Sunday, April 30, 2006

First Tooth!!!!

It finally came!! Remember how back on her 4 mos well check, they said she was already teething?! She has been SOO fussy since then! And yesterday.......


Not ME....but BRAD...noticed it. *hey I'm the SAHM....*

And then I had this REALLY weird dream last night, that i woke up and she had her 4 bottom teeth, already all the way in! *shakes her head* more eating a late night snack while watching Law and Order. (the dream got MUCH weirder but I won't go into that LOL)

So's there! Her 1st one! YAY!! :) but boo hoo....she is growing SOOO fast! MUCH faster than i remember Sammy growing~

i wanted to get a pic, but she won't cooperate...(stubborn like me)

So, the beach clean up is on Monday, and I have to go get ALL the supplies this morning (not only am I stubborn....but I can be SUCH a procrastinator)

And then we are going to a BBQ at a friends house (today). I am So looking forward to that! It's been a while and they have a pool, so Sammy will have a BLAST!~

Oh Oh....McKayla just woke up and she doesn't sound To happy!!! LOL Better run and get my darlin'!

Oh and Sabrina- I am a is just in the beginning of the year I work/help out mostly p/t for a non profit....I go out and train kids to be "Earth Protection Agents" But on occasion I have full schedules like I did this past week where I have training EVERY day! And on 3 of those days, they were 6-8 hours. grrrrrr I LOVE LOVE LOVE it...but trying to schedule feeding Kayla when she wont take a bottle and do a session can get stressful!

Hi to Sheri, Amber, Rhonda, Lindsay, Angi, Deanne, and all the girls!

Hi to family and friends everywhere! Sure miss you guys!!

Friday, April 28, 2006


I am soo busy right now with this training for the earth protection agents! I am working everyday for most of the day! (hey...I am not used to this!) Normally I have 1 or 2 sessions a day...maybe once a week or so. This week it has been all day, every day. And the added stress of having to worry about nursing McKayla..*sigh*....(pats where a few MORE bald spots are..LOL ) Poor Brad. McKayla is definetly a mommy's girl, and he is the type that as soon as she cries...he is like "she needs her mom, she must be hungry" So he gets frustrated when he can't calm her down right away! ugh! grrrrr!

Anyway.....I have trained about 400 new agents this week alone. And I have all day today...and an all day beach clean up I am running on Monday! Now THAT should be fun! LOL Well got a TON to do and it's already 7:15 a.m Training starts at 8:20.

270 Middle school students....

oh oh........

Monday, April 24, 2006


I can't really think of a word to describe how I felt this morning when I was up around 5 (as usual) with Sammy. And then McKayla woke up around 5:45...well she was grumpy..and I'm thinking...'oh great..this is the way to start the day off ' Nothing seems to be making her happy, so I lay on the couch and start nursing her..
she has this "game" she plays where she will stop nursing to look up at me..and smile and then she'll quickly latch back on...she will do this throughout the nursing session and it always makes me smile.
Anyway...she pulls one of those..and I start to smile...*what a moment even after the 100th time they have done it* And over walks my little man. He looks over at his sister (still nursing) and climbs up carefully on me and kisses her nose..and then leans over and kisses mine.
We laid there Sammy on top of the side of me...and Kayla nursing quietly away with the occasional sigh and smile from her... for about 2 minutes.
I don't think I have EVER been so content in my life then to have those two so near to my heart. It's so hard to describe, and I am not one for being good with words. But all I could do was thank God at how blessed I was and sigh in contentment...

Sure erases the board clean.

A moment to treasure.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

6 "strange" facts about me

I was tagged by Sabrina a while back to list 6 things about myself that were kinda here goes!

1.) I am addicted to rice. I can eat it anytime of the day..with ANY meal. Fried, white, name it..I love it! As long as there are no onions...which leads me to #2

2.) I CANNOT eat anything with onions in it. Cooked or raw....if it is in it, or on it...I can't eat it...I would rather starve.

