Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What day is it again??

I've forgotten....or lost track! Poor kids have been sick. McKayla was horrible on Sun night. She was up at about 12:30 a.m because she couldn't breathe...her little nose was sooo clogged. Every time she tried to breathe she would choke..and cough. Then she choked so hard she threw up all over me! *shakes her head and smiles* poor thing. I had to change her outfit (and mine) 3 times that night. The only way she could sleep and breathe was if I carried her. So guess what mommy did??.....lol....poor thing. (I'm talking about me this time.... LMBO!) It was a rough night. But we got through it...and then Sammy woke up feeling shoddy. He was soooo whiny and clingy..poor Sammy. He loves his medicine though...so he is feeling MUCH better today! (thank goodness)..McKayla is still battling it..but she had a better night last night. She was only up 12 times or so! (what can ya do but laugh?) We are still looking for Uncle John..(who was kind enough to "share" his cold with the kids!) I think he is in hiding! lol Hey that's what friends are for! :)
Anyway, we (well I..and Sammy seconded me) decided to go to Ala Moana this morning. So I took the kids to "Jungle Fun" and then to "Thinker Toys" Sammy picked out a car...passed up a Thomas train....(hold on a second while I go into shock...again) *goes into shock* and I got McKayla a mobile (hangs like the kind over the crib) that hangs from the carseat (or wherever you choose) Its sooo cute. And she already considers them her friends, as she spent a good 20 min oohing and ahhhing to them. Then we came home and i attempted to put Sammy down for his nap. (trying to sneak in a few winks myself) Well...if you read correctly I said "attempted"....didn't work. He laid in his room, and played on his bed for an hour and 15 min. I just gave up...didnt wanna force him..and he WAS quiet for over an hour. So...here we are now. McKayla is fighting sleep in her swing (she still has a hard time sleeping lying down with all the stuffiness). And Sammy is playing with his car on the coffee table. Gotta think of what to make for dinner. (my brain is fried from lack of sleep LOL...wonder what concoction I can come up with in this state! hahahah) Poor Brad. lol...hey...as sammy says ALL the time "hey...what about me?" lol Here's a sprinkle of health dust to all! *don't forget my aim...you might wanna duck* Peace out!

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Holy Moly Macaroni!! Where is the time going? *sniffle sniffle* Today McKayla had her first few bites of cereal. AHHHHHH! She is only 3 and half months old, but the ped said that if she shows an interest in you eating...to try it. So I did. And the little piggy ate a whole tablespoon full! Now she is sleeping..after topping it off with some of "mama's milk"..... She is growing SOOOOO fast! *sigh* but that's okay, because each day we BOTH get to discover something new. And seeing it through her eyes all over again...is so precious. Sammy is growing like a weed as well. He came up toi me the other day and out of the blue said " Mommy I need a hug"....(I say this to him all the time)....so I bent down and gave him one, and he lets out this HUGE sigh, and says "thanks mommy". *shakes her head*...I about melted. Anyway...the facial went great! I cant begin to tell you what a difference it made on my pores (pregnancy was NOT kind to poor ol' me). I scheduled another one in 3 weeks. LOL *poor Brad...look what he started*
Anyway....Brad and I watched "40 year old Virgin" last night. Oh my goodness....it was soo funny!! BUT I have to warn you...the cussing is CRAZY! BUT..honestly....it made me laugh over and over. (as well as shake my head a few times..thinking "oh no,,,they went there"...
It was great except for Kayla's meltdown in the middle of it as well. She just needed to vent I guess.
Well..the race is on...*kinda not watching it since Wallace retired* so I better eat my french bread pizza (healthy eh?)...and find a new driver! *sigh*
Can't wait to leave for VA in a little over 3 weeks~ Can't wait to see Amber and her 2 beautiful girls~And see Amy...and meet her new bundle of joy! (did I tell you she was going to have her 6 weeks early due to complications?...she is on 100% bedrest) ***please pray for her and her baby** Oh YEAH!! and speaking of babies....Tera just told me she was expecting~~~~~~~~~~ HER 3rd!!!! For those that don't know..tera is one of my FAVORITE cousins. Her and I are SOOOO similar in everything we do...it's scary! So....now everyonei s asking when I will have my 3rd! *yeah right*...when men can have em' I say! LOL

