Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Last day of May..

So, I thought I would post. Finally have a moment to myself (well as alone as you can get, with bug doing a puzzle behind me, and McKayla sitting on the rug chewing on whatever she can get her hands on) HA HA Anyway
I am just exhausted!
exhausted. *yawn*
Hopefully this weekend will bring the much needed rest my body craves.


Other than that everything is wonderful! The kids are doing great! We put Sammy's deposit down to hold his position in Pre-school. FINALLY! The waiting lists here are CRAZY!
He starts July 5. It will be a bittersweet day! I get teary eyed just thinking of it. Well at least the first day they want the parents to stay with the child for 3 and a half hours. Then the second day is a half day with them alone...and the last is when the broken wings start to fly!! *BIG SIGH* My little bug is getting to be a big bug.
Yesterday we went to the zoo (Brad had taken half the day off) and had a blast with the kids. Then Brad took Sammy to the beach/park to ride his bike and kick a soccer ball....
none of which happened.
They decided to go for a swim! eheheheheheh They looked like 2 drowned rats by the time they made it home last night (I stayed with cranky, teething McKayla).
Needless to say both the kids were in bed and asleep by 8:30 last night.

and so were we! LOL

Brad and I went out to dinner at a place called "Yakiniku" last night (thanks poo and papa for watching the ruggies) It has this grill in the middle of your table and you go up and choose your meats, veggies etc...and cook it at your own table....(wait a minute.....I thought we went out so i WOULDNT have to cook LMAO!) It was sooooo yummy...
for about an hour.....

Now I have one more restraunt to add to the "never again" list!

Well.....goodbye May.....I sure can't wait to start June off with that op-follow up appt tomorrow at 11:30. :)

Till I have 10 minutes again....ttfn!

Oh yeah, and GO RHONDA ON YOUR BREAST CANCER WALK!!! wooooot wooooot!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Better today..

Well, it's been a roller coaster of a ride with this surgery stuff. grrrr.
I had to go in on Thurs for "major" surgery...which just meant that they would have to use general anastesia (cant spell that word) and knock me all the way out. **speaking of which**
The jacks!
They didn't even tell me they were doing it when they did it. (did ya get all that?) what I mean is.....they came over and told me they were going to get an IV started...
so they started one...
and next thing I know I'm waking up in recovery!?!?!?!
I was like ....huh? wait...THATS what hurts! still not reveiling EXACTLY what was done...cause then I would have to kill you! LOL :) :)
Anyway...i was pretty out of it...and finally got to leave after 3 hrs in recovery.
Brad had both the kids all day!!!! BY HIMSELF!!
I was SOOO proud of him!
And he was pretty proud of himself! LOL *my goober*'s saturday now...and Brad is at work (he hasnt had to go back to the big island yet, but is running another job in Kalihi) the kids are with Popo and Papa who took them shopping! (I still can't move about or lift to much)
Not much I can do..(which is kinda nice...since I HAVE been able to catch up on some sleep)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my stepfather CODY!
CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin ADAM and his new wife!!!
well can't sit for long...
hurts to bad....
so till next time..

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

3 more.......

Here is one of my favorite pictures of my dad and daughter...sungglebugged together! *sigh*

And of course my bug at the EPA picnic this past Sunday. He is with our friends dog "buddy" I seriously thought we were going to have to take this dog home, Sammy loved it SOOO much!

And of course one of my fav pictures...Sammy saying "I'm so strong"....(which he still does when he see's the picture) Playing tug-o-war at the picnic...( I don't think he's ever slept so good...he was SOOO worn out!)

The- the -the -the -thats all folks!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Once upon a time.....

There was a princess named McKayla.....

And one day....

Princess Mckayla decided she was going to a costume ball.

But Oh NO!!

Our dress isn't ready yet! ......

What shall we do????? What shall we DO????

I've got it!!!

I'll go as a little tiger. After all....see my 2 new bottom teeth??

All was well in the kingdom once again!

The End.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Surgery! UGH!

What a crock of %$#^%&*!



and BLAH!

Anyway....just got back from the doctor and found out I have to go get VERY minor surgery tomorrow at 11. Outpatient. But still.

damn it.