3.) My toes have to be painted at ALL times. I guess living in hawaii has made me kinda kooky about it. LOL

4.) I CANNOT go into any place without buying chocholate. (could never spell that word) No matter how little or how big..I need it. (to include when I get gas...or even to the ATM) And it is everywhere in my house...fridge freezer, counter, cabinets! :) *so good for Sammy and his teeth :)*

5.) O.k this one is TMI.....but....i am not one for...shall we say undergarments. i prefer to walk around in the buff..and when at home I will wear as little as I can get away with *my son seems to have picked up that trait from his momma! LOL*

And last..... hmmmmm..........

6.) I HATE to be called "skinny"....or to be told how much weight I have me..crazy at is JUST AS BAD as going up to a "chubby" person, and saying "my goodness you look so fat...did you put on a ton of weight?" grrrrrrrr YES I eat people...and NO it is none of concern how much I weigh. I DO NOT starve myself..and NO I am NOT anorexic! grrrrr.... *shakes her head* I swear!

O.K So I answered sabrina's I have to tag a few people..and since most everyone i know has been tagged...I tag


Name 6 strange facts about yourself. Can't wait to read it! :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Da "vacation" Pic's!!!

O.k O.k I THINK I left the kitchen sink behind! *sigh* Live and learn!

Here is Sammy in 1st class for the 1st time! LOL

Sammy getting off the plane in VT. (he sees Popo and Papa)

Mom, McKayla and I *can we say brrrrrr*

At the hotel in NY...the TRUE vacation starts! LOL (this is McKayla's 1st time in a pool...and she LOVED it!..Hi Ava)

Uncle Josh (my brother)..and McKayla...after a rough day swimming

Easter Egg hunt (Matthew..Kaleb..Cody..and Sammy)

McKayla's 1st easter!! (I have a pic of Sammy in that outfit too...wonder if I could find it!)

Family pic (well half of us anyway...LOL THANK GOD!) Happy 75th birthday Papa!

All in all it was fun! I have a TON more pic's but I'll spare ya! LOL take care all!
Weeeee'rrreee Baaaaccckkk!

Man is it good to be home! We loved seeing everyone and all, but boy, oh boy, ohhhhhhh boy...*shakes her head* it GOOD to be home. :)
I will save everyone from falling asleep at my story..though it WAS non-stop!

The great part:
I sure did LOVE getting to see everyone from church and friends from long, long ago (I'd tell you how long, but then I'd have to kill ya LOL)
We DID save ourselves a LONG trip to NC. *rolls her eyes* be positive Kristi..positive
Spending the time i got to spend with my mom and Cody was fantastic
Meeting Trovena and her WONDERFUL kids
Finding out my brother was eloping to the carribean on the 18th (CONGRATS TO THEM)
Spending time with my sister in law Kirsty and her love Earl...(sure miss her)
Reminicing (can't spell sorry..LOL) with Brad on our 1st...well everything! LOL
EATING AT THE OLIVE GARDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seeing my grandparents and having them meet my daughter
Meeting my cousins daughter Ava (in pictures)..and Congrat's on her pregnancy.

The..ahem...shoddy part:
Sammy caught this "roto" virus..and ended up in the hospital on an IV getting some therapy treatment....this went on for 5 days. *sigh*
I had McKayla with me in the hospital and no help! *pats where her hair used to be*
Sammy had to go home with the IV needle in his arm..and go back for treatments daily.
The Shots.....need I say more? *add in a towel to wrap him in to pin him down, and 2 nurses to help..and me*
Could not please save my life..I tried. and failed
Never made it to NC to show Brad the area I want to move to when we buy a house.
Found out the UHAUL I wanted to rent would run us around $1200..when I had anticipated around 400. *o.k..BIG lesson learned here...CHECK ..BEFORE you spend $3000 to go*
Well....I would go on....but...I DID say i wouldnt put you to sleep!..AND I actually got tired of hearing myself complain..*imagine that ..LMBO*

Anyway...I just tried to post the pic's but it isn't working. I'll try later...HI TO EVERYONE!! I SUUUUUREE HAVE MISSED YA!
I have SOOO much catching up to do.
Can you believe Kayla is 5 months old! Ahhhh! :):) She is SOOOO sweet! And Sammy is talking up a storm...i seriously CAN'T get him to shush up! :):):)


Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Have you ever had a moment when your kids did something so embarrassing.....

you wish you could stop time and rewind back to change the events???

