Sunday, October 31, 2010

~Happy Halloween 2010~

Here are the halloween pictures of the cousins for 2010... I FINALLY got copies from Josh.

Thank you bro!!

I have to say though that the quality is a tad rough. I forgot my camera and had to use his....
Oh well, I am thankful we had one since I was an airhead.~

So here are this years choices for costumes...(in no particular order)

We have Lexi....going as an "evil" clown. This child SCARED me this year lol..

Next we have Mase....going as a jabberwocky!~ (a dance group that ROCKS!)

The witch and Indiana Jones....

Matthew...(I cant remember what he was

Group Shot!~ :)

It was kind of funny when we were deciding on costumes this year. Sam wasn't sure what to be, and had Mario in his head for a while...but the closer we got the more unsure. We were talking one day after school, and he decided he wanted to be Indiana I jump on ebay and order it ASAP...well get myself into a bidding war really....but the costume looked SO cool.
yeah...note to self...
do NOT buy costumes without being able to see them. It was cute and all, but the hat was it looked more like a womans hat then Indiana Jones' the pants were felt too...(not up to fire code I'm sure)....and the jacket/shirt was one piece and looked a little "off". Well no matter..
Bug made it work...he rocked it out!~ :) He was happy with everything BUT the hat.
He knew. oh yes, He knew. lol
KK on the other hand....wanted to be pirate until she saw the costume Nana got her...(actually Nana got her 2..a fairy and a witch).... So she went from a swashbuckling a nice a "green nice witch who is nice on the inside" (her words!~ lol)...
Wasnt interested in the ADORABLE light up fairy costume....
my daughter.
HUGE THANKS NANA for the costumes...:) You rock!~
So, anyway...Happy Halloween everyone....
until next year~~
P.S We went to Joshs friends neighborhood (you know, cause we live out in the boonies)...and let me tell you....we have more candy than Willy Wonka at this point. lol...And guess who hit the JACKPOT on chocolate and has 2 thumbs?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

ADULT Halloween Party 2010

My brother Josh had a halloween party this year..for adults only. It was a BLAST!

Brad and I got different costumes.

Josh said my Cleopatra costume wasn't..and I quote.."good enough"...

So we did some last minute shopping and.....

He went has Goose and I went as Maverick from the movie "Top Gun"..

Some of the other costumes were HILARIOUS!!

We all had fun and even played a game of "who am I?"...where you get a sticker on your back with a famous person on it, and you go around asking yes or no questions and try to figure out who you might be! After you guessed you stuck the name in front and got another sticker. Person with the most stickers at the end of the night won. (there was only one person doing the sticking)...

Anywhere here are the pictures....(keep in mind it was ADULTS only, so no little innocent eyes were harmed in the process of this party! :) )

Munching away!~

Josh's friends..

Dave and Maryanne...

Jen...the Beer fairy! :)
These 2 were HILARIOUS!!...
Josh and Tee....(my bro)

The boys!~

The crew...

And last but not least...the hubster and I....

Goofing Off...

TOMORROW IS HALLOWEEN! :) Hip hip hooray!~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Carving 2010

Whooo Hoooo!~

This was the 1st year we ALL did our own pumpkin.

The kids had a BLAST!!

Sam went with one of those "tear out" did Brad.

Kk and I went old school and free handed ours.

Of course ours weren't as "cool" as the boys...I think they ALL came out cute! (though Brad would NOT agree with "cute")

Anyway here are the pumpkins we picked out and what they looked like before we butchered them.

Bug's choice in design...spooooooooooooky!~

Daddy getting the "guts" out...

Bugs pumpkin as we begin...NOTE TO a kit WITH a roller next time as the cork screw approach took WAY too long to poke those holes!

Bug begins carving....
Here is a video of them carving..(just click play)..

My goober! I mean, hubby. Not so funny making faces NOW is it honey?

His finished proud...

KK and her jack-o-lantern...this is her evil look..yes, she has mastered it.

Daddy and his finished project....hehehehe and you wonder where KK gets her faces from!~..

The 4 finished pumpkins together...mine, Bugs, Daddys, and KK's....

Only posted this because of her crazy face....

Outside...waiting for it to get dark so we can light them...

Daddy and KK's all lit up...

Mine and Bugs...(mine is supposed to be

The 4 finished LIT pumpkins... :) Whooo Hoo... SWEET!!!

Halloween is only 4 days away!~ We have Bugs cub scout "trunk or treat" on Friday and then Josh (my bro) is having a Halloween Party on Saturday...I am so excited!

Halloween is Sunday and we will probably head to Josh's for that as well so the cousins can be together.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Party :)

Indiana Jones and the sweet witch of the south made an appearance! :)

Here are the friends that hosted the party... (thanks Brian and Kayte!)

We all dressed up! It was fun....I hadn't been to a costume party since college! :)

***side note*** I have to say though, that I have a BEEF with the costume makers these days...EVERY single costume I looked at was slutty. I mean the skirt reached the bottom of your butt, and they wanted to display all you had to offer!