And the whereabouts of this surgery is, well, horrible in itself..

And with everyone is asking..."oh..what kind of surgery?'..





I really don't think you want to know THAT much about me! LOL
But I'm nervous...
and I told Brad *laughingly of course* That if I didn't make it to tell the kids I love them! and NEVER tell them what their mommy was having done. LMBO!!

*shakes her head*


What can you do?

Why me? LOL Why me?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day!!

Mom of 2....that's me. This was MY first mothers day as a mom of 2. WHAT a DIFFERENCE A YEAR CAN MAKE! I love my God.....and not in that order. *smiles*
It was a busy mother' day for me.
We got up, and went grocery shopping..(which generally takes about 2 hours as I shop for food that lasts us about 2 weeks)..*no, I am NOT like Sheri, and cook everything fresh and yummy..though i wish I had HALF her talent in just my pinky!* I buy and freeze! LOL

Anyway....after that I tried to put the kids down for a nap! (lotta good that did) Sammy laid there for about an hour and 20 min...Kayla slept for ...oh about ...30 min! LOL....just enough for me to fall alseep. Then she wanted to play. *sigh* How can you resist when they wake up so happy, and ready to play?!?! THEN we were off to look at new cell phone plan! GRRRR! Has anyone else done this?? looked at the million different plans out there....ALL of which the family plans run you no less than $70/mo (and thats IF you dont go over the 700 minutes your alloted to SHARE) and not to mention you have to see what they will give you free with activation ( of which you cannot sign any less than a 2 year contract) what kind of phones and what THEY charge (cause they are ALL different...EVEN if you go to the same store, different location) bastards..
Well we shopped...and shopped....
and shopped.
Grrrr...finally (after about 2 and a half hours) decided to STICK with T-mobile..and get new phones! *happy mothers day to me! LOL* My phone ROCKS! (but I wont bore you with that)

Anyway, had JUST enough time to RUSH home to get ready to make the reservations we one of my fav places to eat..Stuart Andersons! o.k.....maybe not anymore... Hey, speaking of reservations.....

VENT: O.k What the hang are reservations for..if they make you wait another 65 min AFTER you made them?? We had reservations for 6:30 last night...and we weren't seated till 7:35!!! By the time we ordered, got out drinks, and was already 8:30. The kids were DONE! (we forgot Sammys Game boy)..Bangs her head on table....stupid, stupid me...***note to self NEVER FORGET THE GAME BOY***
Anyway..he hadn't had a he was beyond I told Brad to get the meal to go...and I would take the kids home and get them settled..THEN we could eat our steak. So I leave...FINALLY at about 9:20 he pulls in (mind you S.A is only 6 minutes from our condo) We eat...cold...BURNT...nasty steak....oh yeah and the baked potato..which they forgot to put sour cream on....
The HUGE chocolate cake Brad brought made up for it all...*sigh* I DO love chocolate!

All in all, it was a nice Mother's day..just busy! HAAPY MOTHER"S DAY OUT THERE TO ALL THE MOMMIES, AND MOMMIES TO BE!!!

Anyway...Kayla is rolling over...*woot woot*
has started sitting up on her own *yay*..
and has 2 bottom teeth!
I'll post a pic of her sitting up on her own...and i'll try to get her teeth...she bites! LOL
Take care all!

Friday, May 12, 2006


Holy Moly Macaroni! I can't believe my little girl is getting So big! She had her 6 mos well baby check today and is doing GREAT!!! She was right in the middle for everything!!! And Dr. Meyers (who by the way reminds me of the identical twin of Ben Stein) said that the most important question during this check up was if she was sucking her toes! LOL sucking her toes?? oh yeahhhh she does that! LOL He said it was to make sure that her hips and legs were o.k.
He also didnt seem at all concerned that McKayla was boycotting the solids. And said as long as she was nursing, and satisfied with that, there is NO reason to rush her eating...PLUS girls are supposeldy harder to get to eat than boys! ( I may have to second that since sammy took to eating like he was a starving child)
He also said this was the time to put her in her bottle (not that she would take one)...nothing...wide awake at 8:30..and "close the restraunt" as he put it. Meaning that she did NOT have to eat every 2 hours through the night like she has become accustomed to doing! *Does the cabbage patch*
She got her 2 shots today...*of course I DO know me by now right?* Of course I was right there after that second one to comfort her. (I am SoOO bad)
Anyway..she is 16 and a half pounds...26 and a half inches long..and her head measures 16 and three quarters!
My chub-o-la!! :)
Well...she is a tad fussy from the I better go comfort the princess! :):):):)


I LOVE my kids!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

T. G. I .T

LOL.....Thank goodness it's thursday!

