Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Shhhh...I'm sleeping before the BIG day! i start school!!!!

"Cheeeeese, let's go before I miss my bus"

Here I am outside waiting....counting the seconds until I am a kindergartener!

"Awwww man!! The bus drove right by us! Thanks for registering me late mom." had to drive me ( I think she planned it this way) but at least I am here.

Ar Ar the name of my school?? Can we get ANY further from the city! LOL

The Trojans.....woot..woot~~

My very own cubby...

See how proud I am!

See what I got?


Here is the front....

The "Carolina" Room....LOVE this!

Another view

The view from the room...

The "formal" dining room...

Bar area and "telephone/desk" area...

My all time favorite room in the house...the kitchen!!!

The next place I spend most of my time...excuse the mess...we ARE just moving..

The "living" room...

The "Master" bedroom...

And the bath....*sigh*.... LOVE this room too...

Walk-in closet.

Double vanities..

Stairs leading to the basement....

Kids room....

Another angle...

3rd angle...

Basement living room/playroom..

View from master room... (deck area)

Another view of the deck...

View from right side of deck..

View from left side of deck..

Pathway out to lake (the whole backyard will be changed)

A few shots of the outside....(koi pond)

Our very own pear tree...

We have PEARS!!!

View from lake looking up at house...

More pics of the flowers out back...

Daddy's "new" truck....

Mommy's "new" van...

That's all I had time to post...took me ALL day to do this.

Hope you enjoy them! Soon things should settle and I'll be back SOON!
My love to all!~

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


*we made it, we made it, we made it HOORAY....The kids and I made it...we made it!

*We went on an airplane and flew to virginia....we made it...we made it...we made it HOORAY!*

*Then we visited for 2 weeks and went on our way...yes we did it...we did it...we did it hooray!*

*Now we are finally in our new home and so happy, yes we did it...we did it...we did it HOORAY!*

*Now we cant wait for daddy to join us here....yes we did it...we did it...we did it HOORAY!*

O.k Im get the picture. We are FINALLY here and I can't get over how peaceful it is. I just cant WAIT for my dear husband to join us after he is done tying things up in Hawaii. I think he is going to be SHOCKED at how blessed we are.

I am going to be SOOOO busy in the next few days with the unpacking, registering Bug for Kindergarten (he is only 4, but he meets the cut off date and we are going to see if he is ready today) , buying things we need, and meeting the neighbors. :)

I will post a few pictures of the house and the lake soon. My love to all! I can't wait to catch back up! I miss my gals! :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Our time in Virginia...

We haven't stopped since we got here....

but have been having SO much fun catching up, and letting the cousins visit each other.

Bug is SOOOO thrilled to have them around, that I don't exist anymore.

seriously. are just SOME fo the things we have been doing....

We will start with the video's first, and move to pictures.

First off, we have been to the pool EVERY day here. Bug had to pass a swim test in order to jump off the diving board. He passed with "flying" colors!

Next we have Drama Mama with the "ferts"....MAN she loves these things LOL *and NO I wont be getting any!! LOL*

Ohhhh..the fun my brother and I have together! We have had a BLAST with this game. I had heard of it before, but this was my first time playing it.

And the last video is of my BEAUTIFUL drama mama and a flower she picked. She held this thing for almost an hour!


"look at me mom"..

"I'm know it!"....

The "cousins" ..Bug, Matthew, and Lexi....hey where's Mason?"

Drama Mama in the water!...She is a FISH!

One of my favorite shots!!

We HAVE to get one of these....Bug LOVES it..and can even flip!

"What donut?? I didn't eat a donut."

"o.k mom...we are ready to go out and play now"

"hehehe need I say more?"

There are TONS more....but I had to limit them. I am SURE I'll be back with more.

We are So ready to see Daddy though, and can't wait for him to join us here. We should be heading to N.C this Sunday. I CANT wait!! I am SOOO ready to get settled.

I wish I could have had the time to make it down to see Rach and Jess....but I understand they have A LOT going on right now with family and friends coming and going. I wouldnt want to intrude. I know there will be a time that we can get together and finally swap some "stories" I look forward to that day! (and meeting Ella and Lily)

So until the next update....