Ummm....SO not appropriate for me to wear around KIDS! Let alone other men! lol
The ONLY thing I could find was Cleopatra...and even then I had to adjust the dress so that I wasn't "exposed" in the front! But I liked the end result and felt at least..."covered"... :)
Here is Bradley...the Zombie Convict....
And the 2 of us! :)


The kids had SUCH a blast....

Here are the 4 of them....(the 4 musketeers)..

And a video :)....:P....

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!! BE SAFE!! (see you on the 31st!)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekend in N.C

We went down to N.C this weekend to spend some time with my mom. I can't believe we haven't been back since we have moved (about a year and a half)... i thought I would be down there at least every couple of months!! Boy does life keep you busy!

One of the reasons for our trip was that my mom was once again recently diagnosed with breast cancer in her other breast. For those of you that weren't aware...she had battled and WON against this horrible disease back when I was pregnant with Bug in 2002. (Have I mentioned how much I HATE cancer?...Cody also fought prostate cancer back then at the SAME time! ) :( Grrrrrrrrrrr :( :(

She has already had one masectomy. The good news is that they caught it early...but still the surgery will be very invasive. She is a very faithful woman though and has a great spirit about her. I have every faith that she will beat it this time around again. My mom ROCKS. You have NO idea what this woman is capable of! :)

Honestly though, I have to admit.... that I am angry FOR her.

Angry and shocked.

If you know my mom, she is the sweetest...most GENEROUS person you will ever meet. And such a Godly woman too. For this to happen to her a second time blows me away. But i too have faith. Faith in her. and Faith in God. No matter what happens. :)

I love my mom~ :)

Please keep her in your prayers on a DAILY basis! I can't tell you how powerful prayer is!

Here are a few pictures and a video from this weekend! The kids got to see some friends they have MISSED SO MUCH!!

And Bug even got to spend the night for the first time EVER at a friends house! (THANKS Cheryl!) He talked about it for 5 hours on the way back to VA. He sure misses NC and all his friends there. We hope to have more time around Thanksgiving to see friends we didnt have the time to see on this past trip....

Here is KK and her friend "A"...

"M"..Bug...Drama Mama...and "A"...

A video of the 2 girls on the swings in the backyard! Man I miss this house and view!

There is more news to share but I have to get a few things done. Sam is at cub scouts with Daddy and KK and I are supposed to be doing some mommy/daughter stuff. And I don't think her idea of "fun" is mommy updating her blog! :) I think we will see if Popo is on Skype. :)

Love to all!!!~~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Great Weekend!~

What a great weekend this was. We had Nana, Pappy, and Uncle Bryan for a visit to celebrate Bug's birthday.

It was small like I had mentioned before. And the weather was PERFECT!!

What a BUSY day though, between the 4 hours at Funland riding go karts, bumper boats, and playing laser tag...and then heading to Kings dominion for Fright Fest until about 1 am...we were EXHAUSTED!!

Of course the kids stayed home with Nana and Pappy while we did the night thing as it was WAY too late to keep them out and it was spooky as well with scary costumes everywhere.

( A HUGE HUGE thanks to Nana and Pappy for the fun night)....

Sunday was a low key but busy day as well. We spent it at home doing yard work (well Brad did the work...I kinda watched the boys)..

We had matthew stay the night so he was here all day Sunday much to Bug's delight.

Matthew is, and will always BE... Sam's best friend!! :)

They played pokewalker outside most of the day and I even put together a treasure hunt for them to do. Toward the afternoon Sam started feeling poorly due to some new medication. (thats a whole different post)...So he had to lay down for a few hours.

All is well now...and we are starting a new week... :) yay!~ :)

We were sad to see everyone head back to PA...but are SO thankful you made the trip to see us!!~

P.S. We have a few unspoken prayers we ask that you lift up for us!!~ We sure do appreciate all the friends and family we have!~
xoxox to all of you!~

:) :) :) :P :) :) :P :) :) :P

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Can you believe it?? He is 8!!!


Ahhhhhh! :)

Such a great little boy too!! We had a quiet birthday at home this year...(well, until saturday...when we hit FUNLAND with Nana, Pappy, Uncle Bryan and of course Matthew)...we ordered his FAVORITE...Dominoes....and then went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. He could order whatever he wanted offf the menu....he got an oreo blizzard! :)

Anyway, the thing at Funland will be a small affair...compared to the all out partyt we had last year!! But he is content with that! As long as his cousin and family are here, he is happy!

just like his momma!~

But the fun for us (the adults) doesnt start until AFTER that!~ We are going to Kings Dominion for fright fest on Saturday night!! I am sooooo excited as it has been, well, let's just say a LONG time since I have gone! :) I am SOOOOOOOO excited! :) Gonna get my ride on~ :) (as Sam would say!)

Anyway....Happy 8th birthday to my to come!~ :)