Thursday, May 29, 2008

You do the math....

1 Drama Mama
+ 1 bed
- 1 pull-up
- 1 pair of jammers


Here's another one:

1 Bug
+ 1 bed
+ 1 pillow
+ 1 favorite blanket


O.k's a really EASY one....

what does:

(1) sleeping child

+ (plus)

(1) sleeping child


(1) EXTREMELY HAPPY CAT! :P (that's me!)

Last one:

What does:

(1) garden full of weeds


ME... getting frustrated! LOL...nahhhhh I love it! :)

Garden Update

Yes, my garden is currently full of weeds due to the abundance of rainfall we have had here...(hey, you won't hear me complaining) but the garden itself is flourishing....

Here are my lovely tomato plants

and they have flowered.....tomato's here I come!

My green peppers....see if you can pick them out among the weeds! LOL...

My beans!!!!! Yummy! I have already snagged a few! :D

The only thing that didn't take was the swiss chard ( I think I did it wrong and didn't start it in planters first) and my cantalope (pooh!) ...I was so looking forward to THAT! :( Ah well...I'm going to try's still early.

P.S My mom taught me a neat trick I am going to try in my garden...she said...if you get weeds like I have (a lot of them, and the small ones) the trick is to weed it good once, and then lay newspaper down in between the rows (anchored by rocks or whatever you choose)....the newpaper is biodegradable, and it prevents the weeds from growing!!! :) :P :)
Pretty cool eh? I am going to try it today if I can manage to get a few hours in. I'll try anything at this point since it is my THIRD time weeding it. I'll let you know how it goes!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Search for the Truth...

We were invited to a Christian "murder" mystery lunch over at Mimi's after church on Sunday!


it was the 1st time I had ever left the kids with someone OTHER than family. A friend from church came HIGHLY recommended by several after debating for a few days (on if we should or shouldn't leave the kids) we finally decided that we deserved some "adult" time.

The clincher was Donna (the sitter) was available and said she would be "honored" to watch them! :) awwwwww! :) She is a wonderful person..sooooo sweet...she has 4 kiddo's of her own, and an elementry education degree, AND she homeschools 2 of her 4 kids (the other 2 are too young). They (the kids) are very well behaved and well mannered so I KNOW my kids won't be picking anything up that they shouldnt (i.e cussing, spitting etc).

So off we went.....

Here is the gist of the story...

We are all at a summer christian camp (as teenagers and counselor's....depending on your role) when one of the counselors is found murdered. There are 3 acts, and for each one you have a set number of clues you need to reveal in conversation. Once everyone has revealed their clues, the act closes and a break is taken. Then we resume with the next act and next clues. At the end we all guess how it happened and who did it. It was a BLAST!!!

My character was Donna Glover. I was a student who was "gaga" over my boyfriend Langley (played by Brad)... I'm teaching myself how to play the piano and I work at a department store. I adore short shirts and hipsters but my parents won't let me wear them. With my blonde hair everybody says I look like Brittney Spears. I know a lot about horses. I plan to be a vet and I don't intend to have any kids. I prefer animals. I love anything that's pink. My whole room is pink. I also sing in a choir. They tell me I have a lovely singing voice. I pretend to be ditzy (but I'm really not). Eleanor Hoskins is my best friend in the world.
Dress suggestions: Pink clothes and a blond wig. Sing a little

Brad was Langley Weaver - He was a student. He played electric guitar (in a band with Kennie and Kevin), and am gaga over Donna Glover! He drives a black Cougar and is VERY protective of Donna. He'll do anything she wants. He sings back up in the band and has a little brother. Though he like heavy bands, He's usually very mellow. He just started working at a grocery store on weekends. It's not much fun but it helps to pay his student fees.
Dress suggestions: Modern clothes with glasses and bleached hair.

Here is a picture of what I looked like (no laughing!)

Here is the set up with our character roles, and clues...

It was set up JUST like camp in Mimi's BEAUTIFUL backyard...