Friday, February 24, 2006

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy,

What a fun day today! Brad had the day off, so we got up...made french toast (o.k...so BRAD made it)...and decided to go to the zoo. Sammy's favortire place in the whole world! He did not want to leave the hippos. We had so much fun! Then we had lunch, and sammy took a nap, and McKayla and I relaxed. (she napped off and on). Then I got sooo busy trying to schedule training appt, for times when I would be here. We have about 250 uncoming agents!! It should be a great picnic. *sigh* STILL have to meet on that! Anyway..we are having shish-kabobs for dinner..so i have to get crack-a-lackin! LOL Sure wish Brad weren't going to work tomorrow too! Oh yeah, and I SOOO can't wait for Sat morn! I'm getting a facial!! woot woot. Well..take care all....Aloooooooooooooooooha!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wanted: Good Stylist

Now I know there are many of us ladies out there looking for that perfect stylist...one that can work magic on our hair, making us look and feel like a million bucks! Well, ladies and gentlemen......let me introduce Monsieur Sammy. He is pictured above doing some of his most famous work. The model in the picture that he is working on is his Popo. She has had more than enough experience with Monsieur Sammy and his work, and happens to be one of his favorite models to work on! His work has been featured everywhere, and you can see it recently done in the "brenneman times". *giggles* o.k no, not really.....but I had to get this shot of him! I guess this is a routine that him and his Popo have! ...so sweet

Here's a shot of McKayla in an outfit that a friend of my mom's sent! (Thanks Maria!).....I had to put her in it as soon as we got it since it was sooo cute! Not much going on today!, Brad is on his way home so we can run over to H&R Block, and sign our taxes (they are FINALLY done after 2 weeks..ugh!) Then he has to go back to work, and we will rest. After that I think we are planning a trip to the playground so Sammy can expend some of his energy. Last night we had great thunder and lightning storms! Wish i had taken some pics of it. It was soo amazing! Well, Kayla calls to be fed...so once again...mooooooooooo....

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bored! Bored! Bored!

I am soooooooooo bored. I be bored. It is boring. Bore anyone? Hye, I'll take another round. *sigh*......*big sigh*......
Well we just go tback from a walk to the bank, and then to Papa's work to surprise him. Papa bought us lunch (Kalua Pig and cabbage with white rice, and mac salad) Sammy was a pig. Mommy was an even bigger one. LOL :) Now we are back, and Sammy is in his room trying to fall asleep (more like playing himself to sleep) Kayla is in her stroller asleep as well...but she is moving around so it won'tbe long before I am needed. :) Guess I'll catch a few winks myself!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

What did I do??

O.K O.K.....*big breath* I actually can't believe I did it, and neither can my husband (as I heard for 10 min afterward).....

Did you see it?

The difference?

Surely you have! :)

I did it! I went and got my daughter's ears pierced! We went to a jeweler to have it done. And she was a CHAMP! She cried a bit the first ear...then they did the second one...let me tell you..she was NOT a happy camper! She let everyone know it too. But after about 3-4 minutes she calmed down, and seem to forget all about it. Not me. The questions begin...did I do the right thing?...will it get infected?....is she is a lot of pain...what did I just do?????....oh poop

......but afterward.......

Well....just LOOK a those pic's! You tell me! :) LOL

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Can U see me?

Ha ha! Sammy did. We were walking back from the park, when he spotted this chameleon. I used to catch these things as a child ALL over the place. Especially in Waianae, and Mililani. We would kkep them in our rooms, on our screens, so at night they would eat the bugs! After all, we DID live in Hawaii! :) Anyway, it's Valentines Day today, I should be writing in pink or red, but....ahhh well! Brad should be home soon....I bought some NY strip steak, corn on the cob, and potatoes (baked) for dinner. Plus we have strwberries and whip cream..LOL :) Dad and Jane are takign the kids for a couple of hours, so I can enjoy dinner. Should be nice! Anyway...I better hop in the shower while Kayla is sleeping in her swing, and Sammy is playing Mario Kart. *sigh* :) HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!

Oh and here are a few recent pictures of Kayla! :) I love that dress!