I KNOW those of you out there with older kids have had to have had at least ONE of these moments!?! If you haven't.....

BOY ARE YOU BLESSED! LOL started out great really.

I had decided to take all the kids (Sammy, Alexis, Matthew, and McKayla...Mason went with the "big boys" to Home Depot, he was so proud.) to the playground since it was such a nice day.

We decided to walk...wasn't THAT far ( legs STILL hurt)

We get there, and the kids played for about an hour....then my friend Amber called, and we decided to do a play date with her girls! (HI TO ALAINA AND AVA) They arrive..and all is peachy.

The kids are having a blast playing with each other...and Amber and I are enjoying catching up.

Then I hear someone pouring out my water. ( Hey.. I NEED that for hydration ya know!)

I look over my shoulder to see who the culprit was........

And Sammy was peeing on the ground right behind us.

Pants around his ankles....

Smile on his devilish face...

I jumped up and yelled out (more in shock than anything)...scaring the rest of the pee right out of him...AND getting everyones attention that is on the playground.

**OK I tell him good boy for NOT peeing his pants?...OR do I yell at him for peeing right on the ground in front of everyone?***

I try to expain to him, that I am glad he didn't go potty in his pants...BUT he should let mommy know when he has to go,,, since he should go in a potty.

**OK...ANother question....WHERE in the world did he get that from??**

*shakes her head* Could only be ONE person.

I call his father.

Sure enough...while in the storage unit...the offices were closed and Brad had to go....

Well.....enough said?

Amber couldn't speak.

She just laughed her head off.

The kids watched...and didnt know weather to laugh or be disgusted.,..but they ALL had the 'hey how come HE can do it, and I can't" look.

Then of course Matthew decides...he has to go.
Not being one with a good track record of holding it..I tell him to find a tree. (At least he is HIDDEN this time)

*sigh* Sammy, Sammy Sammy Matthew Matthew Matthew

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Vacation? Yeah right!

LOL....we haven't stopped since we've been here....and I can't seem to satsify everyone! *sigh*

Home seems soooo far away! Oh I am such a baby! LMBO!

We actually had a pretty good day. We all went and watched Alexis play her game of soccer...(she won! woot woot)

And I was ONCE AGAIN reminded of how YOUNG I am ..


It was the shoes, really it was!......*blushes*

I bet half the people on the field thought they were in the presence of a stunt double! It was that good. My mom swears she should have named me Grace! I went to do an "around the world" with the soccer ball against my brother! (for those that don't know is a move that requires hopping around the ball and kicking it with the outside of your foot) Well........ things didn't go as planned. LOL BUT I did manage to do one hang of a tumble roll....AND grass stain a BRAND NEW...NEVER WORN BEFORE .....reaaly cute pink jogging suit.....

of my mom's!!!!!!! That she SO kindly let me wear! UGH!!!

What can you do? grrrr

Anyway..THEN I got to watch ALL the kids while everyone ELSE Played poker. *darn poker illiterate son of a gun..I'm talking about me)

Brad didn't win.

He was the 1st one out.

What can you do?

We headed back to moms hoping to make her happy.....(I hadnt spent much time there)

she had plans and was shopping for lazy boys.

Am I sensing a pity party coming on? LOL

So here it is.... quarter after night

And I guess I should head off to I can get up for church tomorrow!

Oh yeah..and SABRINA....I Hope your april fooling us all!
lol.....or you could have a membership to the party! LOL)