hey mom....look at me!"

Getting ready to go!

"Ya-Hooooooooooooo...here comes Sammy..."

Followed by Daddy..

Another slide.....notice how they start out?

And then end up? LOL

The it's the 3 of us....notice how high that slide is? Sammy is FEARLESS....

"Holy Moly Macaroni.....what fun!"

"Let's go again!"

Again....again....if you notice, Sammy is wearing a braclet on his wrist. He had to pass a swim test in order to go on the big slides. The lifegaurds were so surprised he did it, and people were so shocked to see him go on them, we must have heard 1000 times..."look at that little boy mom..."

One of the funnest rides there....we must have went on this about 100 times.

Lunch time!

Had to post this one...took it the night of her birthday.....notice the color of her hair?? Where did she get that from? Uncle Bryan?