Peek-a- boo


Monday, February 13, 2006

"Where oh where are Sammy's shots?"

Well, he had all 4 in his legs! OUCH! O.K....hereeeee we go......

Thank goodness Popo took the time off of work to go with us. (I remember all to well the LAST time...so I chickened out, and invited Popo along!) The walk there was great...the weather was a little cloudy, but it was still about 78F out. Well, we get to Kaiser, and go to wait our turn. *insert mean mom* I won't let Sammy play at the little table they have set up in Pediatrics..why? Because he played there last time...touched everything, and then came down with a temp of 103..and was sick for 5 days!...he is not liking mommy at this point (hey, thats ok) :) So I give him the toys I brought along..nope...*sigh*..call us PLEASE.......5 min later..."Samuel"...ohoh....we all get up. Walk into the dr room. The nurse explains he is getting polio, pneumococcal conjate, hepatitis B, and DTandP. GEESH! She has them all ready....*shrinks down in her chair*....I leave.
I walk the hall with Kayla...who by the way is getting TONS of attention in this pink outfit my mom got her!..listening to the screams of the other children unlucky enough to be getting shots. (as long as it isnt my childs screams..LOL)..well here goes Sammy...I HEAR shot #1......I walk a little further away....shot #2...hey why can I still hear him??...walk further yet.....shot #3..*insert tears from mommy and a grunt from Kayla*....I look down...thats when I realize I am nervously bouncing her up and down..and she is like "mom!"....o.k...stop the bouncing....walk further away...shot #4...I am almost out the door and can still hear him wailing for me........I counted...that was ..4.
I run back....open the door....he is telling the nurse.."no stickers" (he doesnt want band-aids put on) screams for me...I hand Kayla to Jane, and grab him! He settles down. So we leave...getting ready to walk to Mcdonalds then home. Well, I put him down when we get outside..and he says he cant walk..his owies hurt. So I end up carrying him to Mcdonalds! *phew!* Got my post Mcdonalds workout! LOL....we order... McKayla once again draws attention...about 4 people stop to play with her. We meet Melanie who falls in love with her....melanie is a special adult. She gushes kind words, and her kid like sense of excitment was contagious. We leave. Sammy snuggled in Popo's arms this time. Get home, I give Sammy childrens tylenol chewables, and we are off for a nap. Carrying sammy from the computer (he wanted to play one game before nite-nite) to his bed. He goes down without a PEEP. 2 hours later, he seems to have forgotten his "owies", and is bit by bit returning to his old self. SIDE NOTE: He has yet to get on his bike....
hmmmm...that will be the sign of my ol' boy!
Well, I am once again being bothered to use the computer....Diego's turtle needs saving I guess! Don't worry diego..here come Sammy!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Boy...there is nothing like a reminder to how precious our kids are! I know I have been pretty....how shall we say....self absorbed in my pity party. And I swear the Lord works in mysterious ways...

