Thursday, September 30, 2010

KK had her 1st sleepover!!!

Last night we had Leah, a 3 year old I watch, come over and stay the night. KK was so excited that the entire day all I heard was "When is Leah coming mom" and "is she here yet?".

Well she finally arrrived at 5 and boy were they BOTH so excited!!

We had Happy Meals for dinner, and then popped some popcorn and had movie night. We had gotten a RedBox.."Dora's Birthday Party"... the girls LOVED it.

They went to bed at 8...but didnt fall asleep until 10, the little buggers! :)
We pulled the mattress's off the beds and put them on the floor since Leah was used to bed rails and we had left them behind in NC.

The girls loved that though and they felt like they were camping! :)

They stayed up giggling and singing to each other. Till they passed out! :)
Then were up and at it at 6. We painted, played with playdoh, colored, dressed up, read and sang...ALL before 10 am. *yawn* lol

Now they are fast asleep (and have been for 2 hrs now) after a good early lunch. :)

Weston (the 3 month old I have watched since he was 3 weeks old) is here as well today. He is generally a good baby...but somewhat high maintence. As all newbies are. I have to tell you though.....he is SUCH a cutie and when he smiles you forget that he can scream for 15 minutes straight when he has a bad gas bubble! lol I love this little guy though.

Anyway...Sams birthday is coming up!!

Can you believe my boy will be 8!!! WTHang!?!

Well, I hear the 1st signs of life stirring from the long I'm off! :) Love to all!~

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sam got his own room last night!!


I really can't believe how big he is getting. He was So excited to have his own space. I guess it's about time since he will be 8 years old in 8 days! *sigh*

Has anyone invented a "slow down" serum yet? Cause this boy needs to SLOW DOWN!~

Kk on the other hand is NOT happy about this change. She went from crying and saying she couldnt sleep with a (and i quote) "rude brudder"..cause he "snores" and keeps her because she "needs and LOVES her brudder soooooo much" (complete with tears and matching 'woe is me" face"......:)


I am so no ready for this.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Sam has started cub scouts and LOVES it!!~ So far we have been bowling and hiking and he has been to 2 pack meetings.

He is REALLY looking forward to getting more involved~ Brad wants to know why there is a WOMAN leading a BOYS thing.

Dont worry his shin hurt for 2 days after that comment! :)


Anyway...I cant wait to see where this goes, and he has decided to take a break from karate.