With art and crafts and tons of "camp" games to play...see what I made? :)

The food was FABULOUS!! (see my FAVORITE...fresh mozerella and tomato with fresh basil?) Yummmmmmmmmm~

My mom was this "cool" youth leader named "Rose"...she look sooooo cute!!! See her with the guitar?

Cody was Keld Henderson....a Indiana Jones lover, and also a youth love with Rose. He looked GREAT too! :) (Brad didn't have his full costume on at this point)

Ed as the "detective".....

Gundel is a rebelious teen sent to camp by her parents....note the belly ring! LMBO!~(she taped her wedding ring to her belly!)

Bob played Kevin a guy in Brad's "band"....he was SOOOOO funny!

Mimi was "Kitty" a teen with a bad lisp....who kissed up to everyone....

Kim (Mimi's husband) played the part of a teen that loved swords and monty python movies...I REALLY wish I had caught a front shot so you could see his outfit with all his swords and his "injury" he got from dropping one on his foot. (he drew it on and it was hilarious!)

Shane played "Kennie"..another guy in Brad's band.....

Joan was "Pamela"....she turned out to be the murderer...she poisoned the guy because ...aww man...I forgot....but SHE did it!:)

There were more characters....but I was too busy having fun to snap pictures! All in all I think we had 12 people. It was sooo much fun! :)

We get to munch before the 1st act, and all sit down to eat and "converse" to share our clues..

See how mature we were?? LOL Mimi and Cody pick at each other EVERY time they get would think they were brother and sister! :)

More maturity...I LOVE it! PLUS you get to see Brad in his costume (glasses) at the end of the video! :)

THANKS Mimi!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rugrat Tag's fairly simple...if you have been tagged, just copy and paste the rules and the questions onto your own blog or post. Then delete answers, and insert the ones you think your child/children would choose. At the end of the post..tag 5 others! ~ Then let them know they have been tagged!~
Sounds easy? Let's go!~

1.) My name(s) is/are: Bug and Drama Mama

2.) My first word was: Mama and Stuck

3.) My favorite food right now is: fried rice and chicken noodle soup or Popo's Soup

4.) My favorite song is: watching you (rodney atkins) and ABC's

5.) My car seat color is: red (safety 1st) and brown (safety first)

6.) My room color is: green and maroon (mommy needs to re-do it)

7.) I love to use this kind of shampoo: Johnson's "Buddies" easy rinse foam shampoo

8.) The thing that can make me the maddest is: when kayla bothers me and getting things taken away from me

9.) My favorite person right now is: Matthew (cousin) and Daddy(such a daddy's girl!)

10.) I like to read this book over and over and over: "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus" and "Ten Little Ladybugs"

11.) My brand of diapers is: I don't wear diapers and Huggies pull ups at night

12.) The cutest thing I say is: " ughhhhh kaykay you make me so crazyyyyy" and "I wubbb oooooo"

13.) My favorite fruit is: mandarin oranges and strawberries

14.) When I get hurt I want: mommy and mommy

15.) I mostly ride around in a: Mini-Van

16.) I go to bed at: 7:30 p.m (both)

17.) I wake up at: 6:00 a.m (both)

18.) My naptime during the day is: I don't take a nap and 11:30-2

19.) My most favorite thing to do is: ride my bike or visit my cousins and be read to, play in water, or eat

20.) My favorite show/movie is: Danger Rangers/Alvin and the Chipmunks and Toy Story/Finding Nemo

Now I tag:

Have fun everyone!


PLUS I have the pictures from my cousin Katie and her visit! It was such a wonderful time, and I really do wish they could make it down more often and for a longer period to visit. But alas, they are extremely busy getting Randy healthy. He has to go in for more tests so PLEASE KEEP THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS!!!! It just takes a second, and the results are miraculous! :) Thank you to those who continue to lift them up...they sure could use it right now. It is so hard for them to be away from their extended family, not to mention they just built a house and had a baby!! So being 5,000 miles away from their normal "comfort zone" is a challenge. I am so proud of them though! Even though things are tough.....Katie and Randy have this outlook that constantly amazes me. I feel so lucky to be a part of their family and their journey! are the pics (these were taken Sunday!)