Today started out great...sammy had spent the night with Popo and Papa..so last night was great with DH. We watched "A lot like love" with Ashton Kutcher....it was cuter than i thought it was going to be! Brad and I both enjoyed it. Anyway...this morning Sammy had a dentist appt (his 2nd one) for his 3 year..so we walked over (it was only 2 blocks away)...well Sammy DID NOT like the dentist this time! Last time he was a total angel, and let the dentist do whatever he wanted. THIS time....he refused to sit in the chair right off the bat *insert frustrated mom here*..so I had to sit on the chair and hold him....little did I know he was going to lie us BOTH flat, and I had to PIN Sammy to me. Arms crossed over his chest and arms....legs crossed over his legs. He just kept screaming and bucking (boy oh boy is that rugrat STRONG) *flexes muscles* It took everything I had to hold him. Meanwhile he is screaming "mommy mommy mommy..I all done..I all done" Well after 5 minutes of this I am ready to scream and cry with him...I feel like the worlds biggest traitor and my son is looking at me like I just betrayed him (and I really felt I had...to pin him down?? UGH..NEVER AGAIN!!)...well I sit up, and I'm ready to just say...enough..he's scared out of his mind. And guess what they do!?!?! *drum roll please* They KICK ME OUT! They want ME to LEAVE my scared son, with 2 strangers, that are already freaking him out. *insert bad mom again*
So I left. (out into the waiting room, where popo and McKayla were waiting)
And guess what...
the kid stopped crying! ummmmmm....hello Sammy......!?!?What?!
Oh yeah did I forget to mention..when I stepped into the waiting room, I broke down! crying like a baby! LOL Anyway...the nurse comes out to pat my back and reassure me. She lets me peek in on him.....*shakes her head*...the monster is CHARMING the dentist. *rolls her eyes* Anyway all that said and done, his teeth were great..no cavaties, and he got a glow in the dark toothbrush! Thanks Dr Okinawata. *this has nothing to do with my title....read on..*
So...afterward we decide that since Popo also has a dentist appt (diff dentist) we would drop her off and go ride our bikes at the beach. *no rain!! does a dance** We go..and have a blast!!
Here is where I am reminded to just appreciate what I have, and hug my kids so close!
We get home (after a quick stop at Sam's Club).. It's Sammy's naptime. He wants to sleep at Popo's again...O.k. Well i go home (we live literally 3 doors down) and I am laying on the couch nursing McKayla when i hear crying. no big deal since we have 2 little girls across the hall. Well I continue nursing, assuming that one of the girls is crying because maybe she was scolded or something to that effect. After about 2 minutes of it...I start thinking..."there is no way they would let her scream like that in the hall" So I unlatch McKayla, grab my keys *pretending like I am going to check my mail, so I won't be "nosy"*..and walk out. *deep sigh/breath*..there is a little 1 and half year old boy ALL BY HIMSELF..crying to be let into an apt (the little girls appt) Well....I run up to him, and he comes running to me , I scoop him up (meanwhile holding Mckayla with the other arm) by this time a lady across the hall from the door he was at, opened her door as well......Cliff note: I have seen this little one around (thank GOD)..and I KNEW he didn't belong to the door he was at.
But I had to make sure...(maybe he got locked out, while visiting the little girls and the tv was up..I dont know) So I knock..to be safe. No answer.
Still balancing the both of them..I decide to go to the 7th floor (thats where I had seen his family get off, when i see them in the elevator)..I told the lady across the hall to stay in the hall in case anyone came looking for him. Meanwhile this poor child is screaming his head off..clinging to me *he is normally afraid of EVERYONE*...I rush to the 7th floor..the elevator doors open....NO ONE! I go to the door I think they live at (since it is the one he was standing at on our floor..I am thinking he just got in the elevator and rode it up to us.....then didnt realize he was on a different floor and went to his door)..crying and grabbing the handle to be let in. Well I knock....and knock ..and knock.....*insert panick mode here*..finally I decide I am going to go to the 1st floor to call the building manager. I go to get in the elevator and just as the doors close i hear a wail. I stick my foot in the door to open it (no hands still) and his mom comes rushing at me. I quickly handed him to her *God forbid she thinks I was trying to steal him...lol..but so not funny* And try to explain that he was on my floor and crying. Well as soon as she gets him in her arms she BREAKS DOWN! Starts crying a rocking him. (his older brother, about 4, was just standing there looking around) She explains to me (in broken english, she is japanese) that she left the door open, and he got out. She was looking and looking (for like 20 min) Now that a LONG time if you think about it. Seriously...just sit in one spot for 20 min...its a LOOOOONGGG time. ESPECiALLY when you are panicked and a child is involved.
She was to upset to do much, so I just patted her and the little boy, and showed her my shaking *and I mean BAD* hands. Though I imagine my fear could not even come close to hers!! He was only 1 and a half!....After I left...I went straight to my dad's and grabbed sammy *who, by the way, was still up and jumping on the bed* to hold him tight.
I have a lot.
I forget that sometime.
Thanks for the PRECIOUS reminder!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Nothing like a rainy day! Pity party anyone!? We are still a jammin here! LOL

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Image hosting by Photobucket

