Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quiet please....Mini- me in progress

I have....or am in the process of creating a version of me.

*rolls her eyes*

a mini- me.

I have noticed lately all these little things that Bug does or says.....that I do.

He came up to me the other day while I was singing a song at the top of my lungs, and cleaning up the kitchen from our lunch.

I knew he had been talking to me while I was working....but if you have a 4 year old (or are around one).....then you know that they speak a mile and minute and have a VERY hard time keeping quiet.

So after the zillionth question you tend to tune them out and learn their "tones" to know weather it warrants your undivided attention.... or not (as in most cases lol)

Anyway I guess he has caught on to the fact that mommy isn't quite paying him the attention he is expecting as he asks......

yet another question.

So in he marches in to the kitchen with his hands on his hips....

And says in this no-nonsense tone (imitating my tone when I get frustrated)

"mommy....when I listen....understand?"

My singing stops and I stare in horror......


please no.

flashback to the day before when I am trying to explain to him why he can't scold his sister...and he is so busy watching her and making sure she isn't touching any of his cars...hopping from one foot to the other..trying to talk over me at his sister. I use that line all the time.

"mommy are you listening to me? When I am listen. Do you need to clean out your ears?"

quick side note: If you know me, or have been around my already know that this is a line I am famous for if the kids are having a hard time following direction.....funny thing is...I've never had to do it. But it seems to get his attention whenever I say hey! When I do clean out his ears I normally call it "tickling" he hasnt associated the 2 yet! o.k back to story..

"what Bug? I'm sorry...mommy couldn't hear you cause I was singing"

"I saaaaiiiidddd.......stop singing so I can talk."

I try very hard not to roll my eyes at this point since I have noticed he too is picking up this habit.

"o.k bug...I stopped...what do you want?" ( I suddenly realize we are both standing in the exact same postion with our feet apart and hands at our hips a scowl between our brows)

"Come here I said......when I say come here your supposed to come remember?"

flashback to that morning when I said the exact same thing after calling him 15 times to come to breakfast.

Oh no.

*shakes her head*

"honey I didnt hear you...I'm sorry. I'm listening now....what were you saying"

"I saaaiiidd...banana's aren't for boys...they are bad for my teeth right? Only girls like banana's"

And this begins another interesting conversation that Bug has started because he doesn't want to eat his banana and knows he has to.

So you see ladies and gentlemen...

we need absolute silence

the project is about complete.


Friday, May 18, 2007


I think mentioned before how Brad had tried surfing a couple weekends ago.

We were lucky enough some friends we went with brought their digital camera.

Here are the pic's they emailed me!

Here comes a wave...get on the board babe!

Alright! Now.....Paddle baby paddle!!!

He's doing it.....HOLY MOLY!

Woot woot!~

W-w-w-w-w-WIPEOUT! (see Neil in the background with his arm up.....he was teaching Brad)

And then me.....watching from the sidelines and PRAYING my dear husband doesn't break his little neck.

Even Sammy gave it a shot.....he didn't want to leave!!

UPDATE ON BRAD'S HEALTH: He went in for his Physical on Thurs, and they said his glucose numbers were higher than they would like, and they mentioned some other test that Brad has "forgotten" already (of course I couldnt GO and ask all the questions I had remembered to ask since I had to stay home with the kids) Grrrrr. Anyway...he has to fast on Sunday through Monday morn and take a few more blood tests. They didn't seem OVERLY concerned so I am taking that as good news. Of course I am going by 3rd hand info through husband.

Monday, May 14, 2007

18 Month Well Baby Check

McKayla had her 18 month appt today.

Funny how she recognizes the dr.'s office..

and associates it with pain!


no, actually it WASN'T funny at all.

She has developed a HORRIBLE aversion (sp?) to strangers.

And God forbid you LOOK at her wrong or even...


say "hi"

O.k .....maybe it's time for one last FINAL nickname change......

I hear-by dub/name thee....

ms. drama queen


like you didn't see THAT one coming!


Here are her "official"stats:

Weight: 23 Lbs 4 oz

Height: 32.5 inches (2' 8.5")

Head Cir: 18.82"

So that puts her in the (not that it matters) .....

95% for weight
95% for height
95% for HC

Oh and she got the dreaded shots. The DTaP, Pneumococcal (say that 3 times fasy....hell..just try pronouncing it) and the hepatitis A.

She screamed the WHOLE time.

I, of course was OUTSIDE the room....

But even BEFORE it was time for shots she was screaming.

The nurse said she had EXCELLENT lung capacity (she held her breath in between cries)

I could have told her that! LOL

SO, we are home

I am beat from the mental aspect.

McKayla vows never to forgive me the "stink eye" every opportunity she can....while clinging to my neck as tight as possible. (manage that!)

She has 3 band-aids to cover her "battle" scars. Of course those were pulled off within 5 min.

And she is a cranky little girl.

Today is going to be SOOOO much fun.

*rolls her eyes*

At least she is as healthy as a horse!~ (is that how the saying goes?)


Oh yeah and

P.S Mothers Day was WONDERFUL!!! I love a day off.....even if I have twice as much to do the next day! Thanks hun!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

You wanna rumble?

"Let's go and you...let's do this!"

"hold on.....gotta move this hair...."

" thats all right...I can show how tough I am...I got you even WITH this hair in my eye"

"you had enough yet?"

"and the winner is!...."

"look at me...." (see the sunset in background!)

"too cool for know this!"

This is where I like to play...

My closet...

Oh...and MEEEEE!!!!!~~~~ just click on the arrow to watch the video!~

ta ta for now~

Monday, May 07, 2007

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair..!

I am shocked at how my little girls hair has grown!!

Look what I can do....

You done yet mom?

I hope she doesn't have hair like I did growing up. I can remember the snarls I would get in the back. Especially living in Hawaii, swimming all the time, or being on the sailboat.

Oh, I am IN for a treat if she does! LOL

I better get my braiding practice in while I can! :)

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Never Forget

I was reading another friends blog....and was reminded again of how precious life is.

May God bless all the victims, their families, friends and the entire Virginia community!

May He put his loving arms around you and hold you close, and offer you the comfort you so desperately seek.

Go home and hug those family members a little tighter.

I know I will.

God bless you guys!