Katie and brainy

The boys..Randy, Bug, and Brad


His first hammock swing...he liked it at first...and then he wanted mommy!~ (katie)

This boy is getting SO close to walking! :) He used the mower to get around (Katie, you should have taken one of these..since we had 2..AND you forgot the bead thingy)

THIS is what he played with the most though! :)

Chit-chatting~ Sorry for the bad shot

Same day..drama mama changed out of her church dress into her fishing outfit...

Here's a video! Take care all!~~~~


Monday, May 19, 2008

A day in the life of:

Drama Mama (a.k.a Kaykay) and her potty training...

1st off let me announce (with GREAT pride) that Drama Mama is Day potty trained. She wears her panties during the day (and even when we go out) and knows to tell me she needs to go.

Here is an example of a typical day...

SET SCENE - Living room...reading a book together

Act I

Kaykay: "mommy, kaykay needs to go shee shee in the potty...Hum (come) on runnnn.."

**see mommy and kaykay running to the bathroom...kaykay tripping on toys or running into things as she goes because she is watching ME the whole way and not watching where SHE is going!**

Arrive in Kids Bathroom

SET SCENE- Kids bathroom....little toilet seat over toilet and step stool in place


**see Kaykay sitting on potty with her feet propped up on the seat...(makes for a nice mess, but hey...I'm not complaining...she IS going in the potty) ...and mommy sitting on the edge of the tub.

Kaykay: Geh (get) OUT mommy...geh OUT...*meanwhile pointing her finger at the exit of the bathroom*

Exit mommy.

*5 seconds go mommy waits right outside the door knowing full well what is coming next*

Kaykay: "Mommy!...Mommmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee!?"

*I peek around the door*

Kaykay: "come ere (here) mommy sit down!" *gestures for me to sit on the tub again*

I sit.

KayKay: "Here it comes mommy..issss (it's) coming"

*she opens her eyes wide and waits for the sound of her own shee shee*

Kaykay: "Mommy sing ABC's peeease (please)"

*see mommy singing ABC'S while being joined in periodically by a letter here and there and an "hij..lmooppppppppp"...also see an occasional dance and wiggle*

She is done....

*see her marching (while her feet are STILL propped up) while still sitting there and singing

Kaykay: "Kaykay went shee shee in the potty...kaykay went shee shee in the potty..HOORAY!"

followed by an immediate

"now kaykay gets arshlelloooows!!" (marshmallows)

Kaykay: " Mommy get issue (tissue people!!! I already KNOW i have issues! LOL)..kaykay wipe ta ta.."

*see mommy pulling off the tissue since kaykay knows she is not allowed due to numerous previous incidents where the whole roll ended up unwrapped IN the toilet*

She jumps down:

Kaykay: "kaykay ash (wash) ands..(hands).."

* see mommy turn on water and kaykay wash her hands *

Kaykay: " ets (let's) go get arshlellooooows"

exit bathroom

Set Scene: kitchen cupboards where marshmallows are located..


Mommy: " Good job Kaykay...that makes mommy soooo proud of you...Good JOB!"

Kaykay: " Yay kaykay...kaykay get arshleloooows peease"

*see mommy pulling down the mini colored marshmallows and placing them on the counter in front of her*

Meanwhile Kaykay is dancing and singing to herself her potty song.....while waiting for me

Mommy: "How many do you get kaykay?"

Kaykay: "foooooouuuuuurrrr"

Mommy: "Thats count them out.....ONLY 4 kaykay!"

*see kaykay look at mommy out of the corner of her eye...grab 2.. stuff them quickly in her mouth...and begin counting*

Kaykay: ""

Mommy: " No already had you only get 2 more."

Kaykay: " no Mommy....kaykay get ffffffoooooouuurrrrr....seeeeeee..."