Need i say more? *sigh* Where did I go?? I am no longer me. Why didn't someone warn me..having 2 kids could cause an identity breakdown!? I have gone from living to live life...to living for others. I am a cook, maid, wash-woman, healer, accountant, dishwasher, jungle gym, and teacher all in one. Don't get me wrong....I LOVE my kids...and my husband...and my life....but.....where do I fit in? The only time I have for me is in the shower (and thats IF Sammy doesnt catch me)....hey..wait a minute...shower? I havent had one in 2 days....you tend to lose track of these things..until you scratch your head..and you ask yourself when the last time you washed your hair was..(or conditioned it for that matter)
Am I alone in feeling this way? I am not Kristi...I am mommy...or babe. *insert tiny violins playing* Maybe it's because I finally felt like I was getting a sense of "me" back...and then along came McKayla. Well, it's not like she was unplanned, because she was wanted soooo much!! I just had no idea (or blocked out) how hard it can be. Add in the stress of Brad's job...and me worrying about him. I know he feels the pressure of providing for a family of 4...I can tell. We actually had a LONG talk last night..about everything. *insert Kristi's breakdown* I cried so much last night. The stress just added and added and added until I just wanted to break. (ever wish you were a little girl again?)...sadly I reached that point. Brad was great though...after an initial stress released argument....we just talked and talked until 11:30 last night. He was upset..and stressed...and we both had no outlet. All it took was him "hrmmphhh"'ing *looking up at the ceiling* after sammy was bothering him, and Kayla was crying..(I was in the kitchen washing dishes and cleaning it up as fast as I could after cooking pork chops, fettucine, mashed potatoes and corn for him)...I lost it. Where is MY release? *can we say...self pity?* **shakes her head** After he stroked my head and reminded me that he would ALWAYS take care of us..*with tears in his eyes and the most sincere voice I had ever heard* no matter what....we were BOTH soooo exhausted! But honestly....we needed it so bad....! We found the connection that had somehow got a little loose in all the hustle and bustle of life. It felt so good. *not that I recommend bottling up all your emotions the way we had* But seriously folks.....if you've seen me....let me know I'm looking for me! Thanks.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Had to post these recent pic's of the ruggies....Kayla's was for the Chinese New year..and Sammy's was taken a few days ago (fri, I think) when we walked over to pick Popo up from her work. Sammy has FINALLY learned how to pedal his bike....now he won't get off it. He even rides it to the bathroom! *sigh* they grow up soooo fast!~~~

Need I say more?!?!!? *yeah baby* We WON!!!!!!! 21-10~steeler's!
o.k o.k o.k I admit...it was a sloppy game, and we really should have been beat.....especially the way we played before half time. BUT we managed to pull one out of you know where, and walk away with the title! The bad news is..Bettis *the bus* has offically annouced his retirement. :( At least he is going out on top! Well, needless to say we had our little "party" and ate SOOO much food (chicken wings, chips, cheese and crackers, etc..) granted it was nothing but junk...we SURE pigged out! *hides scale for the week* Can't believe it's over! Almost like being prenant...you have allt his buid up...then it comes.....and it's over with....just like that! LOL Oh yeahhhhhhh...I do have some GREAT news! Nancy (good friend from GA) went into labor yesterday! I spoke to her in the morning (since it was her birthday, and I sent her a card and $100 to spend on a massage or bassinet...whatever she wanted to spend it on) to wish her a "happy birthday" and she was telling me about how they planned to go out and eat..yadda yadda.....well....about 5 hrs later she calls me......she was on her way tot the hospital! They were at dinner, and she started having HARD, frequent contractions....so they went to the hospital. I haven't heard anymore details....i know its supposed to be a boy...I'll post them as i get it! CONGRATS TO NANCY!!!!!!!!! I wish i could be there!
On a sadder note: my grandmother was just admitted to the hospital in NY. We are supposed to visit them in April, but we are really worried now. She had chest pains last night, and my aunt Cindy took her to the ER...she was there for 4 hrs being monitored, when they decided she needed to be admitted! So she is there now :( *my dad just came and knocked on our door and told us (it's 7 a.m here) * oh, I pray everything is alright! Well..McKayla call's to be fed! TTFN!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Goooooooooooooooooooooo Steelers!!!! Image hosting by Photobucket
*woot woot* *does the cabbage patch dance*......giggles~
Can't believe it's here! Super Bowl Sunday.....and not just ANY super bowl sunday mind you! The Steeler's are in it! After 11 years we FINALLY made it back! Image hosting by Photobucket Wanna know somethin' funny? Last time they were in the Super Bowl was in '95 (the year I graduated high school)...and they played MY team at the time... Dallas Cowboys (which we womped em') Who would have thought, that Brad would turn me against a team I had rooted for, for 18 years.?? The cowboys were "da bomb" for me! Then I started dating him, and year after year the man would shave me down....until finally , 3 years ago, I stopped paying attenton to the cowboy games, and was a die hard fan for the Steeler's (damn Brad!) LOL..... So now I have toys, jerseys, shirts, and yes ladies and gentlemen...even underwear, that now hold the sacred title of "Steeler's" LOL I can't even wear half of it, because Brad won't keep his hands off me......him and his black and gold! (and WHY didn't anyone tell me of this BEFORE I married him!) LMAO! Anyway...the game doesn't start for another 4 hours or so.....No matter the outcome I am proud of my boys for getting us there!~*sorry Lindsay, Sabrina, and Sheri*~~Goooooooo Steeler's~ :) Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Friday, February 03, 2006