No, really, all in all it's been a great week! Went by SOOO fast! And now Brad just called to let me know he will be flying home tomorrow night and gets in around 9:30. *woot woot*

Sammy and McKayla's colds are FINALLY subsiding! Our week as follows:

Monday- went to the zoo with the kids....had a blast with Sammy...he is REALY facinated with guinea pigs now (from the nick jr show "wonder pets") and turtles. Had lunch at was a quiet night!

Tuesday- went to the park....let Sammy run. Packed a picninc lunch..ate, and enjoyed the cloudy day! McKayla ROLLED OVER FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

Wed- Had to pick up a friend from the airport...went to Ross's to shop..bought McKayla a CUTE outfit, and Sammy some cars. Had dinner at popo and papa's. *yummy pork chops* Watched Amazing race. GO HIPPY DUDES!

Today- Went to the Academy of Arts to look around...and then to the Academy of arts center (we walked to BOTH places) Sammy was NOT impressed other than the japanese koi pond. I think he is WAY to young to appreciate art..but we did talk about some of the things we saw. Going to have a steak plate lunch for dinner....then I think I will settle in after "survivor" and FINALLY watch "bewitched".

Yeah! We are pretty boring here in Hawaii...still too concerened about the water quality to go to the beach (sewage spill...and lots of rain) Poor bug! He has been begging to go! Better safe than sorry! Anyway HUGE *hugs* to Rhonda! You are in my thoughts and prayers girl! And Sabrina.....HOLY $^%###@^(&^!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Oh yeah..and my baby girl has 2 bottom teeth! :)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Do you hear what I hear?

set scene

4 a.m.

no, wait...3:38 a.m

Lying in bed.. Kayla snuggled up against me.. Brad softly snoring away.



Thinking about having to take her husband BACK to the airport he can go BACK to work on the Big Island...for another week.


lays there.....thinking...*trying to pump herself up for the week ahead, but instead working herself up...*insert sniffles*

4:00 a.m

Wake Brad up...get him ready to down to Popo to come lay with the princess and the bug..while I run Brad to the airport. *it IS 4*

4:30 a.m

Our quick (because he was met at the curb and told his flight was now at 5:15) goodbye.

A lonely drive home.

5:00 a.m


dark.....quiet.....lonely......*wish my husband were here*...


Do you hear what I hear??

Thats just me.

lonely ol' me *sniffles*.......


I'll be just fine.


Friday, May 05, 2006

My Bug!

Boy are we in trouble when this boy gets his license!

Sammy and Katie girl! (Brother's dog)

Sammy and Chloe (Nana's dog)

Posted these on here for Sheri- She was right...I have been neglecting my bug! Thanks for the bop upside the head! I DO love my big boy!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More pictures! :)

"You may kiss my hand" says Princess McKayla

"Hey, you talkin to me?"

HUGE Congratulations to my brother Josh, and his new wife Trovena!

They eloped to the carribian (sp) for an all expense paid week! They had such a good time..and the pictures were fabulous@! I am so happy for them!

The-the-the-the-the-that's all folks!!! *giggles*

Monday, May 01, 2006

"1 ticket please!"

Here is one of my other cutie this weekend! We went to a "New Products Show" and they had this huge inflatable bouncer.....well let's just say they made their money off of us..LOL


Just wanted to post a pic of my girl! She is getting So big So fast! Can't believe it's MAY already! *sigh* Beach clean up went great! We picked up some of the craziest things...i.e crates, purses, nets, pencils, pillows...etc... SOOO much out there! I think it even got through to thekids! I'll post a pic of it soon! take care all!