*see her counting them out of her hand and placing them on the counter*

Kaykay: "1...2....freee....4!!!!"

*see Mommy grabbing 2 and putting them back IN the bag*

Kaykay: " Dooos (those) are miiine mommyyy...but I sharrrrre"

Mommy: " gee thanks kaykay...nice try"

***repeat about 11 times throughout day***

End Scene.
End Act.


I have tons to cousin Katie and her family came for a wonderful visit...I will post more on that soon! Plus Bug's 1st game. So much to tell.

No time to tell it! :) Soon though.

I leave you with this video...I only hope I can teach my daughter to be the same way!~

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle...

Bug had his FIRST school play last night!! *sniffle sniffle*

It was ADORABLE!! All the kids did a FANTASTIC job!!

He was a monkey and actually had a line to speak! :)

Here are the video' and pictures I managed to snap!! (can we say PROUD mom?)

Here he is as we are walking in:

and a video...

cheese ballin' it.....

Here he is waiting for the teachers to arrive to get them ready...

and he's ready......

being usual!.....

This is what Drama Mama did while we waited...I came prepared...

and we're ready:

Here are the cute video's of the play....(Popo and Papa..I KNOW you will appreciate these!!)

Here he is doing his line.....he was sooo tickled he got the response he did! :)

Here he is singing and doing his motions....:) *I'm sooo proud*

and another one...

Here he is giving his teacher flowers after the play..

And the school playground..letting the ruggies play!..

It was a great day aside from the fact that Bug brought a "Kindergarten Behavior Report" home saying he had a difficult time focusing in class today... he ended the day on a yellow. (which means he had 1 is is 3..and then he loses his colors if it continues and severe consequences are in order....of course he has only had his yellow color card pulled twice...this time and a while back...he has never gone beyond his yellow) :)

When asked why he has such a bad day...he said (and I quote)

" It was just too exciting today mom.....can I get ready for my play now?" :P

Gotta love him!~

GREAT JOB BUG!!! You made me the PROUDEST mommy there!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to ALL the wonderful mommies out there!!

I had a wonderful day here.

We went to church in the morning and then napped in the afternoon (ahhhhh)...and I woke up to brownies and gifts! :):

it says "Happy Mothers Day" in caramel....

got a wonderful card my son made at school....

it says " dear mom...i love you all,Sam"..

Here are the flowers he made at church for me....

and you can see the picture he handmade at school for me :).......(well the frame anyway;))

I am SOOO thankful for my children.....they are truly a blessing from God!

I leave you with this:
No Love like a Mother's Love

There is no love, like a mother's love,
no stronger bond on earth...
like the precious bond that comes from God,
to a mother, when she gives birth.
A mother's love is forever strong,
never changing for all time...
and when her children need her most,
a mother's love will shine.
God bless these special mothers,
God bless them every one...
for all the tears and heartache,
and for the special work they've done.
When her days on earth are over,
a mother's love lives on...
through many generations,
with God's blessings on each one.
Be thankful for our mothers,
for they love with a higher love...
from the power God has given,
and the strength from up above.

by Jill Lemming**

To all the mothers who have children, all the mothers who lost children, and all the mothers that may not have had a child from their womb, but who know what it means to be a "MOM"....


In other news:

We decided to head out to the NC zoo on Sat.....only to drive an hour and find out it was closed due to a water main break! (nice.)

That had to be the longest drive I have ever gone on just for Mc*Donalds. lol
Anyway....we ended up stopping on our way back in Carthage....since they were having a "Carriage Festival".....
it was a blast!!!!
Here is what is SUPPOSED to be a monkey:

I cant tell you how many people thought he was a tiger....but he didnt care...he loved the attention.

we got these fruity drinks for the kids....and of course they had to have their OWN! One got strawberry, and the other banana.

After that wonderful..HOT time.... we decided to let the kid frollick in the kiddie pool..

a quick funny they are MONKEYS!!