Woot woot...It's FRIDAY!! T.G.I.F!!!!! Survivor started last night ( I know I am a cheeseball, but MAN I love that show) *blushes* Looks like an interesting season. O.k question....who cries while watching survivor?? Answer...BRAD..LMAO....the poor woman that was voted out last night was talking baout how she needed a little time alone because her 16 year old ONLY son was killed in a car accident 4 and a half months ago....*I can't believe she even went on Survivor*....but she was writing his name in the sand..and I look over and Brad is sniffling softly trying not to let on that he is crying....*enter heartless bi#$@ here*.....So I'm like...BRAD!....WTF?...Why are you crying?...*laughing hysterically*.....you are sooooo gay * no insult directed on members of that community* He wouldn't look atme....just wiped his cheeks and ignored me. I think I giggled for a good 10 min....*thanks Brad*.....ok ok ok...i DID feel bad for her..I really did.....but my husband has to be the most sensitive person I know......I won't watch 'Extreme Home makeover" with him...because he bawls the whole way! LOL. BUT I knew this when I married him....and I wouldnt change it for the world! *rolls her eyes*
Well the baby is in her bouncer, talking to her brother who is sitting beside her playing with his leappad.....she sure loves looking at him. :) Dad is on a sidejob....but we have him ALL weekend again!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! We just got back from walking over to the bank to make a deposit..(Sammy LOVES walking there)....so I better feed Kayla......she is starting to yell at me. Moooooooooo...here I come Kayla..........moooooooooooo. :) :) ;)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

heyyyyy....is it thursday already?? What happenend to tues and wed? LOL What a blur this week has been....with all the appt, and errands I've had. I am SOOO EXCITED!! Guess what? We just booked our tickets back to the mainland to visit!! We will be leaving hawaii on the 23rd of March (layover in chicago) and onto Dulles in D.C. ......Josh and mom are beefing it out, as to who gets to pick us up from the airport, and who we stay the night with the 1st week. :) *sigh* It's nice to be loved! It's great because this time I get to fly with Brad....so I won't have 2 kids myself! 1 was hard enough for a 10 hour flight, then 4. (total 14).....bad news is he is leaving on April 4 to coe back so he can go back to work, and do some work on the condo while we are all away. The kids and i will stay in virginia until the 11th of April, then we will fly to NY to visit more family until the 17th.....Then thankfully....dad and jane will be joining me there, so we are all flying FIRST CLASS back! *yes* **does a dance** for such a long flight it is truly a blessing (though I dont know how the others are going to feel when we board with 2 kids LOL) *shakes her head*.....but at least I wont have to deal with the kids alone! *bad mommy*! woot woot! Anyway....the hardest thing is trying to fit everyone inthat we need to see...people from church, friends, family....And while we are in Virginia we need to go to PA.....and NC...(PA to get our things out of storage)....and NC to store it there at moms. (Since we are moving thereabouts when we head back).....It will be quite a trip!! Can't wait to see everyone! Especially Amy and her big belly (unless she decided to arrive while I am there)...and Amber and her new addition! And of course alaina! Well the baby calls! Should I moo back?? hehehehe